Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator-Webnovel – Chapter 1202

Chapter 1202: In the Human World

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A ship was sailing in the vast universe.

An ordinary black-haired young man wearing a black outfit was holding a rusty black iron rod in his hand while standing on a wooden ship, wandering leisurely in the universe.


The young man tapped the iron rod with a gentle motion and the ship moved fast and silently across the endless cosmos.

The wooden ship seemed to advance slowly, but was in fact fast. It was still on Jupiter when you stared at it, to have already gone past Saturn’s outer ring the next second. Even the fastest flying machine developed with human technology, the “Voyager,” had spent more than a decade to get to the border of the solar system. And then, the flying ship had sailed across the same distance, almost without any effort.

The wooden ship would flash and traverse ten thousand miles every time the young man tapped the rod and said a word.


The key point was that there was no dimensional movement at all, so it was unknown how he made the ship move. It all looked like the passing of a man on a ship sailing through unknown space like a ghost.

If a Nascent Soul cultivator saw that, he would have definitely been shocked.

Although cultivators were able to travel across the universe after reaching the Golden Core level, Golden Core cultivators would spend three to five years traversing the solar system without using a Teleport Array. Nascent Soul cultivators were more powerful and could even break the dimension to teleport, but even the strongest cultivators would be unable to bear the pressure of using Dharma Power consecutive times to teleport, so they would only fly when going on long trips.

When the seven Divine Sects and the hundred or so sects attacked Earth, they had spent decades crossing the entire Abandoned Planet Region to reach the planet. Chen Fan had also spent a few months when he traveled to Planet Tianhuang, even though he used a Teleport Array to jump over some planets. In comparison, he would leave the Abandoned Planet Region in less than two weeks with the speed of that ship.

Such a power didn’t belong to the Nascent Soul Level anymore.

Chen Fan stood in the wooden ship and slowly felt the Deity Realm’s Nascent Soul level in his body.

He was unable to say for certain whether he was the only one in the universe who had formed the Full Nascent Soul Power in the last few million years, but, he had at least never seen another during the five centuries of his past life. Even though he went far in the cultivation levels and created his own path back then, he had in fact never achieved the orthodox Nascent Soul Level of the Deity Realm.


The ship took Chen Fan silently through space, just like a swallow would softly sweep across a clear lake, producing ripples in the water. After a few breaths, he was almost at the border of the solar system.

Soul Formation Grand Cultivators also had the ability to travel ten thousand miles like that, but not many of them could do so silently without disturbing the dimension and the Spirit Qi like Chen Fan.

In terms of concealing energy like that, the Nascent Soul cultivators with the Deity Realm standard were much better than the Soul Formation cultivators in the human world.

“Their biggest difference is that the Deity Realm focuses on cultivating the cultivators’ own body, so they can be self-sufficient. They wouldn’t lack even a breath of Deity Qi and the Dharma Power in their bodies is endless, as if they were powerful perpetual motion machines. And yet, Soul Formation cultivators in the human world have the inborn ability to borrow energy from planets, the universe and all of humanity. Every move they make is unimaginably strong. They can grab a hundred mountains with their hands and separate oceans with a finger. Their energy is much more powerful than that of the Nascent Soul cultivators in the Deity Realm. However, those at the Nascent level in the Deity Realm’ have a purer power and are unbothered by their surrounding environment.” 

Chen Fan felt that hot “eternal sun” inside his body as he released his pure Dharma Power to move the wooden ship underneath him. He flew out of the solar system at an extremely high speed, while comparing the differences between cultivation systems in Heaven and in the human world.

Cultivators in the human world would practice moving external sources, while those in Heaven cultivated their own bodies.

It was for that reason that cultivators in the human world could certainly summon the wind and rain or move mountains and oceans on their own planets or in their planet regions. But then, once they entered foreign worlds that were governed by different kinds of Dharma Laws and cultivation paths—like the Fiend World and the Monster World—they would immediately lose most of their power and would only manage to survive with their Dharma Power. That was the reason why Grand Cultivators in the human world would rarely explore other worlds.

After all, Nascent Soul cultivators were basically overlords who could do whatever they wanted in the human world—

But they would end up pale-faced when found in foreign places.

Soul Formation Cultivators would mostly have their own Divine Domains which would have an almost endless supply of Dharma Power. They couldn’t be killed while being inside their perimeter; all efforts were useless no matter how many Nascent Soul cultivators there were. Even some of the stronger ancient Saints would have a hard time killing a Soul Formation practitioner while being inside his Divine Domain. However, once they were outside the Divine Domain, unable to borrow the power of laws, the so-called Soul Formation Cultivators would only display something akin to a stronger version of the Nascent Soul realm.

Such a kind of Soul Formation warriors had a really high risk of dying.

They would most likely lose their lives if they encountered disasters or powerful beasts.

They were godly in their own territories, but they would be out in the open when they lost 80% of their level and combat power when they were in foreign worlds. So, who would be willing to take such a big risk to explore the great beyond?

In fact, Chen Fan knew it not only applied to the foreign worlds—

There were strict Dharma Laws and Dao Laws in many ancient planets or forbidden lands that prohibited cultivators from mobilizing Essence Qi and Dharma Laws. That would render most cultivators unable to use 90% of their power. There were many life restricted zones like this across the universe, which was why the top sacred grounds and Celestial Sects asked their disciples to practice Body Tempering Arts, as they were afraid to get into similar situations.

“Heaven is completely different. The Nascent Soul cultivators in the Deity Realm work on strengthening their bodies. They combine the Nascent Soul, body and soul into one to develop their own universe, making the Dharma Power in their bodies endless to avoid drawing energy from the outside world. They don’t lose much of their combat power even when they enter a foreign world or forbidden lands with different rules. They can quickly adapt and still maintain their powerful combat strength, just like those Divine Beasts and monsters that rely solely on their bodies and Divine Powers,” Chen Fan realized.

When pondered with the perspective of the North Mystic Celestial Lord, he finally figured out the beauty of the Nascent Soul level in the Deity Realm.

When speaking of universality and power, the cultivation arts in Heaven were indeed much better than those in the human world.

“Unfortunately, such a cultivation art is too difficult to cultivate. Even a reincarnated Celestial Lord like had to use a lot of Divine Treasures, almost a full lake of World Thousand Spirit Water and the ‘Deity Qi’ from a hundred Origin Wells to complete it. Normal sacred grounds in the universe wouldn’t have that many resources. I’m afraid only the most powerful Celestial Sects would have enough resources for a single disciple.” Chen Fan shook his head.

He knew it was impossible.

Let alone the sheer amount of Half-Divine Medicines and World Thousand Spirit Water.

“Deity Qi” was awfully rare in the universe. Normal Nascent Soul Cultivators might not even have heard of it; even if they had, they might not even get to see it in their entire lives. Only those Celestial Sects, which had ascended disciples, would know of such a thing. It was the most precious resource of a Celestial Sect; it would most likely be fought over by the old Dao Reunion Cultivators. They wouldn’t tell anyone below their rank easily. A plume of Deity Qi in the universe could be worth a sky-high price, making a group of Soul Formation and Void Returning cultivators break their heads. That was the top Divine Treasure across the universe.

This showed how abnormal Earth was.

There were a hundred Origin Wells able to produce Deity Qi!

The average sacred grounds might not even have a place like that; there would be a huge disaster if such information were to be leaked. The entire Little South Heavenly Realm would also be trampled by the Overlords who would storm over to get it, not to mention the Abandoned Planet Region.

So, after Chen Fan learned about it, he kept it as a secret and had only taken a few core disciples inside to cultivate.

Earth had a proverbial gold mine, unimaginably massive. People who cultivated there would advance ten times or a hundred times faster than those on the outside world. There might even be more than one talent with a deity-grade Golden Core in the future, and it was possible to have Soul Formation and Void Returning cultivators as well.

“Even so, these are matters for the future. Right now, I have to find Xiao Qiong and my parents.” 

Once he left the solar system, Chen Fan avoided the other flying ships and planets with life, until he reached a dead planet. He found a groove-shaped valley and sat there.

He took out a green jade tablet from one of his clothes pockets. It seemed to be one of the Soul Tablets Chen Fan had made for his core family members.

There was a man and a woman carved on that green tablet, who looked like Fuxi and Nuwa. It was releasing beams of light; it didn’t seem to be the one he had used to look for Fang Qiong the previous time.

“Xiao Qiong is in the True Martial Celestial Sect. She is surely being treasured and protected by Master, given her talent. I don’t need to worry about her for now. However, my parents aren’t as talented as Fang Qiong. They’re much inferior even when considering normal disciples of the True Martial Celestial Sect. I have no idea what Master would do to them.” 

Chen Fan’s eyes became blurry after taking out the jade tablet.

He had never worried about Fang Qiong, but there wasn’t a day in the past few years when Chen Fan didn’t think about Wang Xiaoyun and Chen Gexin. He had wanted to look at them several times when he was on Earth, but he didn’t in the end, after seeing the light radiated by the Soul Tablet.

He sat there with the jade tablet for a long time. Suddenly, he used his black iron rod as a pen and drew a giant circle on the ground around the entire valley, like a dragon and a snake.

“Freeze,” the young man said.

Once he spoke, the power of the art followed. A beam of golden light was shot out and countless impossibly minuscule golden and silver talismans rose from the traces outside of the valley, quickly sealing the entire sky, as if there were a bowl covering the area.

Then, an incredible scene appeared.

The empty valley seemed to become blurry, immediately jumping to another world. It looked like a slide when seen from the outside. Everything in the valley was hazy, similar to watching the island in the middle of the Yan Gui Lake enveloped in the rain. It gave the impression that it was truly there, but it couldn’t be touched because of its vague appearance.

But this only lasted for a while. The next second, the valley reappeared and returned to normal; there was no strange phenomenon, but that young man dressed in black was no longer there. Even if a Soul Formation cultivator passed by without paying attention, he would have flashed through, thinking there was no one there.

Chen Fan sat in the valley with the black iron rod next to him to suppress the waves of Dharma Power. Then, he took out a jade tablet and performed the Karma Art, to look for his parents’ location.

It was different this time.

Chen Fan had been just a Golden Core cultivator back then; he had the Full Nascent Soul Power at the moment. How many times more powerful had he become since he returned to Earth? Besides, he had been too far when he used the skill to find Fang Qiong. The two of them were probably a universe away from each other and the arrays of the True Martial Celestial Sect were blocking him.Chen Fan would have been crushed to pieces by the powerful impact after just saying the first word of the spell, if he wasn’t a reincarnated Celestial Lord.

But, it went smoothly this time.

Chen Fan performed the art successfully. Before that, he had a feeling that Wang Xiaoyun was probably in a different place than Fang Qiong, and was much closer to him, or even not in the Central Galaxy.

“God of Stars, karma and reincarnation. Blood draws to blood. Divine Soul, please lead the way…”

A very different picture than the one before appeared in front of Chen Fan, when he performed the art.

That was a world completely different from the little south heavenly realm. There were many skyscrapers and many flying ships flying across the sky. The streets were flooded with people and there were magnificent, dazzling light signs of different colors floating on both sides, showing all kinds of words and images. Chen Fan even saw a few videos of S*xy, scantily clad girls who had much more avant-garde styles than those fashionable on Earth.

Lights shone brightly everywhere, as if it was a city that didn’t sleep.

Different from the Little South Heavenly Realm—where ordinary people and cultivators made a clean-cut separation—there weren’t just cultivators but also a huge number of ordinary people walking on the streets. A young Golden Core cultivator walked past an old man that practiced a little bit of Qi Refinement, but the old man didn’t make way at all. Chen Fan could see the unexposed pride and confidence on the faces of the cultivators and the ordinary people.

If the Little South Heavenly Realm were more conservative and strict, then that would be a world where ordinary people and cultivators coexisted, similar to modern day Earth.

“This is…”

Chen Fan frowned. He felt that the views were a bit familiar; he felt that he had seen them somewhere.

However, the Karma Art couldn’t last for too long. Chen Fan didn’t dare to slow down. He glanced around and stopped when he noticed three people. It was a middle-aged elegant and pretty woman, who was about thirty years old and was with two young kids, a boy and a girl, who were around ten years of age.


Chen Fan’s eyes glittered upon seeing Wang Xiaoyun’s face, which looked almost the same as when they parted ways on Earth. If he hadn’t become immortal already, he might even have to hold his breath.

Her hair, appearance and clothes were different, which had changed from the business woman look on Earth to one with a going by the local styling, but the resonance in their bones and blood was letting Chen Fan know this motherly woman with a couple of kids going about their shopping was indeed Wang Xiaoyun, his long-lost mother.

Chen Fan took a deep breath as he looked at Wang Xiaoyun’s beaming smile. It looked like his mother was doing great, even though she had been taken away by Master Cangqin.


Chen Fan suddenly froze.

He found that Wang Xiaoyun wasn’t the only one who had resonated with his bloodline; he felt the same from the two young children next to her.

Their small faces, with an air similar to that of Wang Xiaoyun, left Chen Fan at a loss for words.

Not even someone as powerful as Chen Fan, the reincarnation of the Celestial Lord, would have ever expected such a situation.

“We’ve only been apart for a decade and you birthed two siblings for me?”

Chen Fan was dumbfounded.

This should have been a happy occasion, having seen his family after ten years had passed, but a funny thought flashed through his mind at that moment.

“I hope they’re my father’s…”

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