Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3756

Chapter 830 – Players From Outside the Eternal Realm

Which should I go for? Shi Feng hesitated as he considered the two reward options.

The first reward option would grant him a significant increase in strength, thereby increasing his chances of advancing to Tier 7.

The second reward option granted him an additional attempt at challenging his Tier 7 promotion. If he failed his first attempt, he wouldn’t need to wait until the next Continental Championship and enter the top 4 again to reattempt his Tier 7 promotion.

However, before Shi Feng could consider his options properly, another system notification rang in his ears.

System: You have ten seconds left to make a decision. If you fail to decide, you will be teleported out of the Crucible of the Ancients without any rewards.

System: Nine seconds remain.

System: Eight seconds remain.

Not even a chance to think, huh? When Shi Feng saw the countdown, he looked at the others around him and saw that their bodies were fading. Evidently, they had already determined the best reward for themselves.

System: Six seconds remain.

“I pick the second option!” After thinking it over, Shi Feng gritted his teeth and chose the second reward option.

The complete Primordial God-ranked Law Projection Legacy Guidance and the Primordial Abyssal God’s Blessing might be tempting, but he knew advancing to Tier 7 wouldn’t be easy.

In his previous life, the Three Absolutes could have entered the Continental Championship’s top 4 multiple times had they kept participating together. Yet, they stopped participating entirely after entering the top 4 once. They also never advanced to Tier 7. Shi Feng could think of two reasons for this situation.

The first reason was that the Three Absolutes knew there was no hope of advancing to Tier 7. Hence, they decided to give up trying altogether.

The second reason was that each player could only get one opportunity to advance to Tier 7 via the Crucible of the Ancients. Afterward, players would not receive any more opportunities, regardless of how many times they entered the Crucible’s central area.

Regardless of the situation, it was best if Shi Feng chose the second reward option.

After Shi Feng made his decision, a tattered scroll appeared in his bag space. Countless divine runes were imprinted on the scroll, and the scroll itself radiated Divine Might that rivaled that of Divine Artifacts. However, before Shi Feng could inspect the scroll, his consciousness blurred momentarily, and his surroundings changed completely when he recovered.

Am I back?

When Shi Feng saw the familiar entrance of Shadowring Town’s Zero Wing Residence, he felt like he had just awakened from a dream.

Currently, there was a stream of players coming and going from the Residence. Foot traffic had more than doubled. Many Holy Race players also walked the streets of the town, all of them at Level 185 or above. Some of these players have even reached Level 190 already.

The players walking nearby were taken aback when Shi Feng’s party suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

“How did these people teleport here?”

“That Swordsman looks like Zero Wing’s Guild Leader!”

“He really is Black Flame! Black Flame is back!”

“So what if he’s back? The present situation is no longer the same as before. Shadowring Town’s fate won’t change with his return.”

When the human and Holy Race players looked at Shi Feng, some were surprised while others scoffed. Nobody tried to hide their discussions from Shi Feng.

“What’s going on with these people?” The bystanders’ behavior puzzled Gentle Snow. Shadowring Town’s current atmosphere felt completely different than before.

Before she left for the Crucible of the Ancients, Shadowring Town’s atmosphere felt relaxed and comfortable. But now, a depressing atmosphere surrounded everyone in the town. This was true for both human and Holy Race players.

“It seems something big must have happened in the past two days,” Verdant Rainbow said, similarly noticing Shadowring Town’s strange atmosphere. Immediately, she turned to Shi Feng and continued, “Guild Leader Black Flame, I will return for now and draft a new partnership agreement for Zero Wing. Once the new contract comes into effect, Zero Wing can enjoy a 20% discount on all resources purchased from the Seven Luminaries Alliance.”

“Twenty percent? Isn’t that the ally treatment?” Death Wind was astonished. “Rainbow, what did you get from inside?”

The Seven Luminaries Alliance was one of the oldest apex powers in the human race’s Greater God’s Domain. Its foundations were so strong that none of the other apex powers dared to underestimate it. For this reason, few powers in the human race’s Greater God’s Domain could ally with the Seven Luminaries Alliance.

However, if a power became allies with the Seven Luminaries Alliance, it could enjoy a 20% discount on all resources it purchased from the Seven Luminaries Alliance. That would put the final price just a little above the cost. Countless human powers sought this treatment, and even Demon’s Gate was no exception.

In the current Greater God’s Domain, only three powers were allies with the Seven Luminaries Alliance, and they were either apex powers or existences rivaling apex powers.

However, Zero Wing being offered ally status wasn’t what surprised Death Wind the most. What truly surprised him was that Verdant Rainbow made the offer.

Although Verdant Rainbow was a peerless chosen one nurtured by the Seven Luminaries Alliance, she did not have the qualifications to grant Zero Wing ally status. Nevertheless, Verdant Rainbow was not one to make empty promises. Since she dared to make Zero Wing such an offer, it meant that she was confident she could convince the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Grand Elders to go along with her.

This led Death Wind to wonder what Verdant Rainbow obtained in the Crucible of the Ancients to warrant such a bold promise.

However, Verdant Rainbow did not answer Death Wind’s question. She merely looked at Shi Feng, waiting for his reply.

“Okay. Zero Wing looks forward to deepening its relations with the Seven Luminaries Alliance,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. He similarly concluded that Verdant Rainbow must have gained an incredible harvest. Otherwise, she would never make such a promise.

“We will be taking our leave, then,” Verdant Rainbow said before dragging Death Wind away, completely disregarding the resentful gaze the other party was giving her.

Once Verdant Rainbow and Death Wind were out of sight, Shi Feng turned to Gentle Snow and the others.

“What rewards did you get?” Shi Feng asked quietly.

Although Gentle Snow, Fervent Samsara, and Heavy Abyss had only scored C-rank evaluations, they should have also received extraordinary rewards based on Verdant Rainbow’s behavior.

“A huge windfall!” Gentle Snow exclaimed through the team chat. “All three of us received an Epic Tier 7 Promotion Land Scroll! So long as we gather the listed materials and reach Level 200, we can head to the Promotion Land and challenge our Tier 7 promotion!”

“You got one, too?” Shi Feng couldn’t help but be surprised by this revelation. He also understood why Verdant Rainbow was so confident she could convince the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Grand Elders.

The opportunity to advance to Tier 7!

This was likely the first time such an opportunity had appeared in the human race’s Greater God’s Domain. Any player who successfully advanced to Tier 7 would bring unimaginable benefits to the power they were affiliated with.

Before Shi Feng could ask Gentle Snow for more details on the Epic Tier 7 Promotion Land Scroll, he suddenly received a call from Hidden Soul. Seeing this, he decided to leave the questions for later.

“Guild Leader! I finally reached you!” When Hidden Soul saw the call had connected, she urgently said, “Something big happened in the Eternal Realm!”

“Something big? What is it?” Shi Feng asked.

“Players from outside the Eternal Realm have appeared!” Taking a deep breath, Hidden Soul said, “A day ago, a stable space-time passage appeared in the southern region, and a group of Level 220-plus, Tier 6 players emerged from it! Based on our investigations, those players came from outside the Eternal Realm!”

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