The Abandoned Husband Dominates – Chapter 1435

1435 Unsealing the Divine Artifact

It was clear that Evelyn was unhappy at his request.

“There are so many weapons, but you don’t like them? You’ve just entered the Scholar level. These weapons are definitely enough for you. All the weapons are just transitionary. When you reach a higher level, you can just change to another one.”

Jordan smiled. Evelyn was only at the Grandmaster Realm. Her thoughts were far inferior to the mysterious senior who was the Demon King.

Jordan said, “I am a person who gets attached. I think weapons can accompany me forever, so I want to choose a good one from the beginning.”

Evelyn was in a difficult position. “Alright, I’ll bring you inside to take a look. It’s filled with collections that our academy has obtained through various methods over the years. If not for the fact that you’re the future of our academy, I wouldn’t have opened it to you.”

It turned out that there was a secret room in the armory. After opening the secret room, Jordan followed Evelyn into a slightly gray space.


These weapons all emitted different colors of light. It was obvious that they were not ordinary weapons.

Evelyn explained, “If the weapons outside are just ordinary weapons, the ones inside can be considered high-level spiritual weapons. Some were obtained on the battlefield, some were obtained in very mysterious places, and there are also some spoils of war. In short, the original owners of these spirit weapons all have powerful backgrounds. You can choose any of the spirit weapons here. However, don’t be happy too early. Even if you like them, you might not be able to use them.”

Jordan was excited too. He checked them one by one. Even the mysterious man, who had been listless, became energetic. “Wow, I didn’t expect a small Fairy Academy to have such capabilities. There are indeed a few good ones here.”

Jordan was happy too. “Senior, which one should I choose?”

The mysterious man said, “Don’t be anxious. Take a look at them all before I choose for you.”

Jordan replied, “Yes.”

Jordan walked around. When he came to a corner where there was a broken sword that had no luster, the mysterious man suddenly shouted.

“This broken sword!”

Jordan stopped immediately and looked at the broken sword in front of him. Compared to other spiritual weapons, this broken sword was dull and looked rather mediocre. It was like an ordinary sword, and there was only half of it.

If Jordan were to choose, he would definitely not choose this.

Jordan asked immediately, “Senior, what’s wrong with this broken sword? Is it from somewhere? Is its original owner very powerful?”

The mysterious man laughed and said, “The owner of this broken sword is me!”

Jordan was shocked. “What? This is your spiritual weapon?”

The mysterious man said, “That’s right. This sword is my Spiritual Item at the peak of my Glory. At that time, a few people had already entered the Half Immortal Realm before me. I was very anxious and wanted to succeed. During that period of time, in order to increase my strength, I cultivated until I went crazy. When I went berserk, I split the sword in half and the other half flew out from the top of the mountain. After that, I fell asleep for ten days. When I woke up, I had a new epiphany. I didn’t look for this broken sword and left.

“I didn’t expect someone to pick up this broken sword and keep it.”

At that moment, Evelyn saw that Jordan had been staring at the broken sword. She walked over and said, “You like this broken sword? I have to remind you that although this broken sword is extraordinary, it has been sealed by someone. If the seal is not undone, it will be an extremely ordinary sword. Moreover, it’s very heavy. If you don’t believe me, you can take it and see if you can move it.”

When Jordan heard that, he reached out to carry it. However, he realized that it was quite difficult for him to carry this broken sword with his elementary scholar-level ability.

It was already so tiring to hold it, so it was even more impossible to use it in a duel.

Jordan asked immediately, “Senior, how did this happen? Who sealed it?”

The mysterious man smiled and said, “It’s me. Hehe, when I was young, I didn’t know how to cherish it and often lost things. Some of these things were picked up by later generations that did some very bad things. After I found out, I used the Heaven and Earth Dharma Technique to seal everything related to me.”

Jordan broke out in cold sweat when he heard that. The mysterious man could actually do this!

How powerful was he!

Jordan asked, “Then, can you help me undo the seal? I want to choose this spiritual weapon.”

The mysterious man thought for a moment. “Alright, consider yourself lucky to have encountered my spiritual weapon. I can unseal it for you, but this sword is already a broken sword and can’t unleash its original power. At this stage, you might as well choose something else for your revenge.”

Jordan said, “Combat strength is not the biggest factor in my consideration. Although other spiritual weapons can help me temporarily, my goal is not just Gerald. Senior, one day, I’ll find the other half of this sword and restore its glory!”

Subsequently, Jordan said to Evelyn, “Vice Dean, I want this sword!”

Evelyn frowned. “Are you sure? You can only choose one, and you’re not allowed to change it for a year.”

Jordan said, “That’s it.”

Seeing how determined Jordan was, Evelyn did not say anything else. She let Jordan carry the broken sword and leave.

When Jordan returned to the dormitory room, Emily asked curiously when she saw Jordan enter, “Dawn, you have a spiritual weapon! Is this sword so heavy? You’re sweating!”

Emily also tried, but she couldn’t move it at all.

After all, she was still an apprentice.

Jordan said, “Emily, go look for the dean and get some medicine to help you break through. I’ll try to deal with this new guy first.”

Emily was also very tactful. She knew that Jordan needed some time alone, so she left first.

After Emily left, Jordan said, “Senior, sorry to trouble you! Please help me undo the seal!”

The mysterious man said, “No, I can’t undo it for you.”

Jordan panicked immediately. “You lied to me!”

The mysterious man said, “I’m just a remnant soul, I can’t use spiritual energy, but I can tell you the method. Press your hands on my sword for a full hour. During this hour, don’t let go. After an hour, the sword will send a dream to your brain through your hand. You just need to pass the test in the dream”

“Pass a test in a dream? Is it difficult?”

The mysterious man said, “Well, it’s just a very low-level Classic Link game. What’s so difficult about it?”

Jordan could not help but laugh when he heard that. “Classic Link game? Hahahaha, that thing is too easy for me. I didn’t expect an expert like you to be so childish. The clearing setting is actually a small game.”

However, after thinking about it carefully, no one would know that something would appear after pressing both hands on the sword for an hour. Therefore, although the game was simple, not everyone could unseal it.

Jordan thought to himself, ‘These people from the Fairy Academy would never have thought that I could unseal this spiritual weapon with just a Classic Link game!’

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