an Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 2286

Chapter 2286
“You don’t know what you can do!”

Abigail’s face turned cold as she looked at the oncoming Johnny and his group. She suddenly took out an iron ball the size of a fist and threw it violently.

This iron ball was one of the Tardif Sect’s eight hidden weapons, Hundred Flowers Killing.

There were 888 poisonous needles hidden in the iron ball, each of which had the effect of breaking the body’s protective energy.

A warrior beneath a Grandmaster who receives a poisonous needle will instantly lose his ability to move.

A Tardif Sect master lost this item to Abigail at the gambling table, but it’s useful now.


After it was thrown out, there was a slight roar, and the mechanism inside began to operate rapidly.

888 poisonous needles, ready to go.

“Hmph! You want to hurt us with just a hidden weapon? What wishful thinking!”

Seeing Abigail throw the iron ball, Johnny didn’t even think about it; he just raised his sword and struck it.


When Johnny’s blade touched the iron ball, a large number of poisonous needles instantly erupted from the densely packed holes in the iron ball when Johnny’s blade touched it.


These poisonous needles were overwhelming, sweeping around like a violent storm.

“Be careful with hidden weapons!”

Someone exclaimed, but it was already too late.

The area within ten meters had completely turned into a death zone as the poisonous needle activated.

Johnny, who was in front, bore the brunt and became the first target of the attack.

Although Johnny reacted quickly and immediately activated the body-protecting energy for defense,.

However, the specific design of the poisonous needle was to disrupt the body’s protective energy.

Suddenly, Johnny found himself in a sieve.

His entire body had been exposed to hundreds of poisonous needles.

In addition to Johnny, many other masters also suffered fatal blows.

All of a sudden, he was dead and injured, and a large piece fell down on the spot.

On the one hand, the Tardif Sect’s Hundred Flowers Killer was too powerful; on the other hand, it was unprepared.

They only knew that the Mystic Arts Order was good at using poison, but they didn’t expect Abigail to have the Tardif Sect’s hidden weapon.

They were unprepared; they all fell for it.

The strong individuals utilized weapons to safeguard their vitals during crucial moments, narrowly escaping death, whereas the weaker individuals succumbed instantaneously.

More than twenty people, after just one encounter, were lying on the ground in a mess.

There were all kinds of wails and curses.

“The Tardif Sect’s Hundred Flowers Killing is indeed well-deserved.” It’s surprisingly useful.”

Abigail couldn’t help but curl her lips as she looked at the large number of casualties.

She had just thrown the Hundred Flowers Killer out of sheer whim to test the power of the Tardif Sect’s hidden weapon, but she didn’t expect the effect to be so good.

A single Hundred Flowers Killer was sufficient to defeat over twenty innate warriors. It was truly a weapon that could hurt a group of people.

If they prepare a few more of these things, they will be invincible in a group fight.

“Oh my God! What was that just now? Why did all the people below fall down in the blink of an eye?”

On the second floor of the restaurant, Halle looked through the window at the scene below; her eyes widened, and she was filled with excitement and surprise.

Everything happened so fast that she didn’t react at all.

Abigail threw a black object, and then Johnny and the others fell to the ground, screaming.

“That’s the Tardif Sect’s Hundred Flowers Killer, one of the eight hidden weapons.” The lethality of this weapon is astounding, and its design allows it to penetrate the body’s protective energy. “It’s very difficult for warriors below the Grand Master to resist it.” Sullivan said. He looked serious.

Although he had heard of the Hundred Flowers Killing, he had never seen it with his own eyes.

In the past, he thought that the Tardif Sect was boasting, but now, after seeing the power of Hundred Flowers Killer, he understood how terrifying this hidden weapon was.

“Tardif Sect’s Hundred Flowers Killing? Isn’t this too terrifying?” Halle swallowed, feeling lingering fear.

If she had been down there just now, she would have been a corpse.

Briggs squinted and said, “Although Tardif Sect’s Hundred Flowers Killer is powerful, its effective attack range is only thirty meters. Within thirty meters, it is extremely deadly. Beyond thirty meters, the power is reduced by half, and Hundred Flowers Killer, in order to avoid injury to oneself, is designed to delay launch, so it is quite simple to guard against Hundred Flowers Killer. There are two main points. First, run for your life immediately after seeing the Hundred Flowers Killer. Run as fast as you can; second, find a strong one. The shield is used for protection.

Although it has the ability to destroy true energy, its penetrating power is weak. Rocks and steel can weaken or even block their poisonous needles. To put it simply, you must either run or hide.

If you are a martial arts master, you can simply ignore it. The poisonous needle can break true energy, but it cannot break the master’s strong energy. In the end, as long as the strength is strong enough, any hidden weapon is just a decoration. But it also has certain disadvantages.

First and foremost, powerful hidden weapons require extremely stringent materials and are difficult to manufacture, making mass production impossible. Only a few elite disciples can hold it.

Secondly, hidden weapons are consumables. Once fired, they are essentially non-reusable.

Finally, only warriors below the Grandmaster level can use hidden weapons as a deterrent.

At the level of a martial arts master, he can already ignore more than 90% of hidden weapons. Of course, there are hidden weapons that can hurt the Grand Master, but such things are extremely rare and precious. Many people have never even heard of it.”

“Even if there are some drawbacks, the Tardif Sect’s hidden weapons are scary enough. If you encounter them unfortunately in the future, you’d better be careful.” Rivka said. She also looked serious. Even she had no confidence that she could survive a poisonous needle within ten meters.

The most important thing was that there were no restrictions on the use of the Tardif Sect’s hidden weapons. Even an ordinary person could kill a martial arts master. After decades of hard training, he couldn’t move a finger like ordinary people.

This was the scariest thing about Tardif Sect!

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