The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6320

No matter what crime or sentence the court sentences him to, the Rothschild family will always regard it as a century-old family. “As a promise, I will never intervene in any way!” “

In addition, I am also willing to ask the police to investigate me. If my behavior is suspected of violating the laws of the United States of America, I am willing to bear all legal responsibilities;”

“Finally, here, on behalf of the entire Rothschild family, I would like to express my most sincere apologies to Mr. Bruce Weinstein and Mr. Peter Zhou. We will continue to communicate with them and will do our best to make up for Matt’s misfortune. Their harm!”

After saying this, the elderly Howard stood up and bowed deeply to the camera with some difficulty.

After such an apology, Howard has indeed won back some reputation for the Rothschild family. In addition, they themselves control most of the news media in the United States. Under the deliberate guidance and fueling of the media, the Rothschilds The image of the family suddenly changed a lot.

Many people accepted Howard’s statement and felt that the things Bruce revealed should be the actions of Matt alone and had nothing to do with the entire Rothschild family. As for Howard’s attempt to buy Bruce with money, in the eyes of the public, It has also become a matter of course for a parent to protect his children.

If this trend continues, as long as Matt receives a fair trial and pays the legal price for Peter Zhou’s matter, the whole matter will come to an end, and as long as the Rothschild family ensures that Matt, the cancer cell, is removed, they will be able to It can prevent future troubles.

At this moment, charlie Wade was also in his cell, watching the Rothschild family’s desperate counterattack on his mobile phone.

He had already expected that the Rothschild family would be a strong man, so he didn’t care about this video. This

I am surprised. If such a huge family does not have the ability to handle crisis public relations, it is not worthy of being the number one family in the world.

But charlie Wade is not worried at the moment, because he still has a trump card in his hand.

At this time, Gustavo, the big drug lord on the side, was also holding his mobile phone and eating melon. After watching Howard’s video, he cursed with some annoyance, “Damn, Howard, this old fox, I thought this guy was going to do it this time.” His head is so big, I didn’t expect him to get through so easily.”

charlie Wade glanced at him and said lightly, “Gustavo, do you want to live?”

Gustavo suddenly became excited and hurriedly got out of the bed. He turned it down, ran to charlie Wade’s bedside, and said humbly and nervously, “Mr. Wade, of course I want to live! You said before that there is a way for me to live. What is it?”

charlie Wade pointed at his Cell phone, smiled and said, “I’m afraid it will be difficult for you to leave prison in this life, but if you want to live a prosperous life here, you have to learn to restrain each other with your son and the Rothschild family;”

Gustavo asked hurriedly ” Mr. Wade, please speak more clearly, how can we restrain each other with them?”

charlie Wade asked him, “Gustavo, let me ask you a question, do you want face, or do you want to live?” 

Gustavo said without thinking, “Of course I want to survive! What’s the use of having face at this time!”

charlie Wade nodded and smiled, “You go to the bathroom to record a video now. Tell us how you reached an agreement with the Rothschild family, why you were imprisoned here, and how the Rothschild family used the power of your Sanchez family in Mexico to achieve their ulterior motives.

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