The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6348

“Take your helicopter?”

charlie Wade looked at it in confusion Steve, asked him, “Where can your helicopter take me?”

Steve quickly said, “Its range is about three hundred miles, as long as it can fly anywhere , you can go!”

After that, he added, “I just asked someone to notify the pilot to prepare for takeoff, you can leave at any time!”

charlie Wade asked him, “Where do you plan to go when you ask the pilot to prepare for takeoff?”

Steve quickly replied, “I plan to let my son Royce go back to see the situation at home. Look at the current progress of others and inquire about the news…”

charlie Wade said lightly, “You are letting your son go back instead of letting him go outside the blockade area. How can you be sure? Can my helicopter enter and exit the blockade?”

Steve subconsciously said, “I am the first heir of the Rothschild family. My helicopter can definitely enter and exit. No one will Stop me.”

charlie Wade smiled slightly, “Whether someone will stop you, just give it a try and you will know.”

After that, charlie Wade said to Hank He said, “You accompany Master Royce on a helicopter ride and fly directly outside the blockade. See if anyone blocks your way. If not, you fly back directly. If there is, you use the excuse that you want Master Royce.” I want to try the strength of the air traffic control.” 

When Royce heard that he was going to leave here by helicopter, he breathed a sigh of relief, as if The rest of the life is like a disaster.

What he thought was that as long as he was allowed to fly out, as long as the helicopter he was riding in was intercepted, he could ask for help from the other party, and he would be able to escape.

But charlie Wade’s next words shattered his luck instantly.

charlie Wade looked at Hank and said calmly, “Remember, if Master Royce dares to ask anyone for help, or tries to leave you alone at any stage, you will not do anything. Shoot him without hesitation, remember to aim at his head, and try to open his head with one shot.”

Hank said without thinking, “Master, don’t worry, as long as he plays tricks, I’ll get rid of him as soon as possible.”

Royce turned pale with fear.

He knew very well that Hank was in RothschildThe family’s status is very high. After all, he is the old man’s most trusted bodyguard and his confidant.

This also means that Hank can wear a gun normally when he is around members of the Rothschild family.

If I ask others for help at that time, it is very likely that I will be shot by Hank before I finish speaking.

charlie Wade asked Hank to go back with him and supervise the whole process. With Hank’s identity, no one dared to shoot him directly. This meant that even if he asked for help, The person being asked for help cannot have a chance to strike first, so if Hank really wants to kill him, it will be effortless.

In this way, he will not be able to escape. No matter whether the plane will be intercepted or not, he will have to return here obediently.

Just when Royce was depressed, charlie Wade looked at Steve and said coldly, “Listen carefully, if your son dares to play any tricks, not only will he be If I kill you, you won’t be able to survive, do you understand?”

Steve didn’t dare to hesitate at all, and nodded quickly, “I know…I know…” At this time, Hank’s walkie-talkie came with a report from his subordinates: “Boss, I have contacted the power supply company. The circuit has been severely damaged. The circuit across the river has been cut off. It is impossible to organize enough manpower tonight. Emergency repairs are underway. It will have to wait until dawn tomorrow at the earliest. Do you think it is necessary for us to dispatch a power supply truck?” Hank quickly looked at charlie Wade, waiting for charlie Wade’s instructions. And charlie Wade said, “Tell them not to mobilize the power supply trucks tonight. Since the other party has cut off the circuit, it proves that they are about to take action. Mobilizing the power supply trucks now will not quench the near thirst. All of you must start a fight.” We must keep an eye on the Zhou family and never take it lightly.” Hank quickly relayed charlie Wade’s original words to his men without thinking. The other party said respectfully, “Okay, boss, I understand!” charlie Wade knew that there were hundreds of people here staring at the Zhou Manor, how could he

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