The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6344

The sudden power outage made three pairs of eyes in the darkness filled with doubtful light for an instant.

Just when Hank was confused in the darkness, an extremely noisy voice came from the intercom.

Some people said, “Why is there a power outage?! All our monitoring equipment is paralyzed!”

Someone echoed, “All detection equipment is also down, nothing can be seen in the central control room, and the Identification Friend or Foe system is deactivated!”

Someone asked, “What’s going on? ! Doesn’t this villa have two power supply lines?!”

Someone replied, “Two or three lines are of no use? The key now is that the power is out! Where is the person in charge of logistics support?! Why didn’t you prepare an emergency power supply?!”

Some people scolded, “No one ever said to arrange for emergency power supply! Even if the FBI goes out to perform tasks, as long as it is not going to the Middle East or Afghanistan, it will not always carry emergency power supply! With so many equipment and such high power, what? Is the emergency power supply sufficient? Cummins diesel generator set? Then should I bring a power supply truck over for you to use?””

Shit! Are you f*cking arrogant?”

” Are you making excuses? Do you know how powerful the various monitoring equipment in the central control room and the roof of the building are? If you have a long mouth, you can just talk nonsense! Come on!”

Because of the sudden power outage, the always professional team was at this moment Somewhat confused.

For villa areas with dual power lines, it is rare to encounter a power outage even once every ten or eight years.

Moreover, this house was originally a private house. The Rothschild family bought it to monitor the Zhou family manor next door. In their view, this kind of behavior is equivalent to a group of tigers waiting to catch a mouse. It is completely illegal. The power of crushing.

Moreover, this is only a few dozen kilometers away from New York, and it is completely in the headquarters of the Rothschild family. Everyone feels extremely safe. What everyone is most worried about is whether the mouse they want to catch will be among them. He sneaked into the Zhou family villa quietly under his nose. No one thought that the mouse would have the courage to sneak into the tiger’s den.

This feeling is like the police setting up a dragnet waiting to catch a criminal suspect. The only thing he worries about is that the criminal does not come or runs away. He never worries that the criminal suspect dares to enter their frontline headquarters.

Therefore, when Hank first arrived here to conduct a security assessment, he never thought that this place would be attacked.

Moreover, even though the power was out now, he didn’t think anyone was coming to attack them.

On the contrary, he subconsciously felt at this moment that the other party must have deliberately caused a power outage and wanted to take the opportunity to steal the Sifang Treasure Tower!

After all, although the Rothschild family’s subordinates have installed a large number of high-tech equipment and can achieve strict defense in all directions, the disadvantages of high-tech equipment are also very obvious. Once this thing runs out of power, it will completely furnishings.

Anyone who has played the game Red Alert has a basic understanding that no matter how many cannons, prism towers, SAM missiles, or air-to-ground defenses you build to the max, as long as you have enough power Without a shortage, all equipment will lose all effectiveness.

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