Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3767

Chapter 841 – Expert’s Paradise
Shadowring Town, Tower of the Abyss:

Shortly after Shi Feng returned from the fifth floor once more, a flash of light appeared beside him. When the light faded, he saw Red Frost standing there, looking tired and wearing a wry smile.

“Are you still having trouble surviving even one move against your sixth-floor opponent?” Shi Feng asked curiously.

“No, that’s not it,” Red Frost said, shaking her head. “I can barely last three moves now. It’s just that I only managed to merge one of my three Advanced Gold Combat Techniques with the Unthinking state. If I want to truly trade blows with that person, I must also merge the remaining two techniques. But I don’t know if I can make it with only two days left.”

Red Frost’s response rendered Shi Feng momentarily speechless. Then, he said, “It doesn’t matter, even if you can’t make it. Your goal in returning to Holy Dragon Spear is to win the Elders and Grand Elders to your side. You don’t need to be at the sixth-floor standard to do that.”

The sixth-floor standard was a legend in the human race’s Greater God’s Domain. Throughout known history, not a single human player had ever reached the sixth-floor standard. Although Red Frost had already developed herself to her current limits in all aspects, the sixth-floor standard was still beyond her. Even with the Tower of the Abyss’s assistance, she would need time to make the final step.

Not to mention, it had only been an hour since the two of them entered the Tower of the Abyss. Both of them had also started their respective climbs from the fifth floor. Yet, while he still struggled against Hope on the fifth floor and could barely integrate Sword’s Orbit with the Unthinking state, Red Frost had already set foot on the sixth floor. Additionally, in just a little over a dozen attempts, she had integrated an Advanced Gold Combat Technique with the Unthinking state and could now survive three moves against her sixth-floor opponent. The difference between them was stark, and the rate of Red Frost’s improvement was unbelievable.

“With my current standard, winning over those Elders and Grand Elders shouldn’t be difficult,” Red Frost said. Then, she looked at Shi Feng worriedly and asked, “But can Zero Wing gather so many Seven Luminaries Crystals in just a little over two days?”

Shi Feng had promised Xiao Yilong to provide her with 500 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal in a month. Moreover, he promised to deliver the first 100 million units in three days. She might not have been as concerned if she didn’t know about Zero Wing’s internal situation, but she knew clearly that apart from Shadowring Town, none of Zero Wing’s other properties could generate Seven Luminaries Crystals. With Zero Wing’s current state, it would be impossible to make 100 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal even in a month, let alone three days…

“It’s simple. You’ve already seen the effects of the Tower of the Abyss for yourself,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. “So long as I open it to the public and charge each person five Eternal Gold and 2,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal, making 100 million units in three days isn’t a problem.”

When the Tower of the Abyss was made available to the public in his previous life, a little over a million Holy Race players challenged it each day. That was also the maximum capacity the tower could handle. Considering the steep markup the tower’s owner charged, this meant that the tower generated two billion Holy Power Crystals each day. This far exceeded the revenue any other business could generate.

Of course, when the Tower of the Abyss was constructed in his previous life, the connection between the Eternal Realm and the outside world had already been established for a long time. Thus, there was no lack of players coming to use the Tower of the Abyss.

At present, although the various human powers had already discovered a passage leading into the Eternal Realm, only a small number of Tier 6 experts could cross it. Thus, Shi Feng did not expect the Tower of the Abyss to generate a daily income of two billion units of Seven Luminaries Crystal. Even so, the tower shouldn’t have difficulty generating a daily income of 100 million units.

“You plan to open it to the public?!” Shi Feng’s words astounded Red Frost. “We are talking about the legendary sixth-floor standard here! If news of the tower’s function gets out, even the Holy Race’s royal powers will lose their minds, let alone the human race’s apex powers! They’ll do everything they can to snatch it!”

Be it the human race or the Holy Race, the existence of sixth-floor experts was unheard of. Even a fool would know how the two races’ apex and royal powers would react if they learned of the Tower of the Abyss’s capabilities. With Zero Wing having only recently established itself in the Eternal Realm, there was no way it could defend the Tower of the Abyss.

“They’re more than welcome to try,” Shi Feng said, chuckling nonchalantly.

Nobody knew better than him what kind of influence the Tower of the Abyss could have over players. However, he also knew that with Zero Wing’s current resources, once the outside world’s Level 200-plus, Tier 6 experts flooded the Eternal Realm, Zero Wing’s days would be numbered. After all, Zero Wing had offended many powers. Given the opportunity, these powers would try to destroy Zero Wing as soon as possible.

If Zero Wing wanted to survive this predicament, its only option was to make the Tower of the Abyss available to the public. After all, the Tower of the Abyss wasn’t just a tool to make Seven Luminaries Crystals. It was also a tool for powers to strengthen themselves.

While Shi Feng and Red Frost chatted, Hidden Soul appeared in the hall and approached them with hurried steps.

“Guild Leader, I’ve finished gathering the manpower you requested. They are ready to move out at your command,” Hidden Soul reported.

“Good. Have them head to the various NPC Cities and spread the news of the Tower of the Abyss,” Shi Feng said, nodding. “State that each player may challenge the tower once a day. Announce that Tier 6 players who join Zero Wing can enjoy a 50% discount when using the tower. Additionally, all normal members of Zero Wing can challenge the tower up to twice a day, while elite members get three attempts and core members get five attempts.”

Besides helping the Holy Race produce numerous sixth-floor experts, the Tower of the Abyss also allowed the Sun Dynasty and Sovereign Mark, the tower’s owners at the time, to become the Holy Race’s de facto number one and number two powers. After all, very few players who considered themselves experts could resist the temptation of becoming a Mortal God.

Although the Tier 6 experts Zero Wing could recruit from the current Eternal Realm were still nowhere near enough to fight the outside world’s Tier 6 experts, if they worked with Shadowring Town’s NPC guards, it shouldn’t be difficult to prevent the town from falling into the hands of others.

By the time the outside world established a safe route into the Eternal Realm, Red Frost would have already made Holy Dragon Spear her own. By then, Zero Wing would be strong enough to confront any single apex power or royal power. This, in turn, would enable Zero Wing to buy itself more time to strengthen its position.

Subsequently, Hidden Soul carried out Shi Feng’s instructions and had Zero Wing’s members travel to the Eternal Realm’s various NPC Cities. Then, these Zero Wing members started to publicize the effects of the Tower of the Abyss, causing a commotion across the Eternal Realm.

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