The Legendary Man Chapter 1389

Chapter 1389 Apologies
As the coffin lid fell, Cypress’ heart skipped a beat.

Rays of blue and white light from the formation around them began to shine, quickly illuminating every inch of the Coffin.

Even so, the tension in Cypress’ heart did not ease at all. Instead, it intensified a bit more.
After all, he was in a colossal coffin, with the corpse of a monstrous, non-human creature, towering over ten meters high, lying beneath her feet.

Around the Coffin, there were several captives lingering, especially Alec, who had been beaten to near death. He was covered in dried blood to the point where he was barely recognizable as a human.
Coupled with the blue-white glow from within the Coffin, this was nothing short of a living hell on earth.

Even though Cypress was used to grand scenes, he couldn’t help but become somewhat cautious at this moment.

Jonathan looked at Cypress, a hint of displeasure flashing in his eyes.

With a slight wave of his hand, he caught a tiny bug, no bigger than a grain of millet, as if it were a speck of dust.

“Mr. Mallory, this isn’t right of you.”

Jonathan, looking at the small insect in his hand, spoke to Cypress in a faint voice.

Stellario and Jonathan had previously introduced this creature. It was a type of highly poisonous insect.
Even if that little bug were to crawl around on one’s body, they would probably end up in the emergency room, not to mention if one were to get bitten by the inconspicuous little bug.

However, Cypress had actually let this bug out, causing Jonathan’s face to instantly turn cold.
Cypress never imagined that even the tiny bug that fell from his trouser leg could be sensed by Jonathan.

As he was about to explain, he saw Jonathan’s fingers twitch slightly. The tiny insect was instantly crushed by the formation. Jonathan then carefully collected the remains of the insect into a jade bottle.

The methods of the Mallory family were ever-changing, and Jonathan didn’t want to fall victim to the poison released by a small insect after its death.

“Cypress, I hope you refrain from these petty tricks,” Jonathan said to Cypress in a cold voice.

At this moment, Jonathan couldn’t even be bothered to address him respectfully.

These people were causing trouble in front of Jonathan, which really annoyed him, and now they were even contemplating murdering him.

If it weren’t for the impossibility of escaping from the people outside, Jonathan would want to kill Cypress right here and now.

Caleb, who was off to the side, saw this scene and burst into hearty laughter while floating in mid-air.

“And here I thought it was some venerable elder. Turns out it’s just a petty individual! Really, you’re even worse than me. Have you ever seen me plotting against Jonathan?”

Cypress looked toward Caleb with cold eyes.
This guy may seem indifferent, but he was quite the smart mouth.

“Caleb, do you really think I can’t kill you?”

Upon hearing this, Caleb chuckled lightly.

“Who do you think you are, acting all high and mighty in front of me? I’m an important hostage right now. If you end up killing me, how will you explain it to Jonathan? Dare you to lay a hand on me, let’s see if Jonathan will come to my aid.”

“Looking for trouble!”

Cypress let out a cold shout, his eyes slightly narrowed. Silently, an arrow that manifested out of a spiritual sense shot toward Caleb’s head.

Jonathan spoke softly.

Suddenly, the entire Coffin was filled with a brilliant light.

And within that dazzling radiance before Caleb, the transparent arrow, rippling with waves, slowly emerged.

At this moment, Cypress’ body was completely bound by the formation within the Coffin. Except for his head, which could still move, his entire body was as if it had been thoroughly solidified like a specimen.
“You can even control spiritual sense?”

Cypress looked at the semi-transparent spiritual sense arrow in front of Caleb, expressing his surprise.

“I’ve said it before, this Coffin is my world.”

Jonathan walked up to Caleb, and surprisingly, he managed to catch the spiritual sense arrow completely in his hand.

The spirit stone, originally an ethereal object, yet in Jonathan’s hands, it was as tangible as any physical object, manipulated at his whim.

With a soft sound, Jonathan astonishingly shattered the spiritual sense directly by using the binding of the formation.

Meanwhile, Cypress let out a muffled grunt, with traces of blood seeping from his mouth and nose.

Joshua needed the Soulbinding Herb to heal because his spiritual sense had been damaged.

Jonathan directly targeted Cypress’ spiritual sense, which immediately startled the few people nearby.

“Jonathan! Aren’t you afraid that I won’t treat Joshua?” Cypress gritted his teeth and said to Jonathan.

With a cool gaze, Jonathan looked at Cypress. With a wave of his hand, he directly snatched the Soulbinding Herb from Cypress’ grasp.

“All right, then. If you don’t want to treat him, then don’t.”

“Even though Asura’s Office doesn’t have Divine Realm cultivators, how could the Enlighteners possibly carry out their grand purge? They surely can’t wipe out over a million members of Asura’s Office, can they? On the contrary, it’s you respectable families that I don’t believe in. I highly doubt that your Divine Realm cultivators would obediently wait for their slaughter.”
“As long as you resist, I’m sure the Enlighteners won’t hesitate to send their cultivators for a grand massacre. Let’s see who has more patience. I’ll take a break for a day.”

After saying all this, Jonathan actually turned to one side and began to sit cross-legged, closing his eyes to rest and rejuvenate.
Seeing this, Graeme hurriedly stepped forward from the side.

For this old man, Jonathan did not restrict his movements within the Coffin, clearly showing a great deal of trust in him.

Graeme looked at Jonathan.
“Jonathan, this is not the time to be stubborn. This matter is of great importance, we absolutely cannot let emotions cloud our judgment.”

Jonathan opened his eyes and looked at Graeme.

“Mr. Blackwood, I assure you, I am not acting out of pride. Since we all want to leave this small world, our goals are the same. We should all cooperate sincerely, don’t you agree?”
“Well…” Graeme pondered for a moment. “Of course, what you’re saying is correct.”

Upon hearing this, Jonathan chuckled lightly.

“Why is it that these old geezers have been trying to put me down ever since I showed up here? Just now, you released poisonous insects. Is this your idea of cooperation?”

Upon hearing this, Graeme found it hard to argue. He glanced at Cypress, and in the end, he could only sigh and walk away.

As time ticked away, minute by minute, a full three hours passed before Cypress finally couldn’t help but speak.
“Jonathan! You’re ruthless.”

Jonathan turned his head to glance at Cypress, then let out a cold laugh.

“Oh? Have you figured it out?”

Though Cypress was reluctant, he had no choice but to bow his head under someone else’s roof.

Looking at Jonathan, Cypress spoke softly.

“I know, I can’t outlast you, and it’s not just me, the others can’t outlast you either. Bring me the Soulbinding Herb. I will treat his illness right now.”

Jonathan slowly rose to his feet, holding the Soulbinding Herb as he walked over to Cypress. However, he did not unseal Cypress’ seal.

“What else do you want?” Cypress asked softly.

Jonathan looked at Cypress with an expressionless face.

“I don’t want anything else, but you must apologize to me!”

Cypress glared at Jonathan, his eyes filled with intense anger.

“Jonathan, don’t push people too far!”

“So, asking you to apologize is too much of an imposition?” Jonathan said with a cold laugh.

“Cypress, I have all the time in the world to spend with you!”

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