Night Ranger – Night Ranger Chapter 695 Grievous Injuries

Chapter 695: Grievous Injuries!

Chapter 695: Grievous Injuries!

Translator: Shiraishi Editor: TheAlliance

There were unexpected changes in the Sky Tower.

Because Marvin took away the Fate Tablet, a lot of things happened.

The transparent rooms that had trapped countless powerhouses vanished.

All of those that had been inside appeared on the top floor of the Sky Tower.

They looked at the entrance to the Ethereal Plane in shock.

The heartbeat coming from the depths as well as the horrible scenes flashing in front of them woke up the Divine Servants who had been immersed in deciphering the stone tablet!

“What… just happened?”

“What the hell is going on? I just saw two large snakes that seemed like they would sunder the heavens!”

“The World Ending Twin Snakes! It’s the resurrection of the World Ending Twin Snakes!”

The Divine Servants shared everything they saw as they panicked.

“This is the entrance to the Ethereal Plane! We have to immediately seal it!”

Someone raised an idea.

Everyone from the Astral Sea quickly agreed.

The Divine Servants greatly feared the power of the Gods.

This was the Law power.

If the World Ending Twin Snakes were to emerge here, it would be enough to kill all of them!

But at that time, a light voice chimed in, “Shut down the Ethereal Plane? Then what about the Fate Tablet?”

At the mention of the Fate Tablet, all of the Divine Servants went silent!

Some looked all over the place, while some had already received information from outside Feinan!

The battle with the Astral Beast was already over, and after Marvin took the Fate Tablet, the Order Power around the Sky Tower had already been removed.

A message spread through the interior of the Sky Tower!

The Divine Servants had a realization!

“It’s Marvin!”

“Marvin already got the Fate Tablet!”

“He is the one who released the World Ending Twin Snakes, he should still be in the Ethereal Plane!”

“Damn! I knew that arrogant Human would create a disaster! We should immediately seal the entrance to the Ethereal Plane!”

“Yes! We can’t let the World Ending Twin Snakes come out!”

The Divine Servants were yelling haphazardly.

The opinion of those from the Astral Sea was already quite clear.

There were already many Gods who pointed out that they would prefer to have the Fate Tablet remain in the Ethereal Plane for the time being, and even risk the possibility of it being obtained by the World Ending Twin Snakes, than to let Marvin possess it!

Sealing him in the Ethereal Plane would be for the best.

But just as they prepared to make an attempt to do so, a huge claw fell from the sky, slamming the ground in front of the entrance to the Ethereal Plane.

The Copper Dragon shifted in and his huge body almost filled the entire top floor of the Sky Tower.

He looked at those Divine Servants with his huge eyes, and his voice rumbled like thunder, “No one can shut this entrance!”

“At least, before Marvin comes out, no one can do so.”

Although the Copper Dragon’s Dragon Might couldn’t intimidate the Divine Servants as easily as he could a mortal, the power that he showed in the fighting outside the Sky Tower to make them all hesitate.

Moreover, he wasn’t fighting alone.

Ivan, the Sea Elven Queen, Jessica, and the others quickly stood behind him.

There weren’t many people from Feinan who had entered the Sky Tower, but all of them were elites among elites.

They wouldn’t sit down and watch that group of Divine Servants seal Marvin inside the Ethereal Plane.

The situation entered a deadlock!

Inside the Ethereal Plane, an uneven fight quickly unfolded!

After the World Ending Twin Snakes resurrected, all the monsters rushed at Marvin again.

But although Marvin was injured by the Twin Snakes’ ability, he still had his Post-Godly Dexterity!

With a few dodges, he threw off those monsters chasing him!

‘Such frightening power!’

‘I have a fully evolved advanced False Divine Vessel! In theory, there shouldn’t be any Law able to injure me!’

‘But just now, that punch seemed as heavy as a mountain when it crashed against my abdomen.’

If the attack had landed after Marvin’s Diamond Shape was over, Marvin might have even died!

He was apprehensive.

Since Laws were ineffective, there was only one possibility.

While in their humanoid shapes, the World Ending Twin Snakes still possessed the physical might of their main bodies!

The body of an Evil God was most likely an extremely frightening monster. Their attributes would reach a stage that was unimaginable!

Since Marvin’s move had failed, he was on his way to retreat.

These two were too powerful. With those countless monsters also hindering him, he simply couldn’t face them.

And hoping to escape now was rather extravagant.

The World Ending Twin Snakes had fully awakened!

The Ethereal Plane’s sky began collapsing. The pair separated from each other, turning into a huge azure snake and a huge red snake!

“Rumble!” The huge snakes fell from the sky, one in front, one behind, completely cutting off Marvin’s path.

“You are Marvin,” the Azure Snake coldly hissed, “and you killed our son.”

The Crimson Snake continued, “You also killed our daughter.”

“And you are also the one chosen by that scoundrel.”

“So I’ll definitely die today?” Marvin mocked.

These lines weren’t anything new for him!

But Marvin’s sneer didn’t cause any change in the Twin Snakes’ expressions. The Crimson Snake blocked the exit of the Ethereal Plane while the Azure Snake slithered closer!

Her body was as large as the entire Sky Temple. This was really shocking!

There was no hope if Marvin held back any of his strength.

He could only go all-out!

Ruler’s Wrath activated!

In an instant, Marvin’s size increased at a sharp speed!

With the bonuses of the advanced False Divine Vessel, and under the support of the Fate Power, Marvin turned into a giant.

The Azure Snake’s tail whipped at him.

Marvin calmly spread his hands, trying to catch her.


He heard some of the bones in his hands shattering!

Such frightening power!

Despite using Ruler’s Wrath, Marvin almost fell to a tail slap!

The fierce pain strongly needled at Marvin’s mind.

Fortunately, his willpower was very strong, and he still forcibly grabbed her tail.

But just when he was getting ready to counterattack, he felt a fierce pain from behind!

The Crimson snake had leapt at Marvin from behind, coiling around his waist!

In an instant, the two large snakes both attacked forcing Marvin into a critical situation!

Marvin was getting dizzy.

But he knew that if he couldn’t get out of this, what awaited him would be death!

Fortunately, he still had his fighting instinct.

He dismissed the effects of Ruler’s Wrath, and his body recovered to its normal size.

He was already in a miserable state. He didn’t have many bones in good condition, and he had some internal bleeding.

There were a few extra words in his interface: Grievous Injuries!

And he was transitioning to the near-death state!

At that time, Marvin finally understood the power of the World Ending Twin Snakes.

With just their physical strength alone, they were comparable to an Astral Beast.

Along with the fact that they had yet to use Magic, Marvin realized that he certainly couldn’t beat them by himself!

Thus, all he could do for now was to try to escape!

But… With these Ancient Evil Gods in front of and behind him, how could he get away?

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