Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3765

Chapter 839 – Primordial Swordsman
When Shi Feng removed the barrier on the Tower of the Abyss, he immediately received a series of system notifications.

System: Congratulations! Zero Wing has become the first Guild to construct an Epic Construction. Rewarding 50,000 Guild Reputation Points. Rewarding 30,000 Town Popularity Points to Shadowring Town.

System: Congratulations! Shadowring Town’s Popularity has reached 50,000 points. You have been promoted to a 3-star Count of Holy Ring City. Rewarding five levels and 50 Holy Ring City Reputation Points.

System: Congratulations! You are the first player to become a 3-star Count of Holy Ring City. Rewarding five levels and 100 Holy Ring City Reputation Points.
Following the system notifications, a purple-gold glow enveloped Shi Feng, and his level increased from 190 to 200 in the blink of an eye. At the same time, like an Ancient God that had just awoken, the Tower of the Abyss started to radiate an aura that suffocated every player in Shadowring Town.

“Crap! What rank of construction is that?! How can it radiate such a powerful aura?!”

“Look! That tower’s attracting Eternal Energy on its own!”

“The gathered Eternal Energy is condensing into mist?! Am I hallucinating?!

When the Holy Race players and human players in the vicinity saw the mist-like Eternal Energy around the Tower of the Abyss, their eyes immediately turned bloodshot.

Eternal Energy had an invigorating effect on the mind for all races. The denser the Eternal Energy, the greater its effect, and the greater the help it could provide players learning techniques. The Eternal Realm’s environment, which was rich in Eternal Energy, was also why some players were willing to abandon their levels to enter the Eternal Realm.

Yet, despite the richness of Eternal Energy in the Eternal Realm, the Tower of the Abyss could create an even better environment in its vicinity. Moreover, this was only the tower’s exterior. If the tower could already create such an environment outside, they couldn’t even imagine what kind of environment was available inside.

Is this an Epic Construction’s power? Red Frost couldn’t help but exclaim in her heart when she saw the Eternal Energy gathered around the Tower of the Abyss.

When Shi Feng told her the Tower of the Abyss could simulate sixth-floor experts, she had already considered the tower a treasure beyond the reach of even apex powers. After seeing the environment the tower created around itself, she felt that she had still underestimated its value. If players could train in such an environment, their training efficiency would increase by at least a hundredfold.

“Let’s go in.”

After taking a moment to admire the Tower of the Abyss, Shi Feng entered it with excitement.

In his previous life, the Tower of the Abyss was a priceless treasure that helped the Holy Race produce sixth-floor experts one after another. This result had tormented all human players with jealousy, and Shi Feng was no exception.

After snapping out of her daze, Red Frost quickly followed Shi Feng into the Tower of the Abyss.

Upon entering the Tower of the Abyss, Shi Feng and Red Frost arrived inside a simple hall. The hall was the size of a football field. Apart from a large teleportation portal and a 100-meter-tall phantom with a blurry appearance standing beside it, there was nothing else in the hall.

“My creation is called the Tower of the Abyss, and I created it while referencing the World Tower. This tower has seven floors, and I have populated them with experts from all walks of life. It costs each person 100 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal to use the teleportation portal, and only by defeating one expert on each floor can each person proceed to the next. It also costs 10,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal to maintain the Tower of the Abyss’s daily operations. As the new owner of my creation, I hope you can use it well.”

When Shi Feng approached the teleportation portal, the phantom offered a simple introduction to the Tower of the Abyss before vanishing into thin air.

It only costs 100 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal per person? Shi Feng was astonished when he heard the phantom’s introduction.

Although he had never entered the Tower of the Abyss in his previous life, he knew how much it cost Holy Race players to use it. Each entry cost a whopping five Eternal Gold and 2,000 units of Holy Power Crystals.

The Holy Race’s Holy Power Crystal was the equivalent of the human race’s Seven Luminaries Crystal. Thus, 2,000 units of Holy Power Crystal was equivalent to 2,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal. Holy Power Crystals were considered hard currency among the Holy Race, and the average Tier 6 Holy Race expert would need about two weeks to earn 2,000 units.

Of course, even with such a steep entry fee, Holy Race experts still poured into the Tower of the Abyss in droves. After all, opportunities to spar with opponents of equal standards were rare. Not to mention, the Tower of the Abyss could provide opponents up to the sixth-floor standard. Thus, it was understandable that using the Tower of the Abyss cost a fortune.

However, Shi Feng never imagined the actual cost would be so little. If it only cost 100 units to start a challenge, it meant that the Tower of the Abyss’s owner in his previous life made five Eternal Gold and 1,900 units of Holy Power Crystals each time a player started a challenge. Even calling this daylight robbery would be an understatement.

Red Frost was also stunned. She never thought the Tower of the Abyss’s operating cost would be so low.

It should be known that 100 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal was nowhere near enough to hire a fifth-floor expert as a sparring partner, let alone sixth-floor experts. Typically, players needed to fork out at least 5,000 units to get a sparring partner of the fifth-floor standard. Moreover, the hiring player needed to be sufficiently strong to get a fifth-floor expert to agree to be their sparring partner. Otherwise, not even 10,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal could sway a fifth-floor expert. After all, all fifth-floor experts were considered apex existences in their respective Realms. It would sully their reputation if it was made known that they would stoop so low as to fight significantly weaker opponents for money.

Shi Feng didn’t dwell on the matter for long. After transferring all of the Seven Luminaries Crystals in his bag, which amounted to several tens of thousands of units, to the Tower of the Abyss, he spent 100 units to enter the teleportation portal.

Tower of the Abyss:

After stepping through the portal, Shi Feng appeared in the middle of a colosseum’s arena, surrounded by shouting and cheering spectators. These spectators came from various races, many of which Shi Feng was seeing for the first time. All of these spectators possessed extraordinarily high Life Ratings, with the weakest being at the standard of Dragons. Some of these spectators even had Life Ratings surpassing that of Ancient Gods. Additionally, based on their subtle movements, they were at least equal to Ink Crystal in combat standards.

“Challenger! Select your opponent!”

Before Shi Feng could make further observations, a three-meter-tall, two-horned Demon standing on the edge of the arena suddenly spoke up. Immediately afterward, a list of opponents appeared before Shi Feng.

There are human Swordsmen to choose from? Shi Feng was greatly shocked when he saw the list.

In God’s Domain, the quickest way for players to improve via sparring was by fighting players of the same race and class. This way, not only could players learn and adopt the strengths of their opponents, but they could also better understand and correct their weaknesses.

Originally, Shi Feng thought the Tower of the Abyss wouldn’t have any human experts to challenge. After all, the human race was but one of many races in God’s Domain. Not to mention, based on the history of human players, there shouldn’t exist any sixth-floor experts among the human race, much less sixth-floor experts of the Swordsman class.

Yet, there were currently dozens of Primordial Era Swordsmen on the list. Moreover, they were all sixth-floor experts…

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