Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3734

Chapter 808 – God Among Mortals
I died?

Phoenix Flame blinked in confusion when she was resurrected outside the ring.

After using Nine Revolutions, an Advanced Gold Combat Technique, to eliminate the Ink Crystal Party’s two Unthinking Realm experts, Phoenix Flame promptly executed Void Walker, a Gold Body Technique, to blend herself with the void as she closed in on Ink Crystal. While executing Void Walker, both her speed and flexibility would increase dramatically. Although the main event’s battlefield prevented players from flying, she could still move at incredible speeds.

Additionally, the instant Phoenix Flame entered within a thousand yards of Ink Crystal and saw the latter sending countless trees in her direction, she instinctively executed Nine Revolutions again to defend herself.

However, Phoenix Flame’s defense was a complete joke in front of Ink Crystal’s attacks. Although she managed to deflect the first tree to reach her, the second tree smashed straight into her body. Then, before she could react, she was already resurrected outside the ring.

“What incredible Attack Speed.”

“It feels like her Attack Speed is at least twenty or thirty percent faster than Dead Soul’s.”

“Am I dreaming? Did she just combine fifteen attacks into one? She even did the same for over a hundred trees…”

Every participant in the Continental Championship was a chosen one of their respective race. Although most failed to perfectly grasp what happened, they could still more or less tell what Ink Crystal did. Not to mention, the Strength Combination technique Ink Crystal executed was a common technique known by virtually every player in God’s Domain.

Regardless of race, the most basic offensive techniques employed by players in God’s Domain typically involved some form of combination attack. Meanwhile, every additional attack would increase the Strength and speed of the combination attack, with the average expert in God’s Domain usually being able to combine three to four attacks and double their Strength.

For fifth-floor experts, the best they could accomplish was a 13-attack combination, though the majority could only accomplish a 12-attack combination. Although it was possible to go beyond these numbers, every additional attack would increase the technique’s complexity by a large margin. Even the various royal powers’ old monsters would be fortunate if they could achieve a 15-attack combination.

Yet, not only did Ink Crystal achieve a 15-attack combination, but she had also done so over a hundred times simultaneously. Compared to Ink Crystal, the various royal powers’ old monsters were nothing.

How is she so strong?

For the first time since the start of the Continental Championship, Rin and Dead Soul experienced fear. They never thought an Implement Manipulation Technique could be utilized to such an extent. They also understood that if they were in Phoenix Flame’s shoes, they, too, would most likely get killed in one move.

When it came to mastery over techniques, Ink Crystal was in a completely different dimension.

Meanwhile, Garuda also wore a solemn look as he gazed at Ink Crystal’s figure on the screen, his clenched fists trembling out of fear and excitement.

As for Verdant Rainbow and Death Wind, their mouths were agape with incredulity.

Although Phoenix Flame was not on the level of experts like Rin and Dead Soul, her fight with the Ink Crystal Party’s two Unthinking Realm experts still showed she possessed incredible strength. With the use of her Advanced Gold Combat Technique, she should have no trouble holding her ground against experts like Rin and Dead Soul for a considerable amount of time.

Yet, Ink Crystal had crushed Phoenix Flame with a simple raise of her hand…

Sure enough, she has reached the sixth-floor standard. Unlike everyone else, Shi Feng wasn’t particularly surprised when he saw Ink Crystal eliminating Phoenix Flame so easily. He was merely confused as he looked at the Crystallian girl.

In God’s Domain, players would often joke that those beneath Tier 6 were no different than ants. Meanwhile, a similar saying existed for the World Tower’s trials—those who couldn’t reach the sixth floor were no different than ants.

This was because before players reached the sixth-floor standard, they would expend a lot of Stamina and Concentration when using Advanced Gold-ranked techniques. This held true even for pseudo-sixth-floor experts using their self-developed Advanced Gold-ranked techniques. While the cost of using self-developed techniques was lower, it wasn’t negligible.

However, once players reached the sixth-floor standard, the cost of using Advanced Gold-ranked techniques would become negligible. In fact, they could achieve the standard of Advanced Gold-ranked techniques with their every move.

Even so, this wasn’t the most frightening aspect of sixth-floor experts. What made sixth-floor experts truly terrifying was their Concentration. Although their Concentration would remain at the Tier 6 Limit standard, their Concentration pool would become seemingly inexhaustible. For this reason, they could multitask to an unbelievable extent, such as exhibiting 100% of their combat standard via numerous doppelgangers.

This was also why sixth-floor experts were regarded as gods among mortals. It was impossible for players beneath the sixth-floor standard to stand up against them.

But the birth of every sixth-floor expert is earth-shattering news. Even if she’s a Crystallian player, I should have heard of her. Not to mention, she is already a sixth-floor expert despite being so young. She should be a prime target of attention for the Seven Luminaries Alliance. There’s no way there would be zero information on her. Shi Feng was puzzled as he looked at Ink Crystal’s incredibly young visage.

Every sixth-floor expert was the foundation of their race.

In Shi Feng’s previous life, the primary reason the human race was inferior to the Holy Race was that the human race had fewer sixth-floor experts than the Holy Race. This, in turn, forced the human race to limit their operations to only a corner of the Eternal Realm, unable to uncover its hidden secrets. The situation was so bad that the various human powers never even learned the whereabouts of the Crystallian race’s continent.

The Crystallian race didn’t fare much better. Back then, the Holy Race had grown so powerful that the Crystallian race couldn’t even afford to face them directly. It was especially so when it came to their younger generation. However, that was only because Ink Crystal wasn’t among the Crystallian’s younger generation. Had a teenage sixth-floor expert like Ink Crystal appeared, the Holy Race’s chosen ones would have become a joke.

Yet, Shi Feng had never heard of a monster like Ink Crystal in his previous life. This was a truly confusing situation.

If a sixth-floor expert appeared in the current Eternal Realm, it would instantly create a gap that could not be bridged with numbers alone. Under Ink Crystal’s lead, the Crystallians could take over the Eternal Realm with ease.

Inside the forested canyon…

“It seems she isn’t as strong as you described,” Ink Crystal said after erasing Phoenix Flame’s existence. Then, she returned her gaze to Elise and continued, “Alright, it’s only you and me now.”

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