Night Ranger – Night Ranger Chapter 701 Display Of Strength

Chapter 701: Display Of Strength

Chapter 701: Display Of Strength

Translator: Shiraishi Editor: TheAlliance

Marvin’s calm voice echoed through the top floor of the Sky Tower.

Those powerhouses, who had been preparing Divine Spells or waving their swords while preparing to charge, suddenly froze.

Time seemed to stand still.

Marvin walked out from the protection of the Copper Dragon.

His gaze was as cold as ever. “Still want to kill me now?”

No one dared to answer!

The people surrounding the Copper Dragon were in a state of near-collapse!

They had all attacked because they had felt so sure of one thing: Marvin was seriously hurt, so this was the best time to attack!

But when an apparently healthy Marvin stood before them, the scene of him going against the World Ending Twin Snakes appeared in their minds.

Some of them even started to subconsciously and slowly back away in fright!

Because Marvin had already activated his advanced False Divine Vessel as he spoke.

The Slaughter Domain flooded the whole area.

That killing intent was almost visibly marking those who had tried to take advantage of the situation.

A strange light flickered in the eyes of the Copper Dragon, but he didn’t say anything.

Marvin stood with a cold glare, and that ice cold gaze made them feel like they were frozen before the most ruthless viper.

Someone retreated.

It triggered a chain reaction.

‘It’s finished,’ they all thought.

Marvin must have been using some mysterious ability to repair his body. Or maybe it was his shapeshifting itself that did it.

Whatever the case, his weak state was already a thing of the past, and this frightening avatar of death had already recovered.

If they really tried to press on at this time, few of them, if any, would be able to leave unscathed.

The Gods had already instructed them that they should avoid conflict with Marvin if he seemed to be at full strength.

And the fight against the Molten Archdevil had already proved that Marvin had the strength of a Half-Plane Guardian.

From what the Gods could assess, even if the current Marvin really had the power of a Plane Guardian and they might beat him if all the forces teamed up against him, it would still be very difficult to kill him.

And now, Marvin seemed to have somehow completely recovered.

If Kangen returned, the situation would become even more one-sided.

Although Eve and Holy Paul were troublesome, the former was at most able to hold even with Jessica while the latter didn’t seem to be showing any killing intent toward Marvin. Nor did he show any temptation towards the Fate Tablet, which was somewhat odd.

If the son of the God of Dawn and Protection stood down, Marvin’s strength would be enough to kill most of his opponents here!

Moreover, he now had the Fate Tablet. Who knew whether his strength improved even further?! Perhaps his sudden recovery had been aided by its powers!

Seeing everyone lowering their heads, Marvin inwardly let out a sigh of relief.

He was the perfect example of a weak person bluffing his way out with false bravado.

On the surface, it looked like he had recovered his full strength at the level of a Half-Plane Guardian, but in reality, he could barely fight right now!

While in the Devil Magic Egg state, his body truly did recover at a high speed, but the damage caused by the World Ending Twin Snakes had been too severe.

It wasn’t that easy to recover from a near-death state.

He still needed more time.

But when he became aware of the situation in the hall, he discovered that he didn’t have that time!

Marvin had to step out and do what he could to help Professor, who was risking his life to protect him.

Although the defenses of the Magic Egg were very tough, some of those from the Astral Sea had spells tailored against lifeforms from Hell.

If they actually went all-out to attack him, he might really have no way to survive.

Thus, he could only take a gamble.

He dismissed his Magic Addict Shape before its effective duration had elapsed, and then tried to intimidate all the others into backing off.

And it seemed like his bluff was effective.

Most people retreated because they couldn’t see through Marvin’s real state.

However, a leisurely voice came out at this time. “Nice guts, you didn’t completely recover but you still removed the Magic Addict Shape.”

“Eh? You have a False Divine Vessel in your body? You are really a shocking man. If not for the Fate Tablet being too dazzling, I almost wouldn’t have noticed it.”

“And it seems like the Fate Tablet already fused with your false Divine Vessel. It’s unfortunate that you don’t have the key. If you could actually harness its power, you would have truly profited.”

“But still, I admire your courage. Not everyone would be able to scare away so many powerful beings when weakened to the point of barely being able to fight.”

The Son of Anuba Grant laughed loudly while skillfully blocking the attacks from the pair of Elves and simultaneously giving Marvin a thumbs up.

In Marvin’s eyes, his smile looked quite malicious!

Because with just those words, he managed to reverse the situation in the hall once more.

Those powerhouses who originally thought of escaping took a closer look at Marvin.

But this time, killing intent had risen up again.

“So he was only bluffing! Why didn’t I notice that he wasn’t projecting any strength!”

“Yes, I also felt he didn’t have any power, he is a pure mortal.”

“I thought he was deliberately hiding his aura so we wouldn’t know exactly how much power he had. Thinking about it now, after the fight against the World Ending Twin Snakes, how could he still have the power to hide his aura?”

They all sneered as they recovered their courage.

Marvin shook his head helplessly.

He looked at the son of the God of Dawn and Protection and threatened, “If I survive this, I’ll definitely kill you.”

Holy Paul coughed and pointed at Eve. “Don’t take your anger out on me, I’m only a hired goon. She is the one who wants to kill you.”

Eve’s eyebrows shook, but she didn’t react as she was still entangled with Jessica.

Marvin snorted.

Although he looked calm on the surface, deep within his heart, he was already on the verge of despair.

Facing the attacks of so many Divine Servants, he had no way out. He needed help.

Eve and Holy Paul… If Marvin had the opportunity, he would never let them live!

Regardless of their reasons or difficulties!

‘Heiress of the Valkyrie?’ Marvin squinted his eyes.

She had tried to kill him now, so he wouldn’t care about pretextes and reasons.

‘As long as I can survive!’ Marvin inwardly pledged.

He looked at those malicious Divine Servants with disdain in their eyes.

If he was really about to die, he wouldn’t mind using Diross’ Imprint.

Although he instinctively felt that the Imprint Diross left was nothing good, he couldn’t manage things on his own this time.

In any case, he would at least take them down with him.

The Copper Dragon raised his head, wrapping his wings over, trying to protect Marvin once again.

Divine light flickered in the hall, formed by countless Divine Spells gathering their energy.

The pressure in the atmosphere was stifling.

At this time, a young voice suddenly echoed across the whole floor:

“Those who want to kill my brother will die!”

It was followed by a frightening Arcane Energy billowing through the hall!

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