Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3758

Chapter 832 – Guests From a First-Tier City

Star Lake City, Airport:

A man and a woman alighted from the interstellar spaceship under the airport crowd’s gaze. The man was three meters tall and looked to be in his forties. His arms were thicker than most people’s waists, and his muscles looked like they were made from steel. At first glance, one would think he was a bear rather than a human. Meanwhile, the woman standing beside him looked like she was in her early twenties. Although her height was under two meters, she exuded an irresistible charm as she walked. Many men and women found their gazes subconsciously drawn to her.

When these two individuals appeared, whether it was the receptionist who came to greet the interstellar spaceship’s passengers or the mental strength grandmasters observing the situation from hundreds of meters away, they all broke out in a cold sweat and felt suffocated.

“Great grandmasters!”

“Those two are great grandmasters!”

The two-star mental strength grandmasters watching from afar gasped in unison. They were especially shocked when they looked at the fairy-like woman. It felt like they were looking at the most terrifying monster in existence.

Great grandmasters!

For the people living on the Starlight Continent, great grandmasters were akin to gods who could single-handedly upset the balance of the entire continent. Normally, those who could achieve this standard by the age of 100 would already be regarded as an apex existence across the continent, and such an individual would appear only once in a century.

As for individuals who could achieve the great grandmaster standard before reaching 30? They existed only in legend.

“What an impoverished city. I don’t know why Red Frost is willing to put up with such a place,” the muscular, middle-aged man said as he surveyed Star Lake City, hints of dissatisfaction and anger coloring his eyes. “Had she admitted her mistake, the commander would have pleaded leniency for her, and she wouldn’t have had to come to this place.”

“Uncle Xiao, you know as well as I do what kind of person Big Sis Frost is. She’d rather break than bend, so stop being angry at her,” the fairy-like woman said. “It’s good news that Big Sis Frost has recovered. If she performs well after she returns, she might be able to join the ranks of the current generation’s chosen ones.”

“I know that. I wouldn’t have bothered coming here with you otherwise.” The middle-aged man rolled his eyes at the fairy-like woman. “Let’s hurry and find her. The sooner she returns, the sooner she can be accepted by those old monsters.”

After saying so, the middle-aged man stepped into the luxury levitating car that came to receive them. Seeing this, the fairy-like woman followed him happily.

Star Lake City, Zero Wing Tower:

After Star Lake City’s promotion into a second-tier city, many of Zero Wing’s internal members from the Eternal Realm migrated to the city. Because of this, Zero Wing’s headquarters became the center of Star Lake City, with many talented newcomers visiting it to undergo tests and training every day. These newcomers all hoped to get their big break by becoming internal members of Zero Wing. If they succeeded, they would instantly join the upper echelons of Star Lake City’s society and become the target of recruitment for the city’s established families.

“Zero Wing?” The middle-aged man frowned when he saw the simulated battle being shown on the screen in the first-floor lobby. “Seriously, what is Red Frost thinking? She used to be a potential candidate for the Divine Glory List’s top 100. How can she settle for becoming a sparring partner in a small Guild?”

“I heard that Zero Wing helped Big Sis Frost recover her Concentration. She’s probably just helping Zero Wing out of gratitude,” the fairy-like woman said, excitement coloring her eyes as she watched Red Frost fight in the simulated battle. “I didn’t think that Big Sis Frost would become stronger rather than weaker after idling for so long! In her current state, she should fare even better in the battle of the chosen ones!”

“Indeed! She can probably rank within the Divine Glory List’s top 60 or 70 with her current strength!” the middle-aged man said in a surprised tone as he scrutinized Red Frost’s movements. “With such strength, she can compete for the top two among the seeded candidates this time! If she can undergo the old commander’s training before the competition, she might even reach the standard of the Divine Glory List’s top 50!”

While the two were talking, Pace Angel approached them in a hurry.

A visit by two mental strength great grandmasters would be taken very seriously by even cross-realm conglomerates, let alone a budding power like Zero Wing.

“Dear guests, may I know what brings you to Zero Wing?” Pace Angel asked carefully.

“We are friends of Red Frost. We come from Holy Hymn City,” the middle-aged man stated after looking at Pace Angel. “Tell your Guild Leader that we will be bringing Red Frost back with us. To show our gratitude to Zero Wing for caring for Red Frost, we can take a few Zero Wing members with us.”

The middle-aged man’s words immediately caused a stir among the people in the lobby.

“Holy Hymn City?”

“Isn’t that a top-ranking first-tier city on one of the Twelve Ancient Continents?”

“We get to live in that city?”

Everyone was initially shocked when they heard the middle-aged man was from Holy Hymn City. Immediately afterward, their surprise turned into awe and desire. Even Pace Angel, who was currently tasked with managing the affairs of Zero Wing’s main headquarters, trembled a little at the middle-aged man’s words.

There were countless interstellar continents in the Greater World. Among them, twelve continents stood out in particular. They were the largest and oldest continents in the Greater World, and they corresponded to the Greater God’s Domain’s Twelve Sanctuaries. The resources they possessed far exceeded those of other continents, and many technologies used by the Greater World’s inhabitants today originated from these twelve continents.

Meanwhile, Holy Hymn City was a mobile city based on one of these twelve continents. Moreover, as Holy Hymn City had the word “Holy” in its name, it meant that the city was one of the few top-ranking first-tier mobile cities operating on these continents. Many chosen ones of conglomerates sought to live in the city. Unfortunately, very few could do so. This was because the various cross-realm conglomerates and ancient families would fight tooth and nail for the several residential slots the city offered each year.

“This… I’m afraid I don’t have the authority to preside over this matter. I will need to contact my Guild Leader,” Pace Angel said, quickly realizing the importance of the matter when she snapped out of her daze.

“Go ahead. We will catch up with Red Frost in the meantime,” the middle-aged man said as he approached Red Frost, who had just exited the combat simulation room.

On the other side, Pace Angel quickly logged into God’s Domain and contacted Shi Feng.

When the call connected, Pace Angel briefly sighed in relief before reporting, “Guild Leader, two great grandmasters from Holy Hymn City have suddenly visited the main headquarters. They say they are here to bring Commander Red Frost back to Holy Hymn City.”

“Great grandmasters from Holy Hymn City?” Upon hearing Pace Angel’s report, Shi Feng recalled some of the information he had heard about Holy Hymn City in his previous life. Then, he replied, “Alright, I’ll log off and meet them.”

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