The Legendary Man Chapter 1390

Chapter 1390 Seizing The Medicine
As Jonathan prepared to sit back down beside Cypress, the latter let out a sigh.
Jonathan instantly turned to the man, a trace of doubt in his gaze. “What is it?”
Cypress closed his eyes, seemingly having resigned himself to his fate.
“I was wrong. Will that do?” he muttered, his voice so low it sounded as if he had aged by several decades.
As a Divine Realm cultivator, Cypress couldn’t believe he had been forced to apologize to Jonathan, who was also on the same level.
It was no longer just a simple matter of losing one’s dignity but a complete shattering of the long-standing pride of a Divine Realm cultivator.

Based on that alone, it was unlikely that Cypress would let Jonathan off the hook once he managed to escape from his predicament.

Jonathan, however, didn’t seem to care about those matters.

With a light snap of his fingers, he tossed the icy jade box to Cypress.

The latter grew increasingly gloomy as he stared at the jade box in his hand, but a few seconds later, he began walking over to Joshua.

“Since you can control everything inside the coffin, please create a clean space,” Cypress requested.

Of course, his idea of a clean space was none other than a vacuum state.

Creating such a state under laboratory conditions was as easy as pie, but that was far from the case when using formations.

Fortunately, Seboxia had put a lot of effort into the coffin, so even though there wasn’t a single formation that could create a vacuum, it could still be achieved through the mutual restraint of dozens of them.

With that, Jonathan continuously unleashed his techniques, causing formation markings to form one after another on the four walls of the coffin.

Meanwhile, in the middle of the coffin, the intersection of several formation markings began to be shaped into a sphere by the various formations.

As the formations exerted their forces, the sphere’s wall continued to thin out.

The next second, Jonathan turned to the man beside him.

“You can now place the jade box inside, Cypress.”

By then, Cypress’ body had been lifted by an inexplicably powerful formation markings.

As it turned out, that was a deliberate act on Jonathan’s part. The Soulbinding Herb was very delicate, and although the coffin kept it isolated from the world, Jonathan knew it’d be better to err on the side of caution. Hence, he decided to get Cypress off the ground to prevent the Soulbinding Herb from sensing other auras.

A grim-faced Cypress promptly formed some hand seals and unleashed a palm strike.

The jade box instantly shot forward, only to explode when it collided with Jonathan’s formations, revealing a lilac grass as thin as cicada wings and adorned with ghostly patterns.

On top of that, its shape perfectly matched the Soulbinding Herb in the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique!
Needless to say, Cypress was constantly watching Jonathan’s every move.

Ah… Judging by his expression, I’m sure he must be familiar with the Soulbinding Herb!

Cypress continued changing the techniques with his hands until a beam of spiritual sense shot out from the center of his eyebrows, transforming into an invisible blade that slashed at the Soulbinding Herb.

A leaf no bigger than a pinky finger was cut, and as soon as it detached from the stem, it transformed into a wisp of pale purple mist.

“This single leaf is enough to treat Joshua’s injuries. I’ll take back what’s left of the Soulbinding Herb.”

“All right!” Jonathan replied before carefully controlling the vacuum formation bubble and splitting it in two.

Just as the purple mist and the remaining Soulbinding Herb were about to part ways, Jonathan slightly narrowed his eyes.

“Jonathan!” Cypress bellowed, having sensed the changes within the formation.

Following the shout, Jonathan’s formation bubbles merged once again. This time, however, even the main stem of the remaining Soulbinding Herb had turned into a purple mist.
Within seconds, the purple mist within the formation had become incredibly dense.

“You’ve ruined my medicine!” Cypress thundered before sticking his hand out to grab the herb.

Then again, how could Jonathan possibly let him succeed at that moment?

As the formation markings flickered, Cypress’ figure suddenly froze in mid-air.
By then, the formation was like a thin membrane that enveloped Cypress’ entire body, one that neither spiritual energy nor spiritual sense could penetrate even in the slightest.

Needless to say, the few people watching from the sidelines were utterly dumbfounded.

No one expected that Jonathan, who had always been steadfast in his principles and exemplified justice, would resort to seizing medicine.

“Jonathan…” Graeme muttered, only to meet Jonathan’s icy gaze before he could say any more.

“Mr. Blackwood, I’ve always held you in high regard, and the last thing I want is to fall out with the Blackwood family. Have you forgotten that Cypress tried to kill me first? Does he think the matter’s over just because I caught that little bug? Since he had an intent of malice, shouldn’t there be a price to pay?” Jonathan retorted, his expression grim and cold as he stood beside Cypress. “I honestly don’t understand your train of thought. You know very well that you’re no match for me inside this coffin, so why do you insist on provoking me? Are you doing this just for the sake of your reputation? How foolish!”

As he spoke, he skillfully maneuvered the purple mist-shrouded formation bubble toward Joshua and pressed it between his brows.

Still restrained by the coffin, Cypress could only watch helplessly as Joshua devoured every bit of the Mallory family’s precious medicine.

While the rest of the people in the coffin nervously observed Joshua’s reaction, Jonathan was the only one who had focused his gaze on Seboxia’s true form.

Even though others couldn’t see it, Jonathan could sense that nearly half of the purple mist had been pulled into the formation within the coffin and directed into Seboxia.

However, the absorption method of Seboxia’s true form was nothing short of unique. As soon as the purple mist touched Joshua, it extracted countless thin and virtually undetectable threads before sending them into the true form below.

If it weren’t for Jonathan obtaining all the coffin’s formations, allowing him to bypass spiritual sense to detect every minute change within the coffin, he never would’ve discovered the process.
Then again, such a careful, deceptive method felt very strange to Jonathan.

Why does this feel like the true form of Seboxia is consciously aware and stealing the medicine? How is that possible, though? Both the true and spiritual energy forms of Seboxia had already fallen in the previous battle. I should know because I was the one who made sure of that. There’s no chance of either of them coming back to life again! Hmm… Could there be any tricks up Seboxia’s sleeve?

Before Jonathan could ponder further, Caleb suddenly shouted, “He’s really awake!”

The next second, Jonathan leaped into the air and landed beside Joshua, only to see a faint purple tinge on the latter’s face.

On top of that, the purple light was seemingly breathing as it constantly switched from bright to dark.

By then, Joshua had opened his eyes and stared intently at the coffin lid above him.

“Joshua!” Jonathan shouted while waving his hand vigorously at the man. “Can you hear me? Come on. Wake up! I’m Jonathan!”

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