The Abandoned Husband Dominates – Chapter 1437

1437 Killing Gerald

Seven days later.

Outside a hidden cave, Gerald said to Salvatore and the others, “I’m going to enter seclusion here for a few days. The few of you, guard the entrance of the cave. Don’t let anyone or animals come in and disturb me. If an expert stronger than me appears, send me a signal in advance, understand?”

Salvatore hurriedly said, “Don’t worry, Boss. If anyone dares to disturb our Boss’s cultivation, I’ll cripple them. If two come, I’ll cripple both! Lord Gerald, cultivate in peace. You’ll definitely break through this time!”

Gerald also seemed to like how Salvatore praised him. Although Salvatore followed Gerald for the shortest time, he trusted him the most.

Gerald nodded. “Yes, this seclusion breakthrough is very important. If we’re not careful, we might go berserk. With you guys guarding here, I’ll be at ease.”

Gerald walked into the cave and began to cultivate in seclusion. Soon, it became night. In addition to Salvatore, there were a few people with similar cultivation levels as him guarding the entrance.


Suddenly, Salvatore stood up. “Brothers, come and smoke with me.”

The others didn’t understand. “Smoke? What’s smoke?”

Salvatore chuckled. “It’s good stuff. I guarantee you’ll like it.”

Salvatore tricked the others to go to the side, but he used the smoke that he had prepared beforehand to knock them out. Then, he took out his weapon and stabbed them a few more times.

Then, Salvatore returned.

“Mr. Jordan!”

Salvatore called out softly.

At that moment, Jordan suddenly descended silently!

Jordan stood outside the cave and looked inside. He was excited, “Gerald is inside?”

Salvatore nodded. “Yes, he’s cultivating in seclusion inside. Perhaps he wants to break through to the Grandmaster Realm. While he’s cultivating, we’ll kill him while he’s unprepared!”

As Salvatore spoke, he was about to rush in and take the lead.

However, Jordan stopped Salvatore. “Your cultivation base is too low. You’re no match for Gerald at all and he can kill you in one strike. Your mission has been completed. Just wait for me outside.”

However, Salvatore was unwilling. “Mr. Jordan!”

Jordan was very determined. “Say no more. Guard outside!”

Jordan knew that it was useless even if Salvatore went in. He would only die in vain. This was destined to be a competition for the scholars. Other realms could not participate at all.

Then, Jordan walked in.

He first put in a small robot to check Gerald’s condition. He realized that he was indeed cultivating. Moreover, at a critical moment, Jordan suddenly appeared with his sword without hesitation!

Under Jordan’s modifications, the broken sword had become a very handy weapon. Jordan jumped out at lightning speed and slashed at Gerald!


Gerald was completely unprepared and took the attack head-on. However, his reaction was very fast. The moment he was attacked, he used all the energy in his body to retreat quickly, causing Jordan’s second strike to miss!

Gerald supported his injured body and looked at Jordan in shock. He said in disbelief, “You… You’re that genius, Dawn? You’re already a scholar! Why are you here to kill me?”

Jordan recalled the scene where he was killed by Gerald earlier and said angrily, “Don’t worry. Before you die, I’ll definitely tell you why I’m killing you!”

As he spoke, Jordan attacked again.

However, although Gerald was injured, Jordan could not hurt him since he was prepared.

Gerald was at the peak of the Advanced Scholar level. His movements were agile and he seemed to be able to predict Jordan’s every attack.

Moreover, Gerald seemed to have used a special cultivation method that could protect his body. Jordan’s sword encountered an obstacle as soon as it approached Gerald’s body, let alone stab him!

“Oh sh*t, what is this!”

Jordan had an ominous feeling. He did not expect this situation.

Gerald spat out a mouthful of blood and smiled. “Hehehe, Dawn, you didn’t expect this, did you? I have a protective shield. This is something that only Grandmasters can cultivate. However, my master is the great Donovan Cross. He naturally has a way to teach me such a skill even though I’m a Scholar!

“Although you ambushed me, injured me and the sword in your hand is not an ordinary item and has the ability to take my life, it’s a pity that you’re only at the initial stage of the scholar realm. If you can be more patient and wait for another two to three years, you can kill me when you reach the peak of the scholar realm. I believe that by then, I’ll definitely die under your sword.

“But you were too impatient!”

After saying that, Gerald took the initiative to attack Jordan!

Jordan had never seen Gerald’s attack method before. Facing the changes in the surrounding walls, Jordan was a little flustered and kept dodging.

Gerald laughed, “Hehe, a woman’s movement technique is so exquisite. You can actually completely dodge my attack. You are indeed heaven’s favored daughter. I have to kill you today. Otherwise, in a year or two, I will definitely not be your match!”

Faced with such a situation, the mysterious man could not help but say, “Jordan, if you can’t even pass Gerald, then don’t even think about challenging Donovan Cross. You’re even less qualified to marry Levana. Forget your wife and children, forget the enemy who killed you, and go back to Earth. Don’t you still have your family on Earth?”

Jordan was completely enraged. He recalled that he had once died at Gerald’s hands on Earth. Today, he finally had a chance to take revenge. How could he be defeated by him again?!


Endless energy suddenly erupted from Jordan’s entire body. He suddenly stopped dodging any attacks and faced them head-on, slashing Gerald’s shield forcefully!


A powerful power descended on Gerald.

At that moment, Jordan was also vomiting blood from Gerald’s attack. However, Jordan did not seem to care at all. In this battle, Jordan was going to fight Gerald to the death!

Seeing this, Gerald said in horror, “You’re a man! You… Who are you?!”


Jordan attacked with the broken sword again.

Gerald retreated as he said, “Hero, stop. You have a tenth-tier talent and hold a divine sword. In the future, you will definitely be a candidate to be an Immortal. I’m willing to follow you! No matter what, you won’t be able to kill me today. You definitely won’t be able to break my shield. Why do you have to die with someone like me?”

Jordan tried a few more times. He was exhausted, but he could not break Gerald’s shield.

Jordan was so tired that he half-knelt on the ground. He asked, “Senior, can I really not break Gerald’s shield? Even the divine sword you used can’t break his shield?”

The mysterious man said, “You’re underestimating the shield on his body. Donovan Cross’s magic power is on it. Even two of you can’t break it. Give up.”

Jordan clenched his fists unwillingly. His enemy was right in front of him. How could he be willing to give up! However, at this moment, two figures suddenly flew over from the sky.

“Who said that Jordan can’t kill you today?!”


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