The Abandoned Husband Dominates – Chapter 1436

1436 Salvatore Finds Helpers

Jordan had already entered the Scholar Realm and possessed the spiritual weapon that the mysterious Immortal had once used. Therefore, he could not wait to take revenge on Gerald immediately.

He instructed Salvatore to report Gerald’s movements to Jordan at all times. Jordan was going to find an opportunity to attack!

However, seeing that Jordan was so anxious to kill Gerald, Salvatore could not help but worry for Jordan.

Ever since Salvatore followed Gerald, he knew Gerald’s strength very well. He also knew Jordan’s strength. Although he and Gerald were both in the Scholar stage, there was a world of difference.

At this stage, Jordan was definitely not Gerald’s match. If he made a fool of himself, he might be asking for trouble.

On this day, Salvatore was carrying out a mission with Gerald. The two of them came to a very vast golden-yellow-covered terrace.


Gerald could tell that Salvatore had something on his mind, so he asked, “Salvatore, why do you look so worried these past two days? Tell me what’s going on. I don’t want my subordinates to be distracted when working for me.”

In response, Salvatore said, “Lord Gerald, since you’re asking, I’ll tell you. May I ask if you’re very familiar with Hathor Howard’s family?”

Gerald was stunned for a moment. “Our Lord Donovan is about to become in-laws with the Howard family. I’m Lord Donovan’s subordinate, so I naturally have some relationship with the Howard family. What’s wrong?”

Salvatore said, “I met a woman a while ago and liked her very much. After meeting her, I’ve been missing her. Later, I heard that she’s from the Howard family and seems to be Miss Levana’s female disciple! Sir, can you bring me to the Howard family so that I can meet her again?”

Gerald asked. “Oh? Those people from Planet 9696? Cultivate well under me. Why do you care about all this nonsense? Don’t you know that S*x will affect your cultivation?”

Salvatore said, “Anyway, I’ve long broken my vows. I’m destined to never have the chance to become an Immortal in this life. I only hope to serve Lord Gerald for the rest of my life. Besides, I just want to get to know her. I don’t mean anything else. Sir, since you’re so familiar with the Howard family, please bring me there.”

Gerald thought for a moment, “Yes, Lord Donovan has been searching for the whereabouts of the Cursed Spiritual Pill and has no time to complete the marriage with Levana. It just so happens that I’ll go to the Howard family and remind Levana on behalf of Lord Donovan to not forget the engagement with our Lord Donovan. Hmph!”

When Salvatore heard this, he quickly said, “That’s right, that’s right. That’s what I meant! This Levana is clearly engaged to our boss Donovan, but she’s not waiting at home to get married. She’s still taking in disciples there. It’s really outrageous! Let’s go to the Howard family and talk to her!”

However, Gerald flicked his sleeves and slapped Salvatore. “B*stard, Miss Levana is a noble person. Do you think you’re qualified to lecture her? Even I don’t dare to be impudent in front of her. Let me tell you, even if you reach the Howard family, you can only meet her disciple. You don’t get to talk to Levana or her parents directly.”

Salvatore cursed Gerald in his heart. Then, he smiled and said, “Yes, yes, Lord Gerald. How would I dare to talk to Levana? I definitely won’t cause trouble for you.”

Two days later, Salvatore followed Gerald to the Howard family. However, in order to prevent himself from being recognized immediately, Salvatore had specially disguised himself.

When they arrived at the Howard family, Salvatore followed behind Gerald, not daring to say a word.

Hathor personally met Gerald and asked. “Donovan Cross should be searching for the whereabouts of the Cursed Spiritual Pill now. Why did he send you here at this time?”

Gerald said respectfully, “Lord Howard is indeed well-informed. That’s right. A while ago, the Cursed Spiritual Pill with a huge amount of energy suddenly reappeared in the world of martial artists. The experts of the Celestial King Planet joined in the search one after another. Our Lord Donovan also went to look for it immediately. That is why we haven’t had time to organize the wedding recently. I hope Lord Howard can forgive us.”

Hathor snorted coldly. “Hmph, Donovan Cross only cares about cultivation. How can he truly like my daughter? Let him continue searching for the Cursed Spiritual Pill. Coincidentally, Levana doesn’t want to get married either. She can have some leisure time alone.”

Gerald chuckled and said, “Lord Howard, you’ve misunderstood Lord Donovan. Lord Donovan has always valued your daughter and this wedding. He also felt that there was no good betrothal gift. When the Cursed Spiritual Pill suddenly appeared, he wanted to get it and give it to you as a betrothal gift. Then, he would marry Miss Levana. Wouldn’t that be a beautiful thing that everyone in the Celestial King Planet would envy?”

However, Hathor was a little angry. “Bastard, if a person who doesn’t have the potential to become an Immortal takes the Cursed Spiritual Pill, the harm will outweigh the benefits. He will be cursed for the rest of his life. Although it will increase his strength greatly for a short period of time, he will definitely die from the curse in the end! You clearly know that my state has stagnated, and it’s impossible for me to step into the Immortal Realm or even the Half Immortal Realm or the Glorious Realm, yet you still want to give it to me?”

Gerald said, “No matter what, this Cursed Spiritual Pill is a treasure that the entire Celestial King Planet is chasing after. If you don’t want to take it, you can keep it.”

Hathor heaved a sigh of relief. “Alright, I understand why you’re here. You can leave now.”

Gerald said, “I also want to see Miss Howard and personally express Lord Donovan’s apology.”

Hathor did not say anything. He instructed the servant, “Take him to see the young miss.”

Therefore, Salvatore followed Gerald to Levana’s personal cultivation base. At this moment, Levana was teaching Moon Maiden, Mike Baylor, and Victoria.

When Levana went to meet Gerald, Salvatore also snuck into the Maple Forest cultivation base to find Victoria and the other two.

“Who is it!”

As soon as Salvatore appeared, the Moon Maiden became vigilant.

When Salvatore saw the three of them and the familiar faces, he cried on the spot and knelt on the ground. “My God, I finally found you. My friends! It’s really not easy to find you!”

As Salvatore was disguised, the three of them did not immediately recognize him. However, Victoria was the most familiar with Salvatore and already vaguely felt that she knew him.

The three of them were shocked when Salvatore revealed his true appearance.

Victoria took a step back. “Salvatore! How did you…”

The Moon Maiden was surprised and delighted as well. “You’re… You’re Jordan’s subordinate? Why are you here on the Celestial King Planet?”

Mike Baylor frowned as well. “I think I’ve seen you before. That’s right. Moon Maiden is right. You’re someone close to Jordan. You actually came to the Celestial King Planet. Who brought you here? Jordan? Hehe, I knew that this kid would definitely come to the Celestial King Planet. I knew it. Hahahaha…”

Victoria took two steps forward immediately and asked, “Salvatore, is Jordan really here? Where is he? How is he?”

However, Salvatore knelt on the ground and did not get up. “Fellow friends, let’s forget what grudges we have on Earth. We’re like family on Celestial King Planet. Please save Jordan! I really can’t find anyone else to help!”


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