Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator-Webnovel – Chapter 1189

Chapter 1189: He Was Like God Descending to This World!

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Chen Fan placed his hands behind his back, then lowered his head and narrowed his eyes to feel that energy, which gave him a seemingly familiar yet also unfamiliar energy. It was the energy that the North Mystic Celestial Lord had once had.

After that unknown, earth-shattering battle in Heaven and experiencing a shift in time, space and then reincarnation, the body of his previous life had at some point vanished. Only the Primordial Essence remained. There was just one ten-thousandth of it left compared to the most thriving period of his past life. It couldn’t be used too often, but it was more than enough.

Even though Chen Fan didn’t know why his Divine Powers, Dharma Treasures and body were destroyed after he reincarnated—

The Primordial Essence followed him to this life through time, space and reincarnation. Chen Fan might have formed an Indestructible Primordial Essence; the name claimed it was everlasting, immortal and indomitable… But a name was just a name. Even the oldest Heavenly Venerate and Dao Ancestor would eventually die, the universe would be destroyed and the world would end. How could there truly be something “indestructible?”

At least Chen Fan had never heard of things like time and space reversal to reincarnate and be reborn.

That was something that went against God’s will; not even Dao Ancestor Daluo could do such a thing. Right then, Chen Fan was still clueless about it.


And yet, that didn’t stop him from feeling the power.

Chen Fan looked at his hands and felt the unimaginably powerful energy in his body. He smiled gently and thought, “I had already given up, thinking that the North Mystic Celestial Lord’s power had been left behind along with his fame in my previous life, but then I managed to form a sacred-grade Golden Core when I went through the Golden Core Tribulation. It was then that an energy was reversed in my body and I completed the ‘Nine Transformations Deity Wheel.’ I had already felt that something was off at that time. I didn’t eat the Dao Fruit right after I got half of it in the deity ground; instead I tried placing it deep inside my soul and nothing special happened.

“However, the lack of strange reactions happened to prove my guess.

“It was half a Dao Fruit! Even if it wasn’t mature and complete, it would still be enough to make a Half Grand Cultivator or a Pseudo-Soul Formation cultivator. Even so, it was swallowed by my soul. I should have exploded if I were just a normal Golden Core cultivator, but I didn’t. It was then that I became certain about it.” Chen Fan smiled and looked at Divine Lord Tatian.

“I might have had to wait for many more years to push out the deepest potential of this soul during another critical moment of life and death if you hadn’t shown up, forcing me to use the ‘Passage Of Time,’ my Grand Divine Power. However, since you’ve made it awaken earlier than I thought, I’ll have to reluctantly do something in return and show you what the most powerful energy truly looks like.”

After that…

Chen Fan gently flipped his hand.


At that moment—

The entire universe seemed to have been flipped over. Countless chaotic air currents flowed from Chen Fan’s hand—which was as large as a planet—like waterfalls. Each energy discharge carried the strongest power of the arrays; it even had the higher energy from the Laws of Heaven. The air rumbled as Chen Fan flipped his hand. Dharma Laws were interwoven while making thunderous sounds, as if Chen Fan were the dominator of the universe. His attack attracted all the energy in the world.

Divine Lord Tatian immediately felt something.

All of his power—including Divine Powers and Divine Laws which he had spent a hundred thousand years to cultivate—simply vanished. No, not vanished; restricted. Tatian felt that his Divine Law of Hades seemed to have encountered its biggest enemy. It was shaking and whining at the moment, hiding deep inside of him, unwilling to move even for a bit.

Simply put…

The Dharma Laws of Hades in that planet region had lost their effectiveness. Even if Tatian stabbed an ordinary person with the Spear of Hades right then and there, it would be for naught; the person would be completely fine, because the Dharma Laws had been rendered invalid.

“How is this possible?”

The black-robed young man was not just terrified at the moment. He felt as if everything he had learned in the past hundred thousand years had been turned upside down.

Dharma Laws were among the most powerful energies in the world.

Only Nascent Soul cultivators could barely touch it and Soul Formation Cultivators were the only ones who could truly control it; It was the foundation of the entire universe and the world. No fire would ignite anymore and the world would be in chaos if the Dharma Law of Fire would suddenly disappear in the universe. Although the Dharma Law of Hades wasn’t as common and basic as the Dharma Laws of the five elements, it was still among those at the second-grade. Even so, it had suddenly lost its effectiveness in a planet region. How could Divine Lord Tatian not be surprised?


That was the only thought in Tatian’s mind right then.

He was completely petrified. The power displayed by Chen Fan was beyond his wildest imagination. It wasn’t related to how powerful the Dharma Power was anymore; the most basic Dharma Law had beaten him. Like a seriously bad joke, the Divine Law of Hades he had cultivated for a hundred thousand years wasn’t helping, at all. Right when the battle started, his biggest trump card had been annulled. How could he even continue to fight?

Not only that…

Divine Lord Tatian discovered that he seemed to be carrying a mountain that was ten thousand feet tall on his back. He couldn’t even take a step forward, let alone run. “Chen Beixuan, do you really have to go this far?”

Divine Lord Tatian widened his eyes and continued, “You must know that I’m a Soul Formation cultivator. Those at my rank have thousands of incarnations and indestructible wills; we practically can’t die. I’ll come back for revenge one day, unless you can destroy all my wills and my incarnations at the same time.”

Soul Formation practitioners had such a name because they could form countless Immortal Wills around the world after reaching that level.

Those who reached the Soul Formation realm were virtually unkillable, since you had to destroy all of his wills to achieve it. He might still be able to grow and come back strong after a few thousand or dozens of thousands of years passed.

Since Soul Formation cultivators were so difficult to kill…

A cultivator could be called Grand Cultivator after reaching the Soul Formation level. He would only be in awe even when facing the Celestial Sects, although this was not due to lack of power to resist. Soul Formation cultivators were dominators even in the Central Galaxy, not to mention they were beings like Lords and Kings in the barren areas of the universe; there was almost nothing that could threaten them. Some Soul Formation cultivators were even treated as creators of the universe, the highest Gods of some races, enjoying an endless burn of incense. Being the case, only by reaching the Soul Formation level could a cultivator have hope of becoming a deity. It was the ticket to the chess game of the universe in the eyes of some people.

“Just like an ant,” Chen Fan said without any emotions in his eyes as he kept pressing his hand down.


Divine Lord Tatian was anxious. He immediately took out the Pseudo-Divine Artifact he had crafted, the Underworld Spear,” a foot long weapon covered with black glitters. There were howling sounds of ghosts from Hell in the underworld; it released powerful light that even cracked the air.

A cultivator from Planet Tianhuang immediately yelled, “It’s Mingtu, the Divine Spear!”

Mingtu was a Divine Artifact of Mount Emperor, a weapon from Divine Lord Tatian back when he roamed the land to conquer the Abandoned Planet Region and even fight against Soul Formation cultivators from other regions. It was a true legend, which had been buried deep inside Mount Emperor after his death, along with Divine Prince Mingyang. Rumor had it that it wasn’t a real Divine Treasure, but it still could produce 90% of the power expected from such artifacts. It was able to shake the sun, the moon and the air when awakened, and launch a full-power attack at the level displayed by Grand Cultivators.

That was also why the other forces were still scared of Mount Emperor, no matter how powerful they were.

“Array, rise!” Divine Lord Tatian shouted again.

Countless large, black and azure patterns were interwoven underneath his feet, spreading in all directions like a picture of a demon in Hell, covering an area with a thousand mile radius and turning into a three-dimensional array in the end. Powerful sacred energy was roused by the array, as if an ancient God had descended to the world.

It was Mount Emperor’s Divine Array.

“Activate!” Divine Lord Tatian yelled.

He held the Divine Spear in his hand and stepped on the Divine Array. His billions-of-feet tall body released countless beams of dim light. The light was then gathered at the tip of the Divine Spear in his hand, then kept flashing and became extremely hot, directly piercing through the sky, penetrating countless worlds. It was so sharp that even people dozens of thousands of miles away were able to feel as their souls were being ripped.


Divine Lord Tatian rushed towards Chen Fan with his spear.

That was the most powerful attack he had launched ever since he had been born. Tatian didn’t even care if Divine Prince Mingyang’s body could bear the full use of his power. His eyes and nose were bleeding, and his body had almost exploded because of the terrifying energy which belonged to the Soul Formation level, but he completely ignored this. He only attacked Chen Fan with the spear. The attack was still a real attack at the Soul Formation level even without the power of the Dharma Laws of Hades, which could bring down the moon in the sky.

All the cultivators who saw the attack turned pale; they lowered their heads, closed their eyes to avoid facing it directly. They only felt that the deepest part of their Divine Souls were being pierced. At the same time, Divine Lord Tatian even squeezed his hand with a cruel smile on his face, as he tried to crush A’Xiu’s soul, so that she could die with Chen Fan.

Even so, in the eyes of Chen Fan—who was using the power of the North Mystic Celestial Lord—Divine Lord Tatian was resisting like a mayfly trying to move a big tree. It was ridiculous; he was biting off more than he could chew.


Chen Fan hadn’t even used Dharma Powers, yet A’Xiu had already landed on his left hand. He then flipped his right hand and smacked down.


As Chen Fan smacked with his hand, the air in a range within thousands of miles was smashed into a thin layer. The three-dimensional world turned into something akin to a piece of thin paper. Stars, plants, mountains, rivers, planets, and Divine Lord Tatian who was standing there—including the Divine Spear “Mingtu” in his hand—also turned into pieces of paper because of Chen Fan’s attack.

In the end, Divine Lord Tatian yelled unwillingly, “No!”

He tried to get his Primordial Essence out and escape, but the entire dimension and the flow of time seemed to have been locked by Chen Fan. The power of the North Mystic Celestial Lord was too strong. Even though Chen Fan had only less than one ten-thousandth his Indestructible Primordial Essence, it was easy for him to kill a Pseudo-Soul Formation cultivator.


After Chen Fan’s attack, Divine Lord Tatian, the Pseudo-Divine Artifact in his hand and the Divine Array underneath him collapsed inch by inch at the same time. Even his Primordial Essence was smashed by Chen Fan, not even leaving the smallest trace as it turned into smoke.

At the same time—

In an old temple deep inside the barren region of Planet Tianhuang, an idol in the middle suddenly opened its eyes in fear, wanting to shout, but it was too late. The foot-tall idol cracked and shattered, as if smashed by an invisible hand, not leaving a single trace.

If someone were there, he would surprisingly discover that the idol looked similar to Divine Lord Tatian.

Not only on Planet Tianhuang, on Heavenly Jupiter, Planet Zheyuan, Planet Dark Mist and even some small planets outside the Abandoned Planet Region, hundreds of idols were shattered or cultivators suddenly exploded at the same time. Chen Fan’s attack didn’t only kill Divine Lord Tatian’s real body; it also destroyed all his incarnations across the universe. The Divine Lord of an era had died just like that.

That was the power of a Celestial Lord!

At that moment—

All the cultivators who had witnessed that scene felt weak, powerless, as tiny as dust, as if they were ordinary people before God. Even planets were vulnerable in Chen Fan’s hands. The entire solar system was in silence. Only Chen Fan’s Primordial Essence stood at the top like a Deity King who arrived in the human world. That dazzling aura was incomparable!

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