Night Ranger – Night Ranger Chapter 729 Evil Street

Chapter 729: Evil Street

Chapter 729: Evil Street

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In fact, it wasn’t difficult to depart for Evil Street.

Of all the places where the remaining pages of the Book of Nalu were scattered, the Abyss was actually the easiest to locate.

Especially since he had a travelling partner that was an Eternal Time Dragon that could travel through space-time, Marvin could easily reach the bottom of the Abyss.

But the problem now was that there were a lot of enemies surrounding the Elemental Plane of Earth.

Although they had failed to catch Marvin a few times, their strength still couldn’t be ignored.

Once they left the Elemental Plane of Earth, their situation would be very dangerous.

“I didn’t expect the Time Maze to only trap Grant for so long.”

Tiramisu was worried. “The War God is no problem, and the others can’t keep up with my speed, but Grant…”

“I’ll help you stop Grant,” the Earth Sovereign interrupted with a smile. “I can still use a bit of strength in the surroundings of the Elemental Plane of Earth.”

Marvin was very grateful for the help. “You really aren’t afraid that I might be the Destroyer?” he asked.

“It might be possible for Lance, but not for you,” the Earth Sovereign firmly answered. “I can feel your heart, and you don’t have any destructive intent. On the contrary, your willpower lets me know that you only want to protect that which you hold dear.”

Marvin was silent.

The Elemental lifeforms had high spiritual power.

Everything he did was only to protect what he cherished, to protect the people at his side.

So what if people disagreed about whether he was the destroyer? If it wasn’t related to him, he wouldn’t bother to care about it.

Since the Earth Sovereign was willing to take care of Grant, it would be a lot easier for Tiramisu to bring Marvin out of the Gods’ siege.

The Dragon opened a passage out of the Elemental Plane of Earth, and it led straight to Ghost Town, which was the location of the Abyss’ Evil Street!

The moment the passage was created, all the Gods got ready.

They were waiting for the commands from the two Great Gods.

The Eternal Time Dragon’s passage couldn’t be destroyed by anyone else. Only Grant and Anubis could take care of it.

But these two Gods didn’t have the chance to do anything.

The Earth Sovereign appeared and restrained Grant while Tiramisu coiled around the War God.

During this time, Marvin jumped into the passage alone, and the passage disappeared in an instant!

The Eternal Time Dragon couldn’t follow him directly, so he would have to deal with the rest on his own!

According to their plan, Tiramisu’s Time Passage should have altered some Time Law and allowed him to arrive at Evil Street half a day earlier!

That would give him have half a day to find the page of the Book of Nalu that was hidden in Evil Street.

The Abyss had no daylight, only a faint bloody light coming from the east.

Evil Street was located in Ghost Town, which was situated under a mountain and seemingly quite desolate.

But when Marvin rushed over and arrived near Ghost Town, a rather familiar Greater Demon was standing outside.

And behind him was an army of Demons!

Demon Lord Balkh!

“You look terrible. I heard you spent a lot of energy in the God Realms. That is something that I definitely do appreciate.”

The Demon Lord glared coldly at Marvin. “If it wasn’t for that matter before, we might have been able to cooperate.”

He was, of course, referring to the matter of Marvin killing his son, Balkh, in the Crimson Wasteland when he destroyed the Abyssal Pond.

Marvin frowned.

He hadn’t thought that the Demons who had never been interested in the Fate Tablet would suddenly interfere.

But when he saw Balkh’s awe-inspiring appearance, he was actually relieved.

He truly had encountered a lot of disasters due to the Fate Tablet, but the one in front of him now was due to a personal vendetta.

By this point, and in fact since long before, Marvin had been considered a famous figure in the whole Universe. Fighting the battle over the Fate Tablet and then wreaking havoc in the God Realms… This caused each and every one of his moves to be scrutinized by everyone.

Like what the Demon Lord Balkh had done, it wasn’t difficult to prepare some surprise for Marvin.

But, despite Balkh’s awe-inspiring display outside the God Realms, Marvin also wasn’t ready to retreat!

Such a joke!

He was now at the Plane Guardian level!

The Dream God, the Black Dragon God, the Queen of Spiders, those three Gods had been together, but they were still easily killed by him!

If he activated Eternal Night Kingdom, a Demon Lord wouldn’t be Marvin’s opponent.

Thus, he only casually said, “Move aside or die, I’m in a hurry.”

Balkh was extremely angry, but he wasn’t a fool. After making sure that the Dragon that had shamed the Gods wasn’t there, he calmed down somewhat.

He believed that the reason Marvin had dared to run wild in the God Realms was the presence of that Dragon.

Now that he was alone, how frightening could he be?

But he was only half right.

If it was Marvin before his trip to the God Realms, he definitely couldn’t have been Balkh’s opponent.

But now…

Marvin narrowed his eyes, preparing to activate his Eternal Night Kingdom.

However, just at this time, a large Planar Teleportation Door appeared!

The ground around the Teleportation Door was immediately burnt yellow, with some raging flames spreading across it!

The Demons immediately bellowed!

Because they felt the traces of the Devils that they despised so much!

Marvin froze, and he could suddenly feel that the Imprint from Diross was burning.

“Long time no see, Little Marvin.”

A young man slowly stepped out of the Teleportation Door. He had come to the Abyss alone!

“Diross! You dare to only send an avatar?”

Balkh seemed humiliated.

Who didn’t know of the enmity between Devils and Demons? Diross actually only sent a mere avatar! He was completely looking down on them!

But Diross didn’t even give him a glance!

He only gave Marvin a very warm and gentle look. “Your growth is faster than I had imagined.”

The current Marvin was already on the level of Plane Guardians.

He had very high Perception.

But what surprised Marvin the most was that Diross’ avatar actually had the same strength as him!

Sensing Marvin’s shock, Diross smiled faintly at him. “There are still two layers left in the Nine Hells.”

Others might not have been able to understand the meaning behind this, but Marvin instantly realized what it meant!

When the Scorched Hell first made a move on the Molten Hell, Marvin had gotten an inkling as to Diross’ plans.

But he hadn’t expected Diross’ pace and strength to be so excessive!

Only two layers of the Nine Hells remained.

This was bound to happen!

Since the establishment of the Nine Hells, there had never been one Devil that could unify the Nine Hells!

Could this long-established rule be broken by Diross?

Marvin had very complicated feelings toward Diross.

On one hand, he was his grandfather, and they were blood-related!

On the other hand, from what the former Duke of Lavis had said, his grandfather’s spirit had already been swallowed by the Archdevil. And after that, he had never visited his most loved one.

Why would he have goodwill towards him?

Marvin felt that the most mysterious person in this world was in front of him now.

He had so many questions. For example, what was he doing here now?

“We don’t have much time,” Diross slowly said. “Those fools from the God Realms are still not looking at the heart of the problem.”

“They are actually attempting to replace you… Hehe, in the end, this bet is still our win.”

Marvin was a bit at a loss, while Balkh was gradually becoming more and more enraged as he was ignored. He personally advanced with his Demon Army in tow.

Marvin wanted to grab his daggers, but he was suddenly stopped by Diross. “You hurry and gather the pages of the Book of Nalu, you will understand then.”

“As for these stupid Demons… leave them to me.”

As his voice stopped, a shadow descended from the Scorched Hell and swallowed Balkh and his army!

Marvin no longer hesitated and directly used Endless Path to rush into Ghost Town!

Regardless of what Diross was thinking, he was stopping Balkh for him.

He was right, Marvin truly didn’t have time.

Half a day might not necessarily be enough to find the page of the Book of Nalu in Ghost Town.

If time ran out, those Gods might once again come to stop him.

Marvin sped up as he thought of that.

He soon rushed into that chilly and unfamiliar town.

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