Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3763

Chapter 837 – Tower of the Abyss Takes Shape

Star Lake City, Airport:

“Uncle Xiao, do you think Big Sis Frost stands a chance?” Twilight Leaf asked worriedly as she looked at Zero Wing Tower through the window of the interstellar spaceship. “Although Black Flame has signed a God’s Domain Contract agreeing to help Big Sis Frost, that person has Ember Dragon’s full support. The family is also taking a neutral stance on the matter. On top of that, Big Sis Frost won’t receive the old commander’s guidance now that she has refused to return with us. At this rate, I’m worried Big Sis Frost won’t be a match for that person in the family’s Battle of the Chosen Ones…”

Red Frost was once considered a peerless genius that appeared only once in centuries by the family. By the tender age of 15, she had reached the Unthinking Realm and developed her Concentration to the Tier 6 Limit standard. Unfortunately, while exploring a ruin in the Twelve Sanctuaries, an encounter with Ember Dragon robbed her of her coveted Legacy and caused her to be cursed by one of the Twenty-Two Taboos.

The Greater God’s Domain’s Twenty-Two Taboos were dreaded by even Ancient Gods. The curse of these existences was so powerful that Holy Dragon Spear could do nothing about it. The curse also grew stronger over time, weakening Red Frost continuously and forcing her to leave Holy Hymn City and the Holy Dragon Spear adventurer team.

Despite later achievements in the Starlight Realm, Red Frost’s situation did not improve. Although she returned to the Twelve Sanctuaries to try to lift her curse and get revenge at one point, her efforts proved futile, and she had no choice but to spend the rest of her days retired in the Starlight Realm.

Originally, Red Frost should have regained the family’s support now that she had recovered partly from her curse and reclaimed much of her strength. However, that did not happen. This was because a new prodigy had appeared in the family, and she needed to compete and win against this “monster” before the family would throw its support behind her.

Twilight Leaf was currently considered the number-two genius among the family’s younger generation. However, even she could only react in fear at the thought of facing that monster. In her opinion, the chances of Red Frost, who was no longer at her peak, defeating that monster were slim.

“Red Frost doesn’t stand a chance in the Battle of the Chosen Ones. That person’s combat standard can already rival the current Divine Glory List’s top 10. It is also why Ember Dragon is supporting her in the first place,” Xiao Yilong said, shaking his head. “Red Frost’s only hope now is the breakthrough opportunity that Black Flame mentioned. If Black Flame can let the fifth-floor Elders and Grand Elders reach that standard, winning them to our side will be easy.”

“Reach that standard?” Various thoughts filled Twilight Leaf’s mind when she heard Xiao Yilong’s words.

The sixth-floor standard!

Also known as the Mortal God standard!

No one in the human race’s Greater God’s Domain had ever reached this standard thus far, and it was only theorized to exist because of the World Tower.

When Shi Feng logged back into God’s Domain, he promptly activated World-Breaking Teleportation and made his way to a secluded area in the Void Sea near the Miniature Ancient World. Then, he erected an Isolation Barrier and waited.

Roughly 14 hours later, a peerless beauty with long, flowing hair appeared in the area. The woman was clad in white holy armor and armed with a crimson spear. When Shi Feng saw this woman’s face, he exited the Isolation Barrier to greet her.

The peerless beauty in question was Red Frost, who had been operating in the Starlight Realm for many years.

Currently, although Red Frost was still cursed, her level had reached 223. She was also equipped with a Legendary Equipment Set, and the crimson spear she wielded was of extraordinary quality. Although the spear was not at the standard of Divine Artifacts, it radiated Divine Might that rivaled that of Divine Artifacts. In terms of overall strength, Red Frost could challenge the current Divine Glory List’s top 50 and possibly emerge victorious.

“Sorry for the long wait, Guild Leader Black Flame,” Red Frost apologized. She also couldn’t help but feel a little surprised when she saw Shi Feng’s in-game character.

When Red Frost first met Shi Feng in the real world, Shi Feng was only a newcomer trying to join Star Lake City’s City Legion. He wasn’t even at the peak of Tier 4 back then, let alone Tier 6.

Yet, in only a few months, Shi Feng had already become an expert whom she had to look up to.

“Not at all. The average Tier 6 player would need over 20 hours to come here from the Starlight Realm’s central region. You have already exceeded my expectations by arriving in less than 14 hours,” Shi Feng said as he looked at Red Frost, who looked exactly like her real-world self. Then, he activated World-Breaking Teleportation and continued, “Let’s continue our conversation in the Eternal Realm.”

After Xiao Yilong and Twilight Leaf left, Shi Feng had instructed Red Frost to meet him outside the Miniature Ancient World. This was so that he could improve Red Frost’s strength.

The reason Holy Dragon Spear could become one of the Greater God’s Domain’s Eight Legendary Adventurer Teams was that most, if not all, of its members possessed astonishing combat power. Although it wasn’t stated in Holy Dragon Spear’s rules, those who knew the adventurer team would know that only its strongest member could become its decision maker, also known as the Great Commander.

Although Red Frost had already recovered a considerable portion of her strength thanks to the Mana Purification Technique, she was still somewhat lacking compared to Holy Dragon Spear’s current Great Commander. Thus, it was of utmost importance that she improved her strength. Otherwise, even if she captured a Void Fortress and became Holy Dragon Spear’s next Great Commander, many in the adventurer team would be reluctant to follow her orders.

With Zero Wing’s current resources, it wouldn’t be possible to improve Red Frost’s equipment standard within the foreseeable future. However, it should be possible for Red Frost to improve her combat standard within a short time. After all, according to Xiao Yilong and Twilight Leaf, Red Frost was a monstrous prodigy who had reached the Unthinking Realm and honed her Concentration to the Tier 6 Limit standard by the age of 15.

While Red Frost might have suffered from weakening mana throughout these years, she had not stopped refining her combat standard and Concentration. By now, she had already developed them to their current limits, and all she needed was the right opportunity to transcend these limits.

Eternal Realm, Shadowring Town:

Presently, a seven-story tower had become the focal point of the town’s players. This was because the tower’s size surpassed even the Town Lord’s Mansion. Nobody had ever seen or heard of such a large construction before. Additionally, upon its completion, the seven-story tower caused the density of the energies in Shadowring Town to more than double. This effect was superior to that of many Special Constructions, which prompted many to wonder about the tower’s function.

“Look! It’s Black Flame!”

“Is he going to lift that tower’s barrier?”

When the players on the streets saw Shi Feng appear before the seven-story tower, they quickly gathered around him, hoping to learn the tower’s purpose.

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