Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator-Webnovel – Chapter 1188

Chapter 1188: Who’s the Ant?

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In space.

The sun was hanging high like a giant mountain and its light shone over the entire solar system. Compared to Divine Lord Tatian, billions of feet tall who stood next to the moon, the sun was much more powerful and much larger. It was immensely bigger when compared to the moon, like the difference between a giant and a dwarf. The energy of the sun nurtured the entire solar system, while the moon only reflected its light. The sun was the true giant.

Even though Divine Lord Tatian had the energy of a planet, it was just the most normal kind; he didn’t have the kind of power to move the sun.

But at that moment—

When that terrifying, unimaginably tall Overlord—who stepped on the sun and the moon, carried the galaxy on his shoulders and used the whole solar system as a basin—arrived, even powerful cultivators like Divine Lord Tatian froze on the spot. His body didn’t move even for a bit; he merely watched in shock at the massive Deity King, a being comparable to the sun and the moon who was surrounded in chaos. His impression was akin to that of an ordinary person standing at the foot of an enormous mountain.

“Who is he? Why is he so powerful?”


Divine Lord Tatian trembled.

He wanted to interpret that powerful being that jumped out of Chen Fan’s body as a kind of illusion.

However, the energy from that being terrified him and he couldn’t even lift a finger. While he stood in front of that billions-of-miles tall Deity King who was treading on the galaxy, he was reminded of the very first time he had seen an Immortal Cultivator when he was little. It felt as if he were facing a superior master with unpredictable Dharma Power on the verge of a breakthrough. There was no way he could resist.

“How is that possible? I’m a Divine Lord, a Soul Formation cultivator, someone who has ruled over a planet region for a hundred thousand years. What kind of person can frighten me with just his own energy, without using any Dharma Power? I don’t believe it!” Tatian yelled in his heart.

Some terrifying sacred energy surged around him and the surface of his body started fluctuating as violently as boiling water. The nine Rivers of Hades rose and turned into nine yellow iron chains a hundred feet long around Tatian. They were letting out crackling sounds that crushed the air and cracked the dimension. Even so, they were still as small as dust in front of Chen Fan.

In comparison—

The other cultivators in the solar system, like the rogue cultivators from the Star Ocean, the cultivators from other planets, people on Earth and the disciples of the North Qiong Sect… None of them were surprised anymore, the emotion had been substituted by horror at this point!

They had been caught off guard like Divine Lord Tatian and were frightened by that super Overlord who appeared out of nowhere.

That Deity was standing in the sky surrounded by chaos. His energy was earth-shattering and it swept through the entire solar system. He absorbed the energy of countless planets when he breathed, as if he could swallow the planets whole, making the sunlight dim a bit.

“Who… Who’s that? The North… North Mystic Celestial Lord? I… I’ve never heard of him.”

“Right, where did he come from? Why does he look so much like Divine Lord Chen? Wasn’t Divine Lord Chen losing? Why is there suddenly an Overlord like that? Is that a Dharma Form or a real human?”

“Is the North Mystic Celestial Lord who Divine Lord Chen truly is?”

Countless people were in shock.

Time and space in the entire solar system seemed to have formed a painting. The North Mystic Celestial Lord was standing arrogantly in the middle of that painting. His energy made the whole space freeze while he was just standing there.

Many people couldn’t move at all, not even a finger. Their eyeballs could only roll slightly and their hearts were under the pressure of the supreme, extremely terrifying energy. They could not help but ponder while in that situation.

Those who knew more were especially astonished.

Although they had never heard of Chen Fan’s title—

They knew how terrifying it was by just seeing him name himself Celestial Lord. They had no idea what a Celestial Lord was, but if a Soul Formation cultivator could only earn to be called Divine Lord, that North Mystic Celestial Lord had to be the most powerful in the Soul Formation realm.

“Although the size of a Dharma Form can’t really serve as reference to determine the power of a cultivator’s Dharma Power and Divine Power, Lord Tatian’s Dharma Form is billions of feet tall, which would be as big as the moon. Still, this North Mystic Celestial Lord stepped on him like an ant and he’s much larger than planet Earth; he could almost be comparable to the sun. This is too terrifying. Such a powerful being is definitely the best of the best when it comes to the Soul Formation realm, or he may even be… above the Soul Formation level!”

Lord Dragon’s entire body trembled while he considered those matters.

That would be someone above the Soul Formation Cultivators!

Soul Formation cultivators were already the most supreme beings in the entire Abandoned Planet Region and the Little South Heavenly Realm. They had the power to single handedly eliminate a sect alone. Just like Divine Lord Tatian, they would still be invincible and live for a hundred thousand years even if they were just Pseudo-Soul Formation cultivators. Those above the Soul Formation level were in a completely different, and unimaginable level, like the Saints of the ancient sacred grounds.

In his thirty thousand years of life, Lord Dragon had only heard about a Saint in the Purple Heaven Sacred Ground deep within the galaxy.

The Purple Heaven Sacred Ground ruled over many planet regions. Even powerful sects like Apollo Palace and large regions like the Little South Heavenly Realm were as tiny as dust and weren’t even worth mentioning when compared to the territory of the Purple Heaven Sacred Ground. The Sacred Ground, being utterly superior and powerful, wasn’t only because they had tons of Overlords and had millions of years of history, but also because they had a Saint.

People could imagine how powerful and superior such a being felt, as he dominated the galaxy and supported an ancient sacred ground.Then, a cultivator like that appeared on Earth, on Chen Fan who only had the Nascent Soul level.


There was only one thought in Lord Dragon’s mind right then.

He had finally realized that Chen Fan couldn’t be described as a mere disciple of a Celestial Sect. He was definitely the reincarnation of a Grand Cultivator from a Celestial Sect and it wasn’t just any regular Soul Formation cultivator. He might even be a senior member of the True Martial Celestial Sect who has passed away. His identity might be higher than that of ordinary Saints.

Not only him—

Qin Jian’s smile—the King of Falling Stars—also froze. He had still been laughing loudly moments before, ready to watch Chen Fan embarrass himself. But then his smile was deeply imprinted on his face, just like a statue, showing how stirred he was. His emotions were like raging waves.

“How is that possible? How did he suddenly become so powerful? This doesn’t make sense! No Dharma Spell nor Divine Power can make a Nascent Soul cultivator be comparable, or even stronger than a Soul Formation cultivator all of a sudden.


“He’s indeed the reincarnation of a Grand Cultivator!” Qin Jian’s eyes were full of complex emotions as he thought of this: a bit of panic, a bit of anger, a bit of fear and a bit of remorse while he looked at Chen Fan who was standing tall in the galaxy. If he knew Chen Fan was the reincarnation of a Grand Cultivator with an astonishing background, how would he or Apollo Palace dare act arrogantly and attack Earth?

Any Grand Cultivator who could reincarnate wasn’t someone normal Divine Lords could compare to. Even his father—the Golden Bird Emperor of Apollo Palace—was inferior to such a person. The terrifying power that surged from Chen Fan was stronger than that of the Golden Bird Emperor. In the seventy years of Qin Jian’s life, he had seen all the Soul Formation cultivators in the entire Little South Heavenly Realm; even traveling around the galaxy. He left the Little South Heavenly Realm and went to the other planet regions, all the way to the outer region of the Central Galaxy.

However, he had never seen such a powerful being like Chen Fan.

Qin Jian’s mind was filled with hatred at the moment, so much that he even started crying. He knew the step he and his father had taken was wrong. Apollo Palace had struck an iron plate.

As opposed to Chen Fan’s enemies—

All the members of the North Qiong Sect—including Qi Xiu’er, Jiang Churan, Lu Yanxue, Azure Dragon and the soul of A’Xiu in Divine Lord Tatian’s hand—were surprised and thrilled.

They looked up.

It was quickly confirmed that the North Mystic Celestial Lord—who was billions of miles tall, countless times larger than planet Earth and held another planet in his hand like a marble—was definitely Chen Fan, as they looked too similar.

The North Mystic Celestial Lord might still be enveloped in chaos and only part of his face was exposed, but they were so familiar with Chen Fan and they immediately determined the course of their relations once they compared their faces. However, compared to the young Chen Fan, the North Mystic Celestial Lord seemed older and more experienced, as if he had gone through countless vicissitudes with the passage of time. His eyes were completely devoid of emotion; he seemed to have experienced endless time and space like the sun and the moon in the sky.

“What happened to Master? Is this his secret? Wait, there are many scars on his body. What kind of battle did he go through to get that many scars?”

A’Xiu forgot about herself for a moment and she looked at Chen Fan in shock.

Upon a closer look, she would soon find out that the body of the North Mystic Celestial Lord covered in chaos was billions of miles tall and there were countless scars on his body. The large ones were thousands of miles long and they crossed Chen Fan’s chest, almost splitting him in half. As for the smaller scars, the smallest one was only ten feet deep.

Knives, swords, axes, halberds, hooks, hammers…

Those were all kinds of scars that couldn’t be counted. Many of them had been covered with different kinds of energy. Even after countless years, the energy was still attached to them and didn’t disappear at all. There were even azure and black Lightning of Chaos twined around Chen Fan’s body. The Lightning of Chaos was thousands of miles away, but a lot of people were still able to feel the terrifying power inside. Even a bit of it could destroy the sun and the moon, then kill Nascent Soul cultivators or even Soul Formation cultivators. It was the most severe punishment in the world, which made people feel terrified.

There were too many scars.

That showed how horrifying the battle that Chen Fan had been through was. That kind of old, glorious battle has to be more intense and more legendary than the most legendary wars in the epics. Chen Fan’s enemies were certainly not people Divine Lord Tatian or the Nascent Soul Cultivators and Golden Core Cultivators could compare.

However, although each of those scars could have severely injured or even killed a cultivator, they were surrounded by azure and black “Lightning of Chaos” constantly and eternally.

The North Mystic Celestial Lord was still standing arrogantly in the galaxy with hands behind his back, as if there weren’t any scars on his body. He remained the dominator of that part of the universe and that galaxy. Right then, he lowered his planet-like head and looked at Divine Lord Tatian—who was like an ant at his feet—in disdain.

“Who do you think is the ant now?”

Divine Lord Tatian turned pale and his body trembled.

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