Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator-Webnovel – Chapter 1199

Chapter 1199: Fiend God Chiyang

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Once Chen Fan gained control of the ninety-nine Origin Wells, he also attained part of the authority of the deity ground; he couldn’t control the entire deity ground, as expected. At the moment, he was only able to control a small part.

And yet, one-hundredth of the authority had already allowed Chen Fan to understand what exactly the deity ground he was standing on was, including the Fiend God trapped inside.

“This is really knotty…”

Chen Fan frowned as he thought of the situation they were facing, even though he was a reincarnated Celestial Lord. It was indeed a difficult situation.

“What’s wrong, Master?” A’Xiu and the others asked when they saw his look. A’Xiu suddenly changed her expression and said with a shaking voice, “Master, have you… finished cultivating? Are you leaving us to look for your parents?”



Qi Xiu’er, Lu Yanxue and Xiao Mang immediately turned around with anxiousness and sorrow on their faces. They knew in their hearts that Chen Fan would eventually leave Earth or the Abandoned Planet Region. Once his identity as a reincarnated Grand Cultivator was exposed, everyone knew a small pond like Earth would not be enough to make Chen Fan stay.

They were thinking about keeping Chen Fan around for a few years, so he could stay with them for a bit longer. Who would have thought he was actually about to leave?

“I’ll be leaving, but not now.” Chen Fan smiled and shook his head.

He would be worried if he left right then.

Overlords of the other planet regions around Earth were still preying on the planet. Although those Soul Formation Grand Cultivators had retreated, withdrawn and clenched fists were more horrifying. They could hit back with a more intense power to conquer Earth anytime. The Little South Heavenly Realm might seem calm, but Chen Fan believed that their senior members were certainly watching Earth all the time.

Besides, if Chen Fan hadn’t dealt with that time bomb underneath him, he wouldn’t have been able to leave with peace of mind.

“I’m worrying about other things…” Chen Fan remained silent for a while and glanced over the worried faces in front of him. “Fine. There are things you’ll know sooner or later. I’ll tell you beforehand.”

“What?” Everyone was startled.

Chen Fan walked around the spacious main hall of the Origin Divine Palace with hands behind his back. He stopped after a while and looked up as he said with a cold voice, “What do you know about the ‘deity ground’ you’re standing on?”


A’Xiu and the others looked at one another.

They didn’t know much before, but they soon understood why Earth had become the center of attacks of thousands of sects ever since Chen Fan rose to the top of the Abandoned Planet Region, and also the reason why the sects in the Star Ocean were raring to lay claim over it and the legends Earth used to have, from the defected and captured people from the Realm of Kunxu, Planet Tianhuang, Heavenly Jupiter and the other regions.

Rumors told of a “place where the Deities trapped a fiend.”

“Is there really a fiend?” Chen Yaoyao turned a bit pale.

Xiao Mang, Qi Xiu’er and Lu Yanxue also frowned.

Chen Fan then asked, “Also, didn’t you feel weird when the Spirit Qi on Earth revived?”

Everyone was shocked.

“Master, are you saying that the fiend trapped under the deity ground has something to do with the revival of Spirit Qi on Earth?” Qi Xiu’er said softly. The other disciples also froze.

That deity ground was vast, larger than Earth itself; there were many Nascent Soul Fiends.

If there was truly a fiend down there, how powerful could it be?

The revival of the Spirit Qi on Earth was also handled like a massive secret.

Xiao Mang had heard about how barren Earth used to be when she was on Planet Tianhuang. Since the Spirit Qi on Earth was becoming denser by the day, many people were also fearful and curious about the source of that Spirit Qi, while enjoying it.

“You’ll know why when you follow me down there,” Chen Fan said as he took out the Dinghai Pearl to surround everyone else. They then turned into a beam of light and were immediately sent to the true interior of the deity ground.

A thousand feet, two thousand feet, three thousand feet…

After going countless feet—

A’Xiu and the others only saw darkness in front of them and light finally appeared when they passed through the arrays and restrictions. However, everyone gasped; they were so terrified their bodies straightened when they saw the impossible being right before their eyes.

An unimaginably large Fiend God—thousands of miles long, with a wavy, mountain-like body covered with black scales—was floating in the sky. Even the Dharma Form of Divine Lord Tatian was as tiny as a speck of dust in front of that incredibly massive Fiend God.

“That… That’s the Fiend God that was trapped by the Deities?” Chen Yaoyao said with a pale face and an unsteady voice.

No matter how powerful she was, she was just an eighteen-year-old girl. Nascent Soul cultivators were already the strongest beings she had seen fighting before; she had never encountered a terrifying being as enormous as a planet like that one.

“That’s it.”

Chen Fan hovered in the sky with hands behind his back.

This time, he took his body into the space thanks to the authority granted by the deity ground.

Even Chen Fan felt as if he were looking at a huge mountain while facing that ancient creature; his female disciples were even worse off. They would have been crushed to pieces by the extremely terrifying power if Chen Fan hadn’t protected them with the Dinghai Pearl.


A dragon, a Red Sparrow and beams of five-color light appeared.

Xiao Mang, Qi Xiu’er and A’Xiu stood in the sky. Dharma Power surged out of them crazily and their Divine Meridians were manifested inside them. They tightened their bodies, clenched their fists and blocked the terrifying energy exuded by that Fiend God.

“That’s right,” Chen Fan said with eyes showing praise.

He quietly let go of the Dinghai Pearl and removed part of the protection for the three girls, making them bear more pressure from the outside world. That was a truly beneficial practice for them; not everyone had the chance to face a being that was beyond the Dao Reunion level.

“Hum, hum, hum.”

A True Dragon and a fire phoenix cried.

Xiao Mang and Qi Xiu’er’s Divine Meridians had been completely awakened. A golden dragon a dozen feet long flew around Xiao Mang; the fierce fire of the Red Sparrow and the Fire Phoenix burnt down an area a few feet wide. Only A’Xiu had a more calm demeanor. Her Five Element Divine Meridians had been made by Chen Fan and had already reached the phenomenal success level; her body was close to that of a Grand Cultivator, so the pressure she felt was a bit less in comparison.

Among everyone—

Only Chen Fan looked completely calm. He had seen countless Overlords more powerful than that ancient Fiend God in his past life, and he currently had the Full Nascent Soul Power. Besides, the Fiend God was already dead; its energy couldn’t affect him.

Chen Fan looked up and saw the Fiend God enveloped in layers of black Fiend Qi. Many chains formed by the Deities came down from the sky above its head and kept it locked up.

“The real name of this Fiend God is ‘Chiyang.’ It lost in an unknown mythical battle during the ancient times. The ancient Deity that defeated it was worried that it would be reborn again and that its spirit would return to reclaim its corpse, so he trapped it here with his own Dharma Treasure. Millions or even billions of years have gone by since that event took place,” Chen Fan said gently.

When he said the word “Chiyang.”

Dao Laws rumbled in the sky and tides of Fiend Qi, thousands of feet long, surged in the sky. Weird-looking plants grew on the ground, as if that word carried endless power and energy.

An ancient Fiend God.

Its power was unpredictable.

The real name of some ancient beings couldn’t even be uttered. They could even feel when people thought about them billions of miles away; whoever said something bad about them would suffer from karma. Luckily, that Fiend God was dead. If not, it would have certainly sensed when Chen Fan had spoken its name.

This was what the saying, ‘God is always watching,’ was about.

Everyone went silent and immersed themselves in that ancient and vast historical environment. They seemed to be able to see that incredible, legendary battle billions of years in the past through time and space. An unimaginable Fiend God and a Deity had fought. One of them had lost in the end and its blood was spilled in the sky; its body then turned into earth and its eyes into planets.

How intense and magnificent was that?

Only Chen Yaoyao said dumbfoundedly, “Oh, uncle, you said it was trapped by a Dharma Treasure here. Where’s the Dharma Treasure?”

Xiao Mang was activating the True Dragon Divine Meridians to resist the energy from the outside world. She almost lost control of her power, risking being smashed by the terrifying energy of the “Fiend Zombie,” upon hearing what Chen Yaoyao asked. Luckily, she stabilized her energy immediately and glared at everyone else, which they found hilarious.

Chen Fan didn’t laugh but said gently, “Look up.”

Everyone then looked up and saw an unimaginable sight.

An unimaginably massive seal, which might even be larger than the Fiend Zombie, floated in the sky. It was enveloped in endless Deity Light; it was covered with countless types of runes which looked like tadpoles. It was boundless, unimaginably large and thousands of miles long. Its edges couldn’t even be seen with their bare eyes. It was floating in the sky with chains coming out of it, which were entangling the Fiend Zombie.

“This is…” Xiao Mang’s voice shook slightly.

“This is the Dharma Treasure used by the Deities to trap the Fiend God: a Deity Seal. Of course, it’s also the deity ground itself, the place we are currently in,” Chen Fan said calmly.


At that moment—

Everyone was speechless.

They were stunned. They had thought the vast, boundless deity ground was just a continent or a special world. Who would have thought it was only a Deity Seal, a Dharma Treasure of a Deity?

Right then, even A’Xiu felt how tiny she was from the bottom of her heart. That seal could probably crush the solar system to little bits with a single attack. Any energy, any practice or even a million years of cultivation seemed to be meaningless in front of such an incredibly terrifying and powerful being.

In a blink, everyone stopped talking altogether.

But Chen Fan continued as if he hadn’t noticed.

“The Spirit Qi on Earth had been dissipated before only because it was all absorbed by the Deity Seal. And now, it’s revived because the refined Fiend Zombie’s Qi is constantly feeding our planet. Once I got control of the ninety-nine Origin Wells, although I might not have become the true master of the Deity Seal, I got a part of its authority. I can then continue infusing Spirit Qi onto the planet Earth, making the planet grow quickly. It’ll only take a century to finish a path the other planets need millions of years to walk, and Earth would become the most flourishing planet in the universe in the shortest time. However…”

“What?” The girls looked at him.

They saw that Chen Fan was looking more serious than ever, and what he said next terrified them to an extreme.

“I realized something when I gained control of the Deity Seal.

“This ‘Fiend Zombie’ isn’t dead…

“It’s still alive!”

Chen Fan spoke with a gentle yet cold voice, like wind around a glacier; everyone felt chills after this revelation.

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