Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3759

Chapter 833 – Divine Glory List’s Top 10?

When Shi Feng climbed out of his virtual gaming cabin, a wave of nausea hit him, causing him to stumble and nearly fall.

Was the trip to the Crucible so taxing? Shi Feng was shocked to see barely anything remained of his gaming cabin’s Life Potion reservoir.

When he departed for the Crucible of the Ancients, the reservoir still held a month’s worth of Life Potion. Yet, now, only a thin layer of Life Potion was left in the reservoir. His expenditure in the past two days was simply astonishing.

Not daring to take any risks, Shi Feng hastened to the nearby fridge, retrieved a drop of Stardew, and drank it.

When the Stardew entered his stomach, Shi Feng felt his foggy mind clearing up considerably. His mental strength also strengthened at an incredible speed. In just ten seconds, his mental strength had become several times stronger than before, far exceeding the standard of three-star grandmasters.

The pseudo-great grandmaster standard! Shi Feng couldn’t help but be surprised when he sensed the change in his mental strength. He hadn’t thought participating in the Continental Championship would yield such astonishing effects.

Most chosen ones would hit their limit once they reached the three-star grandmaster standard. Only a few individuals with extraordinary talent could exceed that limit and reach the pseudo-great grandmaster standard.

However, so long as a person managed to reach the pseudo-great grandmaster standard in the Greater World, even powers as mighty as cross-realm conglomerates would try desperately to recruit this person. This was because once a person became a pseudo-great grandmaster, so long as they kept adding to their foundation, they would eventually reach the great grandmaster standard.

According to the God’s Domain Association’s rules, once a person became a great grandmaster, they would be qualified to manage a first-tier mobile city. This, in turn, would enable them to lead the civilization behind them to prosperity.

With this, I won’t have to worry about facing those two great grandmasters, Shi Feng thought with a smile. Then, he put on a coat and made his way downstairs.

In the real world, confronting a great grandmaster would be considered an act of suicide, even for three-star grandmasters. Although the God’s Domain Association’s presence would deter most great grandmasters from taking direct action within a city, it wasn’t difficult for a great grandmaster to humiliate a three-star grandmaster.

However, it was a different story now that he had become a pseudo-great grandmaster. Unless the two great grandmasters from Holy Hymn City went all out, they would have difficulty making him suffer with only their mental strength.

Regarding Holy Hymn City, Shi Feng had more or less heard about it due to its fame in his previous life. The city’s fame was primarily due to two reasons. Firstly, it was a top-ranking first-tier mobile city on one of the Twelve Ancient Continents. This status attracted many paragons and chosen ones to live and train in the city. Secondly, the city’s ruler was one of the Greater God’s Domain’s Eight Legendary Adventurer Teams.

The Holy Dragon Spear adventurer team!

Unlike most other adventurer teams, Holy Dragon Spear originated from a collaboration between several ancient families. It also vigorously recruited peerless geniuses. Although the adventurer team controlled only one city in the Greater World, it was strong enough to pick fights with apex powers.

In Shi Feng’s previous life, Holy Dragon Spear’s fame peaked during a defensive battle against the Holy Race in the Primordial Dragon Sanctuary.

At the time, 10,000 of Holy Dragon Spear’s Tier 6 experts faced an army composed of one million Tier 6 experts from the Sun Dynasty and Sovereign Mark. Although these Holy Dragon Spear experts were ultimately annihilated, they managed to drag over 900,000 Tier 6 Holy Race experts down with them.

After that battle, over half of Holy Dragon Spear’s 10,000 experts suffered permanent deaths. Although it could be regarded as a tragic loss, the loss of the Sun Dynasty and Sovereign Mark’s army was even worse, with over 200,000 experts suffering permanent deaths. This, in turn, drastically reduced the forces the two royal powers could deploy against the Primordial Dragon Sanctuary.

Meanwhile, the fact that a force of 10,000 Tier 6 experts could achieve such a battle record against an army of one million Tier 6 Holy Race experts shocked the various apex powers. None of them had thought the Holy Dragon Spear adventurer team’s Tier 6 experts were so frightening.

When Shi Feng arrived at the lobby, he saw Red Frost grimacing in dissatifaction as she conversed with a man and a woman.

“Xiao Yilong, stop persuading me. When I chose to leave Holy Hymn City, I already decided never to return,” Red Frost said, shaking her head with a determined look.

“Not even when you have the chance to get revenge?” Xiao Yilong asked. Then, putting on a smile, he continued, “Holy Dragon Spear already has a way to enter the Eternal Realm. If we work with the other powers who know about the passage, we can easily explore the Eternal Realm’s Level 200-plus Taboo Ruins. If we have the weapons and equipment of these Taboo Ruins, combined with the Legacies the old commander has prepared for the adventurer team’s chosen ones, you will have a chance to defeat that person. Or are you willing to remain beneath that person for the rest of your life? Do you not care about how he stole your Legacy and caused you to become cursed?”

Red Frost grew hesitant when she heard Xiao Yilong’s words.

“That person?”

After approaching the trio, Shi Feng couldn’t help but look at Red Frost curiously. Although he had long known that Red Frost’s curse was extraordinary, he hadn’t expected the Holy Dragon Spear adventurer team to be involved. Moreover, by the looks of it, even Holy Dragon Spear didn’t have a solution to the curse.

“The Uncrowned War God, Ember Dragon!” Red Frost answered, not bothering to hide this information from Shi Feng. “He is one of the current Divine Glory List’s top 10 experts. He is also responsible for getting me cursed by one of the Twenty-Two Taboos in a Mythical Era ruin.”

“You must be Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, Black Flame,” Xiao Yilong said as he looked at Shi Feng. “Although you have helped Red Frost a lot, if you want what’s best for her, you should persuade her to return to Holy Dragon Spear. Only if she returns will she have a chance to get revenge. Otherwise, she can never catch up to Ember Dragon, and Zero Wing will also face persecution at every turn.

“Ember Dragon might not have bothered himself with Red Frost before, but it is a different story now that she has recovered.”

“She can never catch up to Ember Dragon?” Shi Feng chuckled at Xiao Yilong’s holier-than-thou expression. “I can’t say the same for anyone else, but if it’s Red Frost, so long as she joins Zero Wing, surpassing the Uncrowned War God isn’t a problem!”

“You are as crazy as the rumors say.” Shi Feng’s response momentarily took Xiao Yilong aback. However, he quickly recovered from his surprise and scowled at Shi Feng contemptuously as he scoffed, “Do you honestly think you can trade blows with the Divine Glory List’s top 10 experts simply because you defeated a few of the Holy Race’s chosen ones?

“Well, I can tell you now that your battles in the Eternal Realm are nothing more than child’s play to us! None of the Greater God’s Domain’s true powerhouses have entered the Eternal Realm thus far!

“Since you are so confident in your strength, how about we fight a simulated battle?! If I can’t defeat you in three moves, I will stop persuading Red Frost and leave! Do you dare to accept my challenge?!”

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