The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6333

The Rothschild family also didn’t expect that Héctor would shamelessly bite them back, so they immediately jumped out to say that they had not interfered in any way with the FBI’s handling of the case, and that everything Joseph said was the truth.

But when this matter got here, it naturally reached a deadlock.

It’s like two people standing on opposite sides of a pit yelling at each other, but neither one can get the other into the pit.

In order to help the Rothschild family and win the war of words with Héctor, the FBI stayed overnightThey began to investigate Joseph’s upline, but they never dreamed that the only upline had been pushed into the crematorium of a crematorium in New York and burned into a plume of black smoke.

As a result, the war of words can only continue indefinitely.

Early the next morning.

When the scolding war between the two parties escalated to the point where it made headlines on major TV stations and media, charlie Wade was “invited” out of Brooklyn Prison.

The reason why I say “please” is mainly because there are many illegal immigrants like him, and most of them don’t want to leave prison so soon.

Many illegal immigrants have no job, no living conditions, and lack of language skills or language skills before they are caught and imprisoned.

After being imprisoned for a few months, not only can he find a shelter from the wind and rain, solve the problem of food and clothing, but he can even practice speaking English in prison.

If you stay there for a few months before being kicked out, your chances of finding a job will be much higher.

Therefore, many illegal immigrants regard prisons as novice villages. It will be much better to come in and get some experience before going out.

It is precisely because of this that illegal immigrants who are generally invited out as soon as they are arrested are not willing to leave the prison immediately. Most of them will cry and make trouble, trying to complete the Novice Village tasks in the prison.

When charlie Wade came out, he also symbolically acted out a reluctant scene. The kind-hearted FBI pushed him out of the prison, pointed to the intersection on the right side of the prison, and said

impatiently, “Go three intersections over there and turn left. There is a relief station. If you run faster, you can still get a meal.”

After finishing, he walked back to the iron gate without looking back, as if he was afraid that charlie Wade would follow him in again.

charlie Wade stretched himself, looked at the time, and planned to go to Chinatown to meet Arman first to discuss how to bring the Sifang Baozhuang out of the United States. Then he would find an opportunity to go to the Zhou Liangyun family’s manor in the evening and bring the Sifang Baozhuang back. .

At the same time, at the Rothschild family mansion, Howard, who had not slept all night, paced back and forth anxiously in the living room.

Many core members of the Rothschild family have rushed back and are now in front of him, racking their brains with him on how to save the passive situation the family is currently facing.

After listening to a group of people chattering for a long time, Howard suddenly said, “I understand! All the troubles in front of us are because of the loss of the Sifang Baozhuang! With the loss of the Sifang Baozhuang, our Feng Shui fortune is no longer in our Rothschilds.” The De family is here! If we can’t get the Sifang Treasure Tower back, not only will all the current problems not be solved, more other troubles will definitely arise. As long as we can get the Sifang Treasure Tower back, all the troubles we face will be solved!”

After that, he looked around at everyone and said sternly, “Listen up, I, Howard Rothschild, swear an oath in the name of the Rothschild family today! Whoever can get back the real square treasure house for the Rothschild family, who is The next generation heir to the Rothschild family!”

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