Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3755

Chapter 829 – Promotion Land


“Didn’t he spend less than thirty minutes inside?”

Phoenix Flame, Extreme Feather, and everyone else couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw Shi Feng’s results. This was especially so for Garuda and Elise.

“Could there be an error?” When Garuda saw Shi Feng’s pale complexion, he couldn’t imagine how Shi Feng could receive an S-rank evaluation.

Even a bona fide sixth-floor expert like Ink Crystal had only scored an A-rank evaluation. Besides an error with the stele, Garuda couldn’t think of any other reason for Shi Feng’s S ranking.

“Leader, is there really something wrong with the Divine Law stele?” Flaming Lotus asked as she turned to look at Ink Crystal.

“The stele cannot be wrong.” Ink Crystal shook her head. Then, she turned to look at Shi Feng, smiling as she said, “Although the stele’s challenge primarily tests combat standards, a player’s talent also weighs considerably in the evaluation. His S-rank evaluation shows he has extraordinary talent in World Laws.”

“Should we recruit him, then?” Flaming Lotus asked in a hushed tone. “With his talent and S-rank evaluation, it is likely he can reach that step. If he succeeds, he can be of great help to us in the future.”

“Reach that step?” Ink Crystal laughed as she looked at Flaming Lotus. “It’s only his talent for learning World Laws that sticks out. Reaching that step is easier said than done. Not to mention, Black Flame has no noteworthy power backing him. Even with our support, his chances of reaching that step would be less than 10%. I’d rather recruit Garuda than Black Flame. At least Garuda has multiple royal powers backing him.”

Flaming Lotus fell silent at Ink Crystal’s words.

Indeed, reaching that step required more than talent. Players also required sufficient backing. Meanwhile, Garuda, who had the support of more than one royal power, would have a much greater chance of reaching that step than Shi Feng, who didn’t have even one royal power’s support.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, you truly are full of surprises,” Verdant Rainbow exclaimed as she walked up to Shi Feng. “An S-rank evaluation… Even Ink Crystal only scored an A-rank evaluation. Once word of this spreads, the various apex powers will likely try to get your help for the next Continental Championship at any cost.”

The fact that Shi Feng helped her get second place in the Continental Championship already exceeded her expectations. It was definitely worth her going through the effort to acquire all those precious materials for Shi Feng. She had even gained two admission tickets for the next Continental Championship.

Now that Shi Feng had scored an S-rank evaluation in the Divine Law stele’s challenge, it went without saying the rewards he would receive later would be much better than those of Garuda and Elise, who only scored B-rank evaluations. This meant that Shi Feng was likely to surpass Garuda and Elise in strength by the time the next Continental Championship came around. For various human apex powers seeking to acquire the Crucible of the Ancients’ Legacies, apart from Demon’s Gate, everyone else would not let go of the opportunity to partner with Shi Feng.

“I was just lucky,” Shi Feng said, chuckling.

He was well aware of his circumstances. He achieved a 73% Legacy Completion Rate on his last attempt only because he had performed every step flawlessly. If given another try, he doubted he could achieve even a 60% Legacy Completion Rate, let alone 73%.

“You are too humble,” Verdant Rainbow said, shaking her head. Then, she put on a serious expression and continued, “Guild Leader Black Flame, would you be willing to deepen your trade relations with the Seven Luminaries Alliance after this?”

When Shi Feng heard Verdant Rainbow’s suggestion, he understood she had her sights set on the next Continental Championship. Thus, he readily replied, “Naturally.”

The Seven Luminaries Alliance was a transcendental apex power among the human race. Its resources and connections far exceeded Zero Wing’s reach. If Zero Wing could deepen its trade relations with the Seven Luminaries Alliance, its development speed would skyrocket.

While everyone was digesting Shi Feng’s results, a system notification suddenly rang in their ears.

System: Congratulations to all who passed the Legacy Trials! Each player will now be granted a reward based on their evaluation. You may choose one of the offered rewards based on your preferences!

When the system notification ended, the three steles released streaks of light at the players before them.

System: Congratulations! You have received an S-rank evaluation from the Divine Law Stele. You may choose one of two rewards.

System: For the first option, you will receive one complete Primordial God-ranked Law Projection Legacy Guidance, the Primordial Abyssal God’s Blessing, and a Legendary Tier 7 Promotion Land Scroll.

System: For the second option, you will receive one Inferior Divine Tier 7 Promotion Land Scroll.

Tier 7 Promotion Land?

Shi Feng’s hands trembled slightly when he saw the two reward options. Although he had long known that the Crucible of the Ancients held a method to go beyond Tier 6, he hadn’t thought scoring an S-rank evaluation in the Three Great Legacies’ challenges would let him enter the Tier 7 Promotion Land directly.

However, after recovering from his surprise, he hesitated over which option to choose.

Although the first reward option only offered a Legendary Tier 7 Promotion Land Scroll, it also offered a Primordial God-ranked Law Projection Legacy Guidance. If he received this Legacy Guidance, he could almost certainly advance his Law Projection to the Primordial God standard. In that case, he could suppress most Tier 6 players he faced in the future regarding Law Projections.

The Primordial Abyssal God’s Blessing was also amazing. In God’s Domain, even a God-ranked Blessing could raise the average NPC’s Life Rating to the standard of Heroes. A Primordial God-ranked Blessing could absolutely raise a player’s Life Rating to whole new heights.

If he could have a Primordial God-ranked Law Projection and the Primordial Abyssal God’s Blessing, he would have a much easier time challenging his Tier 7 promotion.

However, the Inferior Divine Tier 7 Promotion Land Scroll was also irresistible. According to the two scrolls’ introductions, the Legendary version only gave him one opportunity to enter his Tier 7 Promotion Land, whereas the Inferior Divine version gave him two opportunities.

With the Inferior Divine Tier 7 Promotion Land Scroll, even if he failed his first attempt, he could have a second chance at his Tier 7 promotion. This would undoubtedly increase his chances of going beyond Tier 6. After all, neither he nor anybody else knew anything about Tier 7 Promotion Lands right now. If he could experience his Tier 7 Promotion Land before his serious attempt, he could prepare better for his Tier 7 promotion.

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