Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator-Webnovel – Chapter 1200

Chapter 1200: Enemies from the Past Life

A Fiend Zombie that had been trapped for millions or even billions of years hadn’t actually died? It was still alive?

Everyone who heard the news immediately felt terrified; chills rushed up their smooth spines, waking their brains in an instant. When they looked at the miles-long creature lying there… They felt as if it were truly breathing; enormous tides of Fiend Qi were created countless times when it inhaled and exhaled. Each scale on its body was shaking, threatening to wake up in the sky at any time.

“No… Really?”

Chen Yaoyao was truly terrified; her face turned completely pale.

That young and beautiful little girl was merely eighteen years old. She had gone through some ordeals earlier in her life, but A’Xiu had been there to protect her. Over the past several years, she eventually was able to finally live a stable and healthy life. She only felt that Earth was peaceful; she also knew that her uncle, Chen Beixuan, was the invincible cultivator known as the Divine Lord of the North Qiong Sect, who had recently suppressed the entire planet. Who would have thought there would be such a time bomb underneath the planet?

“Things would become horrible if it’s truly alive. Earth is in danger.”

Even A’Xiu looked extremely serious.


Everyone who had seen Fiend God Chiyang felt how small and powerless they were in front of it. A’Xiu believed that if the fiend woke up, the deity ground above and even the entire Earth would definitely be completely helpless against it if they received a single attack.

“Right, Earth is in danger.”

The others also had the same thought.

Xiao Mang, Qi Xiu’er and Lu Yanxue also looked anxious.

The massive planet Earth also seemed minuscule at the moment, when compared to the magnitude of such a terrifying and powerful Fiend God. Even though Earth was dozens of thousands of miles large, Fiend God Chiyang could probably crush the entire planet by merely raising its hand.

“But… But Master, it’s already been billions of years. Why is it still alive? Is there really a being in the human world that can live billions of years?” Xiao Mang stammered.

According to her understanding, a Grand Cultivator couldn’t live past a hundred thousand years.

Xiao Mang wasn’t so certain about the higher levels, but she knew they could at most live a million or ten million years. Earth had existed for billions of years thus far. That Fiend God was surely older than the planet, the same as the stars. How old was that? Xiao Mang felt as if everything she knew had been turned upside down.


That Fiend Zombie was still lying there silently, but it created some unimaginably powerful tides of Fiend Qi which surged around the entire sky when it breathed. The dimension was spread like ripples and countless beams of black light flowed in the air. The impact from countless miles away almost made the three girls explode.


Chen Fan frowned and gently activated the Dinghai Pearl. Dazzling light fell, enveloping Xiao Mang and the others to relieve the pressure.

“An ancient Fiend God can live much longer than normal Immortal Cultivators. Those descendants of the Fiend Gods could at least live dozens of thousands of years and even ordinary humans could live at most ten thousand years. And yet, in this era, Spirit Qi has decayed, Dharma Laws are in hiding and cultivation has declined. Normal people can only live for decades. However—in some old, flourishing cultivation lands in the Central Galaxy deep in space—humans were born to be able to live a few centuries or even a thousand years,” Chen Fan explained.

According to the legends, those Connate Fiend Gods—like the Candle Dragon, the Red Sparrow and the Kun Peng—lived as long as the world, the sun and the moon; they would only decay when the universe did.


A few eras had already passed.

Creatures that had existed ever since the world was created were rarely seen. Chen Fan never thought he would be able to see a nurtured Fiend God being suppressed, like Fiend God Chiyang on Earth.

“Is it truly alive?” A’Xiu asked softly.

“That’s right. Even though I didn’t feel the existence of its Primordial Spirit, the message left by the ancient Deities in the Deity Seal is apparently telling me that this Fiend God is merely trapped, sleeping at the moment, but not really dead… However, why didn’t I feel its lifeforce?” Chen Fan frowned.

For a Fiend God, even if it wasn’t a nurtured one—

Billions of years sleeping would definitely weaken it, but they would never actually kill it.

If it were that easy to kill a Fiend God, the Deity who left the Deity Seal on Earth wouldn’t have simply “trapped” it there.


Chen Fan could feel it. There wasn’t a Primordial Spirit inside the Fiend Zombie; it was just an empty shell, a dead body without a soul. He was the North Mystic Celestial Lord and he had achieved the Full Nascent Soul Power. His sense certainly had nothing wrong.

“The owner of the Deity Seal left a message, saying that the Fiend God is alive. However, the Fiend God I see is indeed a corpse. Did it end up dying after agonizing through the years? Or, did Master and the others killed it when they went to form arrays on Earth?” Chen Fan frowned and thought. Many possibilities came to mind, but he quickly rejected them.

“No… None of those… An ancient Fiend God can’t be killed that easily. Even the ancient Deities had only been able to trap it there. Master and the others could add a few more seals to the restraining array, but they could definitely not kill it. So, there’s just one answer…”


Chen Fan immediately turned pale upon coming across such a thought.

“What’s wrong?” Xiao Mang and the others looked at him anxiously.

Chen Fan waved his hand and remained silent, showing them that he was fine. He stared at the Fiend God’s magnificent body and sighed in his mind. If it really was what he thought, many things had already gone beyond Chen Fan’s expectations.

“The Primordial Spirit went through the reincarnation cycle. I can’t believe this… the Primordial Spirit of this Fiend God has already escaped, abandoning its body and reincarnating. Fiend God Chiyang is certainly not a normal being; it’s a very perseverant being,” Chen Fan thought.

99% of an ancient Fiend God’s power came from the body, which even the Deities had been unable to deal with. Its body could be regarded as one of the top Divine Treasures or Sacred Treasures in the world. Every scale, every bone and every horn it had would be deemed as the best material for making weapons.

If it had other choices, the Primordial Spirit of the Fiend God would have never abandoned its body and reincarnated straight off, as this would mean that it would lose 99% of its power.

“And yet, there’s no other explanations, except for this new hypothesis.”

Chen Fan frowned.

The reincarnated Primordial Spirit of a Fiend God was certainly much more powerful than normal reincarnated Grand Cultivators.

However, if it wanted to cultivate using that Fiend God’s body again, it would surely be more difficult than reaching Heaven; it wouldn’t be able to do so its entire life. It might even be impossible to re-cultivate its body; the only option would be to only practice other cultivation arts, like Immortal Cultivation and Qi Refinement Arts.

Chen Fan had never thought that Fiend God Chiyang would have been that resolute.

Once it ascertained that it was too far away from breaking free, it decided to abandon its body and reincarnate.

“And yet, it’s a Fiend God that’s lived thousands of years after all. Once it reincarnates, its rich experience and wisdom—plus the cultivation arts and skills it used to have—can certainly help it rise to the occasion, surpassing all the reincarnated Grand Cultivators. It’ll be on an equal footing with the top elites. How is it that I never came to hear of such a creature?”

Chen Fan’s expression suddenly changed.

He immediately swayed his body and flashed ten thousand miles away. He then jumped a few more times and circled around the entire Fiend God’s body once. His face had become extremely pale when he returned.

Chen Fan had a sudden realization.

It hadn’t been a long time since that Fiend God’s body had lost its Primordial Spirit, several years at most. Ten years to be exact, and ten years prior was the time when Master Cangqin passed through planet Earth.

A ridiculous thought came to Chen Fan’s mind, “Could Xiao Qiong be the reincarnation of Chiyang?”

Of course, he soon rejected the idea. Fang Qiong hadn’t been born ten years prior; it had been much earlier than that. The Chiyang’s Primordial Spirit had escaped a decade before. It might not have enough time to reincarnate and could at most take the body of a person.

Many people had been taken from Earth at that time. Whose body was used?

Chen Fan looked serious.

It would be great if it were someone he didn’t know. However, if the body of a friend or an acquaintance of his had been taken, it would mean the person had already been killed by Chiyang’s Primordial Spirit. The most important thing when taking a person’s body was to swallow the person’s soul, change into the person’s appearance completely and live in the person’s skin.

“No matter who you take the body from, if I find out you hurt my family… I will crush you to pieces, smashing your body and Primordial Spirit. Even if you’re a Fiend God, even if you have the Lord of Fiend God behind your back, it’ll be useless.”

Chen Fan’s eyes were full of viciousness.

Right then, he even wanted to make a move and leave the planet immediately. He could not wait to go to the True Martial Celestial Sect and investigate this thoroughly.


Chen Fan repressed his anger.

He understood that his power might still be strong in the Abandoned Planet Region or the Little South Heavenly Realm, but there would be many real Overlords and powerful beings when he went deep into the universe or to the Central Galaxy; those beings were able to crush planets with their voices and swallow the sun. They had truly gone far in the Soul Formation level, and were much more powerful than the so-called Golden Bird Emperor. There were even ancient Saints who had been alive for countless years.

Chen Fan felt like he wouldn’t be able to resist such a being with his current strength, even if he had the Full Nascent Soul Power.

The Little South Heavenly Realm was only a shallow pond in the grand scheme of things; it couldn’t nurture a True Dragon. The universe was vast, the home of thousands of races, tons of Overlords and billions of sects. Its vastness wasn’t something cultivators in the Little South Heavenly Realm and on planet Earth could imagine.

If Chen Fan hadn’t used his trump card—the Indestructible Primordial Essence of the North Mystic Celestial Lord—he was also no match for them.

Besides, there was the superior, arrogant True Martial Celestial Sect and Chen Fan’s greatest enemies from his previous life.

Upon thinking of the enemies who had instructed someone to kill Xiao Qiong and the rivals who had entered the road of Immortal Cultivation with him back them… Chen Fan couldn’t help but narrow his eyes. “Han Jin, Yang Fan, Taiyi Sect, wait for me. I’ll settle the scores with you eventually.”

Chen Fan sneered.

After that, he began his preparations to leave Earth officially and travel deep into the universe.

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