The Legendary Man Chapter 1380

Upon hearing Zack’s words, Caleb couldn’t help but turn to look at his side.
But that phantom image was originally projected from the device on Caleb’s body. As he turned around, the phantom image immediately began to change its position as well.

Caleb looked at the image that he could never see from the front. He decided to give up, and shrugged his shoulders. Then, he directly took off his backpack.

Jonathan initially thought that what Caleb was carrying on his back was a cloth bag.

As the pouch under the backpack popped out, a tripod emerged surprisingly, firmly standing the backpack upright there.

It was only then that Jonathan suddenly realized that the backpack was actually a multifunctional magical item!
After setting up the projector, Caleb came to the front of the hologram with a grimace on his face.

“Grandpa, am I really your biological grandson?”

“Is Jonathan a good person?”

“This guy would be thrilled if all of us from the eight respectable families were wiped out. That coffin can’t even be opened by a cultivator at the Divine Realm. Are you sure you want to let your own grandson enter?”

At this moment, Caleb bore no trace of his previous composure.

Caleb’s tone of voice was as if he was a child who had been wronged in a fight outside, and came home to tell his parents, only to be scolded again.

Zack pointed towards the coffin after listening to Caleb’s complaints.

“What on earth are you chattering about?”

“Look at Sirius. He’s from the same noble lineage as us, yet how peacefully he seems to float within his coffin!”

Upon hearing this, Caleb couldn’t help but be at a loss for words.

He turned to look at Sirius whose face was pale and his vitality severely depleted. It felt as if there was a suffocating feeling in his heart that couldn’t be relieved.
“Grandpa… are you sure that guy willingly got into the coffin for the sake of his family’s interests?”

“It doesn’t really matter whether one willingly enters the coffin or not,” Jonathan stood beside the coffin, chuckling as he spoke.

“The most important thing is that he’s in this coffin, and I have control over his life and death!”

“All I want is a bit of security. You come in, and I’ll go over!”

Upon hearing this, Caleb once again turned his gaze towards the phantom beside him. Within that projection, Zack gave a slight nod.

“Don’t worry. He understands the gravity of the situation. He won’t do anything to harm you.”

At this point, Caleb understood that the only way to put Jonathan’s mind at ease was this.

In a situation where two factions were already at odds, achieving cooperation always came with a price.

Caleb turned off the projector, packed up his backpack, and tossed it to Jonathan.

“Carry him on your back. I’ll teach you how to use him to cross the river.”

As Caleb spoke, he simultaneously removed his own glasses and placed them on the bridge of Jonathan’s nose.

“The Gray family has been studying magical item and formations since the inception of art of mechanisms.”
“In the modern era, cultivation and technology have been combined to create a unique method of cultivation.”

Caleb lightly tapped on his wristwatch. In Jonathan’s view, a series of three-dimensional coordinates continuously appeared.

Before he could even get a clear look, the three-dimensional coordinates unexpectedly began to rotate continuously. Finally, it aligned perfectly with the real terrain right before his eyes.

“The route is being generated…”

A melodious voice came over.

In Jonathan’s field of vision, a green light gradually appeared.
“Try looking somewhere else!”

Caleb spoke up once again.

Upon hearing this, Jonathan turned his head to look elsewhere, only to realize that the speck of light actually had a position, just like the real scene.

One could only see that green light when facing south.
“What’s the principle behind this thing of yours?” Jonathan curiously asked to Caleb.

Caleb reached out and tapped his watch again. With just a few light taps, two magical ropes extended from the backpack on Jonathan’s back, winding around his waist.

Feeling restrained, Jonathan cast a wary glance at Caleb.

“Don’t worry.”

Caleb casually pulled out a ring.
“The backpack you’re carrying is a fusion of technology and cultivation. If you hover in mid-air and press this ring, a paraglider will pop out from behind.”

“If you lack the momentum to keep gliding, you can rotate the ring in the opposite direction.”

“The underside of the paraglider can provide continuous force, propelling you upwards.”

Caleb spoke and lightly pressed a button. Instantly, the backpack on Jonathan’s back sprung open, and a glider wing over ten meters long shot out.

“Your target is the green light on the south side. That’s the coordinates we’ve set in advance.”
After finishing his words, Caleb surprisingly stood without any hesitation in the opened coffin.

Jonathan was still fiddling with the paraglider. Although he had no experience with paragliding, as a professional soldier, he was no stranger to parachuting.

“I’m curious, to what extent has the Gray family integrated cultivation and technology?”

Slipping the ring onto his finger, Jonathan couldn’t help but frown and ask.
At this moment, Caleb was seriously observing the few people floating inside. Upon hearing Jonathan’s question, Caleb casually responded, “It’s not a big deal. Currently our experimental subject can already convert the energy from the spirit stone into a pure energy attack.”

“Even a mortal, using the products developed by our family, can unleash magic…”

Caleb chuckled, looking at the astonished expressions of Jonathan and Damoyed. A hint of smug satisfaction appearing on his face.

“But rest assured, we still have two major challenges that we haven’t overcome yet.”

“The first issue is that the spiritual energy conversion rate of the currently manufactured devices is still less than thirty percent of the spiritual energy contained within the spirit stones.”

“The second point is the cost of building the concept machines we have so far is just too high.”
“However, I believe that in the near future, we will certainly make spiritual energy products as widespread as handguns throughout the world.”

Promote the use of spiritual weapon?

Jonathan looked thoughtfully at the unconscious Sirius beside him.
Isn’t what the Blackwood family wants to do is to accelerate the process of making cultivators more accessible to the common people, thereby becoming the pioneer among many forces?

It seems that someone has already beaten them to their plan.

the Gray family’s mastery of spiritual energy is now beyond what the Blackwood family can hope to match.

The Blackwood family merely wanted to transition from cultivators to technology, but the Gray family had quietly managed to fully integrate these two different systems of energy.

It seems that even without this massive purge, the transformation of the entire world is imminent.
“Being sealed in a coffin might be a bit uncomfortable for you, but don’t worry, you’ll get used to it,” Jonathan said lightly to Caleb, then turned his head to look at Damoyed who was standing next to him.

“Sir Damoyed, if you wish to go to the south bank, I’m afraid you’ll have to entrust your life and death to me.”

What Jonathan meant was simply that he wanted Damoyed to also get into the coffin. After all, the paraglider couldn’t support the weight of two people.

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