Night Ranger – Night Ranger Chapter 697 The Hearts of the People

Chapter 697: The Hearts of the People

Chapter 697: The Hearts of the People

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Though they had been shocked by Marvin’s strength before, Marvin had received a serious injury from the Twin Snakes!

Feinan’s powerhouses really were the finest, among those present.

But it was always hard to fight enemies when they were coming from all directions!

Earlier, when some of them had gone in to help Marvin, Kangen and a few others had gone back outside to dissuade any from trying to take advantage of the fact that Feinan’s most powerful Legends were all gathered in one place. In various territories, some troubles had sprung up that needed quelling.

In this situation, the powerhouses from the Astral Sea and other forces would naturally begin to get restless, as their numbers advantage had become more significant.

And the threat of the World Ending Twin Snakes had lifted for now.

Although those with discerning eyes could see that the Truth Scale could only hold back the Twin Snakes temporarily, as long as they had enough time, they would have an opportunity.

And that was the Fate Tablet!

Now was the time when Marvin was at his weakest!

If they managed to snatch away the Fate Tablet, they would be able to claim that wondrous treasure for their God!

And supreme glory and power would follow.

Although the 4th Fate Tablet was part of the game between Lance and the Plane Will, the chess pieces in the games didn’t realize this.

In fact, if Marvin told them, they surely wouldn’t believe it. And even if they did believe it, so what?

Lance was using an overarching plot.

The Fate Tablet truly had the power to let a mortal, or even a God, be reborn stronger!

In the 3rd Era, countless Gods had already proved that point!

If just fragments were enough for mortals to ascend, then what about a whole tablet?

No one could resist this temptation, apart from old foxes like Yin who lived for practically an eternity and could see the bigger picture. Even if the others learnt that the Fate Tablet needed a key to be unlocked, they would still wouldn’t relent.

This was the frightening part of the greed in people’s hearts.

“It’s rumored that the 4th Fate Tablet is a supreme treasure containing all of Great God Lance’s knowledge and his understanding of Laws.”

“Since this thing came to Feinan, it should belong to Feinan, and not someone from the Nine Hells!” the Legend from the West Coast said with conviction.

When he saw how Ivan and Jessica seemed speechless after his words, he felt proud of himself.

The image of Marvin in everyone’s hearts wasn’t as lofty as before.

The fight with the Molten Archdevil had thoroughly confirmed his Infernal Bloodline.

Due to the strength that he had shown before, Feinan’s powerhouses hadn’t brought it up.

But it was different now.

A Devil Magic Egg was in front of them.

At this time, who could still say that Marvin was unrelated to Hell?

“He clearly is from Hell! Diross’ descendant! He is bound to harbor malicious thoughts.”

“I hope that someone from Feinan gets the Fate Tablet, not some outsider, and especially not this so-called hero pretending to be part of mankind.”

That Legend continued on proudly.

He was normally relatively low-key, but some of the City-States of Pambo Seas’ coast were under his control.

But he was acting differently here as the Fate Tablet appeared. He had relied on his small friendship with Copper Dragon Professor to join Feinan’s side.

In the previous battles, he hadn’t exerted himself much and still was able to smoothly get an Azure Stone.

He also had borne no ill will toward Marvin.

But like any person with a narrow-minded mindset, it was hard for him to handle seeing a member of the younger generation rise up at a frightening rate, and in a span of six months, gain fame that he himself would never attain in his entire life.

And when he saw Marvin turn into a Devil Magic Egg, he found an excuse to justify his reservations.

Marvin definitely wasn’t a pure-blooded Human.

So he didn’t have the qualifications to hold the Fate Tablet for Feinan.

His logic was quite ridiculous, but he spoke about it with such devotion and righteousness.

The entire Sky Tower fell silent as he concluded his thoughts.

Everyone was staring at the slightly moving Devil Magic Egg.

Chaos Power was surging from all directions and the absorption speed was suffocating.

They could see that Marvin’s vitality was recovering at a frightening speed!

‘No good! He is recovering!’

Suddenly, everyone realized this!

The scene of Marvin fighting the World Ending Twin Snakes before had very shocking.

They only dared to take advantage of his current state to make a move on him!

If Marvin awakened, even if he only had a portion of his power, would they still have the courage to keep pressing for the Fate Tablet?

Most of them knew the answer was in the negative.

Especially the Divine Servants of the Astral Plane.

They had already obtained an oracle from their Gods.

If Marvin was healthy, they shouldn’t touch him. They wouldn’t be able to handle him anyways.

A month later, the powerful War God would naturally sort him out.

The current Marvin already reached a level that the Divine Servants could only look up to.

Thus, they had to act quickly!

And the Legend from the West Coast was also aware of this.

He frowned as he spoke up again. “Mister Professor, you know my character. I am respected in the West Coast, and not because of my strength.”

“I do not covet the Fate Tablet, but do you think that handing the Fate Tablet to someone from Hell is really suitable?”

All the Divine Servants watched fixedly.

Under the temptation of the Fate Tablet, a few cracks appeared in the solidarity of Feinan’s defenders.

Besides those like Professor, Jessica, and the Elven couple, the other Legends who hadn’t had as much interaction with Marvin were influenced by his words.

Their meaning was clear.

Marvin couldn’t keep the Fate Tablet.

In this situation, they felt that their chances were a lot greater.

If Professor didn’t compromise with them, then the forces of Feinan might split in half, and still have to face the Divine Servants!

Defending against an assault from all sides might not be so hard for them normally…

But Marvin was a burden right now.

As long as they focused their attacks on Marvin, those trying to protect him would definitely expose a flaw.

And in a fight between experts, a single flaw could lead to death!

Especially when facing opponents that outnumbered them by countless times.

They had no choice.

That powerhouse from the West Coast had a smirk on his face, thinking the victory was in his hands.

But at that time, a mocking voice echoed, “Connor, who gave you your Azure Stone?”

The one who said that was Ivan, who was brandishing Glorious Wind.

An awkward expression suddenly appeared on the man’s face, because he recalled that his own Azure Stone had been obtained by Marvin and given to him.

Without Marvin, he couldn’t even have entered the Sky Tower

“Aren’t you ashamed?” Ivan sneered while looking at these people, boldly provoking them as he pointed at them. “And even if you don’t feel ashamed…”

“Anyone who dares to take a step forward will die.”

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