Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator-Webnovel – Chapter 1191

Chapter 1191: The World Was Stunned!

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Divine Lord Tatian was dead.

Chen Fan smashed him in front of countless cultivators and the people on Earth. If Divine Lord Tatian’s death had shocked Qin Jian, seeing Chen Fan destroy the final two beams of golden light—which had flashed across space—with a mere wave, and the roar that came from a very far planet region… It didn’t just shock him, it frightened him!

Other people might not know—

But, he was the son of the Golden Bird Emperor. How could he not have sensed his father’s energy?

“How is that possible? What kind of being is my father? He’s an Overlord even among the Soul Formation cultivators and is only a step away from reaching the legendary Divine King level. How could he be knocked away with a slap?” Qin Jian was trembling. At that moment, not only did he sense the Golden Bird Emperor’s energy, but also felt eight familiar energies being knocked away by Chen Fan at the same time.

The Niekong Sect, the Wuji Sect, the Taichu Divine Realm…


Each energy originated from an imperishable sect that stood tall in the Star Ocean and had an extremely terrifying Overlord as a backer. Even so, those Overlords were still unable to withstand Chen Fan’s wave and slap, even while joining forces. Granted, they were countless planets apart and under the energy restrictions in the Abandoned Planet Region, it still gave him a chill down his spine.

That meant—

The energy of the Golden Bird Emperor had been unable to enter that place completely. Chen Fan or that Deity were the dominators of the entire Abandoned Planet Region.

“Is there really such a powerful being, who’s even stronger than my father, in the human world?”

Qin Jian lifted his head and looked at Chen Fan in despair.

On the contrary, Qi Xiu’er, Lu Yanxue and Jiang Churan looked at Chen Fan silently. That seemed to be the first time they had met him. Even Azure Dragon, who had an outstanding personality—who didn’t care about cultivation levels and treated Chen Fan as his brother—also went silent and his eyes were glittering. As for Chen Fan’s family, like Chen Yaoyao and Chen Xiao, their speechless shock was even stronger.

“The reincarnation of a Grand Cultivator!”

That was the phrase uttered by Qin Jian, still lingering in their minds.

They had never thought about it, or more like they wouldn’t even consider it. And then, they couldn’t stop thinking about it after seeing Chen Fan’s giant Dharma Form. Chen Fan wasn’t a normal person; he might not even be one of the Chen family. He carried the memories from his past life and he had an unfamiliar person deep in his soul. He was only related to the Chen family in terms of body and bloodline, but in fact, physical connections weren’t regarded as close anymore when reaching a certain level after cultivating. Taking other people’s bodies to be reborn and bloodlines exchanging weren’t difficult things for high-level Immortal Cultivators.

Even Auntie Tang felt it. Her gorgeous face was full of complex emotions; a bit of hesitation, a bit of struggle and a bit of distress. She gently opened her mouth and whispered, “Xiao Fan…”

Even though Auntie Tang’s voice was soft…

Everyone on the entire planet—including the cultivators who were still watching around—also seemed to have heard that voice at the moment.

Chen Fan lowered his head and said to that beautiful lady, “Auntie Tang, it’s me. Don’t worry! I have something else to do while this energy burst is still active. I’ll explain to you later.”

“All right, go. Don’t mind me.” Auntie Tang was relieved upon hearing that.

Qi Xiu’er and Lu Yanxue even took deep breaths; they were immediately relieved after hearing Chen Fan’s familiar voice. As long as Chen Fan was still himself, not some unfamiliar king of Heaven or the North Mystic Celestial Lord, they would keep respecting him and continue being close to him. After all, relationships built on the experiences in the past decades wasn’t something a simple change could destroy.

Chen Fan turned around and glanced at planet Earth.

He felt that the Primordial Essence of the North Mystic Celestial Lord was still surging constantly, but it would eventually dissipate. The Indestructible Primordial Essence from his past life originally had just one billionth of the power left, sleeping deep inside his soul. It had been nourished by that Dao Fruit, which made it grow again. Still, even though half a Dao Fruit might be strong, it was only able to help Chen Fan maintain that condition for a while. It couldn’t really support the powerful North Mystic Celestial Lord, even if it was a weaker and incomplete form.

“The remaining energy from the Dao Fruit is only enough for a few attacks. After that, I’ll need some Connate Divine Treasures on par with the Dao Fruit’s energy or above, in case I want to use the ‘Indestructible Primordial Essence’ again.”

His eyes were glittering.

It would be enough with that.

Attacking a few times more in that form was barely possible, but regardless, Chen Fan would never fear as long as he had that trump card, even when facing an ancient king or the ancient sacred grounds. However, he had to increase his power after all.

“There’s still energy left after using the Indestructible Primordial Essence this time; it can still go on for a while. I can take this chance to cleanse the Abandoned Planet Region, so that the North Qiong Sect can take full control. So, when I leave Earth, they wouldn’t have any potential powers to protect themselves from,” Chen Fan thought as he stretched out his humongous hand and made a scratching motion toward Earth.

“Whoosh, whoosh!”

At that moment.

Chen Fan grabbed all the cultivators visiting from the Star Ocean, spies sent by the imperishable sects, many alien races and cultivators who had bad intentions towards the North Qiong Sect or Chen Fan, also those who held grudges against the North Qiong Sect—like the Ancestral Patriarch of the Gold Clan and the escaped first Ancestral Patriarch of the Kindred—into his hands like dumplings.

“No! Divine Lord Chen, I’m your follower. I’m innocent!” the Ancestral Patriarch of the Gold Clan yelled loudly. Its body, with a few feet in height and entirely made of gold, was like a speck of dust in front of Chen Fan’s Primordial Essence; its concentration was as large as a planet at the moment.

Not only him—

All the cultivators—those who had threatened the North Qiong Sect when the world changed—went to see Chen Fan. Xing Hu, the Sect Master of the Black Buddha Sect and the Ancestral Patriarchs of the Luowu Sect were also among them. They shouted and claimed that they were innocent, and that they were on Chen Fan’s side.

“Haha, my followers? Let alone everyone else, you three from the Luowu Sect… Your fourth brother is still on that side and is still one of Tatian’s followers. The Luowu Sect has its feet in two boats and you have evil intentions; you may even betray me someday. How dare you say that you’re my followers?”

Chen Fan only grunted gently.


At that moment—

The three Ancestral Patriarchs of the Luowu Sect’s faces were as pale as ashes. They had never thought that Chen Fan would be observant enough to see through people’s minds. He even knew their biggest secrets.


Chen Fan didn’t wait for them to talk; he immediately shook his hand and turned the people from Divine Lord Tatian’s retinue—including the fourth Ancestral Patriarch of the Luowu Sect—into ashes. Then, Chen Fan stomped and a beam of light was extended from his foot. Chen Fan had already traveled across the entire Abandoned Planet Region.

The space passage that used to be like a moat for Chen Fan, along with all the Golden Core and Nascent Soul cultivators, had become a small gully at , which Chen Fan could cross with a single step; it wasn’t even worth mentioning at that point.

Planet Tianhuang, Planet Zheyuan, Heavenly Jupiter, Planet Dark Mist…

Chen Fan visited almost all the planets that were related to Tatian or had scores to be settled with him.

In a remote, barren area on Planet Tianhuang, the black-robed head of the Primordial Fiend Sect—who had an eagle nose and a currently gloomy look—was sitting there cross-legged. His body was enveloped in endless chaotic Fiend Qi. His energy was surging and powerful, and he was apparently a peak-stage Nascent Soul cultivator. He looked as if he were cultivating hard, but was actually planning something in his mind. Divine Lord Tatian usually handled all the matters on Earth. Since Chen Beixuan was going to be eliminated, the Primordial Fiend Sect also had to move.

“Ha, who would have thought that Divine Lord was the person who made me the Sect Master of the Primordial Fiend Sect, the biggest enemy of Mount Emperor. As the darker side among the two of Mount Emperor, we’ve been lurking for decades only for today.”

The black-attired Sect Master snickered and was about to yell to gather his disciples and elders—


In the sky.

An extremely large, almost unimaginable hand smacked down.


The black-robed Sect Master looked up with fear plastered all over his gloomy face. He yelled as he shot into the sky, to turn into a beam of light in an attempt to escape, leaving the rest of the members from the Primordial Fiend Sect behind.

However, in front of the overwhelming hand that covered almost the entire Planet Tianhuang, his escape was meaningless. The next second, all the remaining followers of Divine Lord Tatian on Planet Tianhuang, including those of the Primordial Fiend Sect, and backup Mount Emperor buried throughout the past thousands of years; all of them were eliminated by Chen Fan. That Sect Master was also crushed into pieces like dust.

He wasn’t the target. In fact, Chen Fan’s real energy was aimed at the Ancient Demons Loch. It pierced through both the human world and the Fiend World and went deep inside the Ancient Demons Loch, completely cutting off that passage between the two worlds.

“Crack, crack!”

Following the cracking sounds of many dimensions, a furious roar came from the deepest place of the Ancient Demons Loch. And yet, the passage had been broken; that powerful being was unable to do a thing; it could only look at the human world, which went further and further away and I shouted.

The moment Chen Fan attacked.

The sky changed.

Many cultivators and ordinary people on Planet Tianhuang felt the sun above their heads turn dim all of a sudden, as if it were nighttime already; it quickly shone bright again without anyone noticing. That was Chen Fan covering the entire Planet Tianhuang with the Grand Divine Power that took the position of the sun. He could even smash Planet Tianhuang if he wanted to. Only a few peak-stage Nascent Soul cultivators with a higher level—like Heaven’s Equal, or Xiao Mang who was sensitive to Chen Fan’s energy—lifted their heads and looked into the sky, as if they were feeling something.

Xiao Mang even yelled “Master” anxiously.

But Chen Fan had already moved thousands of miles away from Planet Tianhuang.


Planet Zheyuan, Planet Dark Mist, Planet Yangu… Chen Fan used a single step to travel to a few places, which were almost dozens of planets full of life. He didn’t even have to do anything most of the time, immediately being able to sweep a planet with his incomparable Immortal Will, killing all the hidden enemies and Divine Lord Tatian’s subordinates found there. All the members of the Kindred above the Golden Core Level on their home planet had been eliminated by Chen Fan with one finger.

He managed to travel to a few hundred planets around the entire planet region in a blink.

And that took less than a minute.

When he finished everything, Chen Fan lowered his head and said gently to A’Xiu’s Divine Soul, “Let’s go. I’ll take you somewhere to rebuild your body!”

Then, he went to Heavenly Jupiter with one step, disregarding the chaos left behind him.

Although Chen Fan had left, everything he had done had just started fermenting, spreading across the entire Abandoned Planet Region to the surrounding planets and to the Little South Heavenly Realm like a hurricane.

When people in the Abandoned Planet Region and the Little South Heavenly Realm heard about what had happened outside Earth.

In a heartbeat—

The entire Star Ocean was stirred! No one was merely shocked, terror was overwhelming them.

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