Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator-Webnovel – Chapter 1198

Chapter 1198: Even Soul Formation Cultivators Have to Obey Me

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The Little South Heavenly Realm was extremely vast; there were countless planets and many planet regions.

Unfortunately, it was only a barren region which shared its border with many sacred grounds or top families deep in the Star Ocean; it was too small for nurturing a True Dragon.

For those living in the Little South Heavenly Realm, the area was extremely vast; they would never be able to traverse it completely in their entire lives. A Nascent Soul cultivator had once taken upon himself to travel across the whole territory with his Dharma Powers, forgoing the use of Teleporting Arrays. He died in the end after merely crossing eight planet regions.

The Little South Heavenly Realm was too large, even when traveling through arrays.

There were a dozen or even more planet regions as large as the Milky Way in the Little South Heavenly Realm; those with Soul Formation cultivators weren’t many after all. Most of them had many sects and Overlords like the Shanyang Planet Region, but nobody had become a Soul Formation cultivator to claim and dominate one of those regions.

So, half of the Little South Heavenly Realm was stirred when Yang Xuan arrived.


“Have you heard? Yang Xuan is here on Planet Yushan, the Sacred Prince Candidate of the Purple Heaven Sacred Ground. I heard that he’s going to choose his followers who would travel back to the Purple Heaven Sacred Ground with him. That only happened once in a blue moon. If cultivators wanted to enter one of those imperishable sects, they would usually have to put in a lot of effort and still be rejected. We’re talking about the Purple Heaven Sacred Ground, a supreme sacred ground in the universe!”

“Yes, let’s go to Planet Yushan quickly. Who knows when we’ll get another chance to go to the Purple Heaven Sacred Ground.”

“Let’s go together! Let’s go together!”

Sects and families in the planet regions were stunned. Countless elites or nobles—who were usually reserved, never even putting the ordinary imperishable sects in their eyes—immediately went to the Shanyang Planet Region after hearing the news.

Some peerless talents reached the peak-stage Nascent Soul Level in just four centuries and were the future backbones of their respective sects. They had always been favored and arrogant, while firmly hoping to enter the Soul Formation level and rise to the top of the Little South Heavenly Their minds had also been shaken back then.

Some famous fairies of the Little South Heavenly Realm were making sheep’s eyes, expressing their lust for the Prince. They became muddled, dreaming that Sacred Prince Yang would lay eyes on them, so they could hang on tight to the Purple Heaven Sacred Ground’s giant leg.

Of course—

Someone also doubted it.

In a small sect called the Linlang Sect, a group of disciples surrounded a man in a white outfit; he was a peak-stage Golden Core cultivator. Someone asked, “Senior Lin Yuan, what’s the Purple Heaven Sacred Ground? I’ve never heard of it. You two look excited. Is it even more powerful than the Apollo Palace, the Fuyao Sect and the Wuji Sect?”

“Right, no one has been this excited even when the Apollo Palace was recruiting disciples back then.”

The Linlang Sect was a small sect in the Shanyang Planet Region. Their Sect Master was a mid-stage Nascent Soul cultivator and they had a dozen elders. They ruled over three planets; it was seen as a powerful sect in the Shanyang Planet Region, but it was merely a third-rate sect in the entire Little South Heavenly Realm. When seen from their perspective—the superior Apollo Palace and the Changshen Sect, which ruled a planet region—they were entities only to be looked up to and never to be seen directly. And yet, they had never heard of the Purple Heaven Sacred Ground.

Senior Lin Yuan was wearing a white swordsman robe. He seemed to be in his thirties, but was in fact more than a century old. He said with a serious look, “Apollo Palace is indeed powerful. They have a few Grand Cultivators and they dominate the Little South Heavenly Realm, but they’re much inferior to the ‘Purple Heaven Sacred Ground.’ That’s a sacred ground with an ancient Saint, which is a being that truly stands at the very top of the universe, who has a terrifying impact on countless surrounding planet regions. There may not even be a cultivator as powerful as an ancient Saint in the real South Heavenly Realm, let alone the Little South Heavenly Realm.

“Huh? An ancient Saint?”

“A Sacred Prince Candidate is already on an equal footing with the Grand Cultivators. Then, how powerful would a real Sacred Prince be?”

“That’s impossible.”

The disciples were shocked and many people didn’t seem to believe it.

Nascent Soul elders were all superior, untouchable and extremely fierce beings in their eyes. The Soul Formation Grand Cultivators were even farther away from them, like True Dragons. As for Yang Xuan, they had heard he was just a young man who was three centuries old and was merely a Sacred Prince Candidate, but he was on an equal footing with a Grand Cultivator… How was that possible?

“You’re like a toad at the bottom of a well. You have no idea how vast the universe is.” Lin Yuan shook his head. “Of course, the Sacred Prince Candidate is just a title. His strength is much weaker than that of a real Grand Cultivator after all, but the real ‘Sacred Prince’ of the Purple Heaven Sacred Ground can definitely be regarded as a Grand Cultivator or an even more powerful being. In fact, the Sacred Prince of the Purple Heaven Sacred Ground in every generation has to be a Soul Formation Cultivator.”


After hearing that…

Many people gasped.

No matter how good the Sacred Prince title sounded, he was merely a disciple after all. If the one appointed was merely a Soul Formation Grand Cultivator, how powerful would the elders, Grand Elders and Sect Master of the Purple Heaven Sacred Ground be?

Lin Yuan also sighed, not adding anything else to the conversation.

He only had a little bit of knowledge about the Purple Heaven Sacred Ground. From what he had gathered, it was an incredibly powerful sect, which was located deep inside the Star Ocean; they had a say over countless planet regions. The Little South Heavenly Realm was actually part of one of the regions affected by their influence. Any disciples of the Purple Heaven Sacred Ground were actually like the Exalted Sects patrolling their territories when they paid a visit.

Otherwise, why would Qin Shang the Sword Saint send his clone over to meet a Nascent Soul cultivator, considering how arrogant he was and that he didn’t even take the other Grand Cultivators seriously?

Such a question was asked at every corner of the Little South Heavenly Realm. After knowing the answer, the chaos Yang Xuan had caused became bigger again. Even Song Yufeng went silent.

“Master, is this Purple Heaven Sacred Ground truly that powerful?” Jiang Feifei was startled.

Song Yufeng remained silent for a while and said with a hoarse voice, “The Little South Heavenly Realm is located in a barren region of the universe. We used to be a part of the South Heavenly Realm in the past, but we were treated as barbarians by the majority of people and we had to become independent in the end, calling ourselves the ‘Little South Heavenly Realm.’ Even though this is also a realm, it is much smaller than the real South Heavenly Realm and only counts as a shallow pond. Grand Cultivators like the Golden Bird Emperor and Qin Tian the Sword Saint are top Overlords in the Little South Heavenly Realm, but they would also be considered to be in a lower level when they go to the South Heavenly Realm.

“And the Purple Heaven Sacred Ground is different.

“That’s a real ancient sacred ground. They have a history of millions of years and countless generations of Grand Cultivators. Even the South Heavenly Realm—which has a vast territory and is known to have tons of Overlords and elites—doesn’t have a force comparable to the ‘Purple Heaven Sacred Ground.’ Besides, there was even a Saint once.” Up until that point, Song Yufeng’s voice seemed to be shaking uncontrollably.


For the cultivators in the Little South Heavenly Realm—who regarded the Nascent Soul and the Soul Formation level as the peak—how could they understand the weight of that word?

However, the things happening in the Little South Heavenly Realm were far in the sky from Chen Fan’s view.

In the ninety-ninth Origin Divine Palace found inside the deity ground on Earth.

The shiny sunlight shone through the windows of the Origin Divine Palace and onto the floor in front of Chen Fan’s feet. There were many small glimmering dots of light, like a beautiful abstract painting.

Chen Fan, who had cultivated for three years, slowly opened the doors of the chamber.

He was wearing a black robe and his shiny hair covered his shoulders. His skin was as fair as a woman’s, like a crystal clear jade stone. He was enveloped by an aura, as if he were a heavenly immortal.

“Master, you’re out!”

Some disciples sitting cross-legged to cultivate in front of the palace doors—including A’Xiu, Qi Xiu’er and Chen Yaoyao—heard the sound and woke up from their practice.

The energy of those disciples had become deeper after a few years had passed. Qi Xiu’er, who cultivated the fastest, had already formed a divine-grade Golden Core. Chen Yaoyao, the youngest among them, had also reached the peak-stage Connate Level.

Especially A’Xiu; she seemed to have been reborn after her body was reformed. Every move she made was followed by the thunderous sounds of the Five Element Dharma Laws in the surroundings. Her body was drenched in five-color light; she was cold and gorgeous, just like a peerless fairy.

As he looked at those eight boys and girls—who were outstanding and whose talent would be distinguished even in the ancient sacred grounds—Chen Fan smiled and nodded.

“Uncle Chen, have you become a Soul Formation cultivator?”

The youngest among them, Chen Yaoyao, cutely opened her eyes wide.

A’Xiu and Qi Xiu’er also looked over in anticipation. They knew it was difficult to reach the Soul Formation level and it could take at least a century, but they had a blind faith in Chen Fan.

A’Xiu and the others would believe anything at the moment, even if Chen Fan said he had ascended and become a Deity, let alone a Soul Formation cultivator.

“How could it be that easy to break through? I would also need to spend a few decades in order to make it.” Chen Fan laughed and flicked Chen Yaoyao’s forehead with his fingers.


Chen Yaoyao covered her mouth and lowered her head with an aggrieved look.

Chen Fan caressed her head and said with a beaming smile, “However, even though I haven’t reached the Soul Formation level, normal Soul Formation cultivators are really nothing in my eyes.”


Chen Yaoyao looked up with a surprised face and A’Xiu also looked over in shock.

Chen Fan only smiled slightly, but his eyes were full of arrogance.

He would be able to defeat the Soul Formation cultivators in the human world, once he completed the Full Nascent Soul Power. That was not a nonsensical claim carved on a stone stele in Heaven. Chen Fan had already felt that there was a nearly limitless and terrifying power surging in his body.

That energy had the power of the Deity Body, the Deity Soul and the Deity Infant; it had already reached the peak level of the human world, which allowed Chen Fan to tear open space with a move and travel to other planet regions in a blink. That was different from the power of a normal Soul Formation cultivator. He had no domains, no Divine Kingdoms, just the energy in his body, which was extremely dense and also extremely pure. If he didn’t suppress it, any leakage of the terrifying energy would be enough to crush almost all the female disciples present. Only A’Xiu would have a chance to barely hang on.

“Is this the power of a Nascent Soul cultivator in the Deity Realm? That’s indeed terrifying and powerful. Although there aren’t as many Divine Powers as I had in my previous life, the path is more or less the same.”

Chen Fan reached out using both his fair hands, gently clenching his fists to feel the unimaginably terrifying power inside.

If Divine Lord Tatian would have been there right at that moment, Chen Fan wouldn’t have even needed to use his Indestructible Primordial Essence. He would only need to throw a punch.

“I’ll be regarded as a master even in the rest of the universe, once I manage to form the Full Nascent Soul Power. It’s time to go look for Xiao Qiong, grandpa and my parents,” Chen Fan thought.

But before that—

There were many things on Earth he needed to settle, especially the first thing before him: the fiend trapped inside the deity ground.

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