The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6318

said, “Tell these portals to block all keywords. As long as anyone mentions the surname Rothschild, then this content must not be used by anyone except him.” See!”

the grandson said in embarrassment, “Grandpa, I have also communicated this to them, but they are not willing, because if you do this, it will be too ugly.” After saying that, the grandson said again, “And now the emphasis is

on The disaster area is social software, and our affairs are being discussed on almost all social software. The situation is indeed very passive…”

Howard’s face was gloomy, and he was almost going crazy with hatred.

He deeply regretted his previous decision and called Bruce to ask for reconciliation.

If he hadn’t made this call, he wouldn’t have pushed him to the stage.In

that case, I can push Matt out to take the blame. When the time comes, whether it is legal responsibility or public opinion responsibility, Matt can handle it alone.

However, with the third video making such a fuss, this retreat was completely ruined.

At this time, his eldest son said, “Father, the think tank has come up with the best solution for you at this stage. The person in charge is still waiting online. Do you want to listen to it?” The Rothschild family has its

own The think tank team, in layman’s terms, is a huge think tank.

Whenever a major event occurs, the think tank will use the most objective perspective to analyze and simulate the direction of the event, and at the same time provide their solutions.

Originally, Howard didn’t want the think tank team to get involved because he didn’t want people to know the secrets about the Sifang Baozhu.

However, now that this matter has been made known to everyone by Bruce Weinstein, the think tanks will naturally receive the news, so they can analyze and deduce the whole matter as quickly as possible, and then give them a solution think the best solution.

Howard heard that the think tank already had a plan,So he said, “Put the phone in.”

“Okay dad!” After the eldest son finished speaking, the landline phone in front of Howard immediately rang.

Howard picked up the phone and asked, “What plan do you have?”

On the other end of the phone, a respectful voice said, “Mr. Howard, based on the current actual situation, we agree that the best solution right now is for you to seize the time and publicly report to the public. People across the United States apologize.”

Howard immediately went berserk and asked angrily, “What did you say? You want me to apologize?” The

head of the think tank said quickly, “Mr. Howard, I suggest that the main starting point for your apology is to take the initiative to admit that the Rothschild family has Matt bears the responsibility of teaching incompetently. You only need to admit this and the only mistake when you apologize in public. Then on this basis, you can package the call you just made to Bruce into a grandpa. You care about your grandson and do it as a last resort. This can weaken the badness of your attempt to bribe Bruce on the phone just now.” At

this point, the think tank person added, “After admitting your mistake and apologizing, you immediately put Brooklyn The prison, Peter Zhou and Bruce’s wife issues are all blamed on Matt. When the time comes, we will spend some money to guide a large number of media, Internet celebrities and opinion leaders to stand for us on the Internet, step by step to attract everyone’s attention. We will focus all our efforts on Matt and let Matt bear his legal responsibilities. As long as we can continue to transfer more and more people to Matt. I think it won’t be long before our own The crisis is resolved.”

Howard thought about it and felt that the solution given by the think tank was indeed the optimal solution to the situation at hand.

Although it is indeed a bit shameful for me to apologize and admit my mistake, I’m afraid that’s all I can do now.

Thinking of this, he made up his mind and asked, “When is the best time for me to apologize?”

The person in charge of the think tank quickly said, “The sooner the better, the best time is now!”

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