Night Ranger – Night Ranger Chapter 702 Inheritor

Chapter 702: Inheritor

Chapter 702: Inheritor

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When he heard that voice, Marvin initially felt overjoyed, before suddenly worrying!

‘Wayne woke up!’

This was naturally good news.

But waking up in this unfavorable situation wouldn’t be good for him!

And to the others, it was baffling.

A small boy suddenly appeared, floating above the hall.

The boy looked like he was about twelve years old, but he clearly had the strength of a Legend Wizard at the very least!

Those with sharp eyes recognized that he was the boy Marvin had been looking for outside the Sky Tower!

He was actually Marvin’s younger brother!

‘Were these brothers freaks?’

A teen that was only sixteen years old already had the power of a Half-Plane Guardian.

And the other one was even more ridiculous!

Twelve and already a Legend Wizard!

Moreover, such pure Arcane energy was unheard of!

That frightening Arcane energy already inundated the hall, stirring restlessly.

The atmosphere in the hall felt as if a wild beast was grinding its teeth, ready to pounce anytime to bite an enemy to death!

But a Legend Wizard appearing out of nowhere couldn’t change the situation anyway.

A Legend Wizard was indeed troublesome.

But the current situation wasn’t something that a single Legend Wizard could settle.

Marvin needed at least an ally on the level of a Half-Plane Guardian to be able to help him turn the situation around!

Although that small boy was very gifted, he definitely couldn’t be a Half-Plane Guardian Wizard yet!

The Arcane Energy on his body was pure, but that was all.

Perhaps he might become a very shocking figure some day in the future, but he certainly not now.

“We all want to kill your brother, can you kill us all?” sneered Connor. “If you want to keep the bloodline of White River Valley alive, then tell Marvin to obediently fork over the Fate Tablet.”

“If he does that, we might spare you!”

Marvin didn’t say anything.

He trusted Wayne.

Others might not know, but Wayne was the real prodigy.

A Seer and the Inheritor of the Wizard God.

How could someone like him be weak?

That Legend from the West Coast was bound to pay the price.

As expected, Wayne looked at him and slowly said, “You can come one by one, or all at once.”

Connor chuckled.

But his laughter didn’t last long.


A frightening explosion burst from inside him.

His sturdy body blew up and turned into a bloody mist!

Even his soul was torn apart by this sudden burst of Arcane Energy!

He was completely annihilated!

“An Ancient Arcane Spell?” Anuba Grant’s son wondered aloud. “You are Lance’s student? The rumored Inheritor of the Wizard God?”

Wayne didn’t pay attention to him.

His gaze focused on all those people who had targeted Marvin.

All those who fell under his gaze burst into a bloody mist in less than a second!

The frightening Arcane Burst scared quite a few of the survivors away!

They hadn’t seen such a strange and powerful spell before!

This already wasn’t in the realm of just Magic.

His gaze had become a gaze of death. Killing with a glance, such a strange scene!

Even Jessica and Eve, who had been embroiled in a fierce battle, suddenly froze.

The Inheritor of the Wizard God!

If someone else had spoken of this title, it might have sounded like a bad joke.

But it came from the son of the God of Dawn and Protection! That was different.

Anuba Grant’s son was knowledgeable and naturally wouldn’t talk nonsense about something like this.

And with that pure Arcane Energy, those who had wanted to fight for the Fate Tablet had already fallen into despair!

Seriously, with such a pair of brothers, how could there be a chance for anyone else?

A Half-Plane Guardian Ruler of the Night.

A young Legend Wizard with such terrifying killing magic!

If they kept growing…

‘Never mind just Feinan… Who in the entire Universe would be able to rival their power?’

This thought appeared in their hearts.

Their belief in their Gods started swaying!

After Wayne burst another nine Divine Servants, he finally stopped.

Some traces of weariness appeared on his face.

As he slowly descended back to the ground, he looked at Marvin and interjected, “Ah… The Fate Tablet already merged with you.”

Marvin spread his hands apart, helplessly saying, “I have no idea…”

“It’s fine!” Wayne’s voice was still brisk.

He looked at Marvin earnestly and said, “Although I said that I wanted the Fate Tablet to quickly become the God of Magic, I can still attain that position without the Fate Tablet. I don’t mind if Brother has the Fate Tablet.”

Marvin nodded. Wayne truly had returned to normal.

The knowledge he inherited from the Wizard God would definitely let him reach outstanding heights.

The Fate Tablet would only speed up this process.

Wayne’s appearance was an unanticipated variable. Even Eve and Holy Paul were caught unprepared.

After Wayne’s killing spree, even if the son of the God of Dawn and Protection said more, it might still be useless.

So many people had already died, all of them unable to resist the silent Arcane Burst. Even the abilities that some of the Divine Servants had for protection from instant death were ineffective. How terrifying were Wayne’s Arcane Spells?

The remaining people didn’t want to stay in this frightening place. The pair of brothers from White River Valley were monsters.

Even Eve called back her Holy Swords and frowned deeply. She felt that she wouldn’t be able to kill Marvin today.

“Let’s go,” she sighed, calling the God’s descendant.

But she watched Marvin without saying a word to him.

Her meaning was clear.

She would kill him.

He also didn’t say anything. And the next time they met, he wouldn’t give Eve the chance to talk.

Valkyrie’s Inheritor? Guardian of the Three Northern Cities?

She had threatened Marvin’s life, so he would definitely go all-out if he saw her again.

Show no mercy.

This was Marvin’s resolution!

The fight in the hall apparently come to an end.

Everyone got on the move. Besides Marvin’s group, everyone else left the Sky Tower.

The Copper Dragon also sighed.

After using Counter Storm earlier, he had suffered a lot of injuries.

Although Dragons were physically strong, facing so many Divine Servants at once while protecting someone was not easy at all.

Marvin was deeply touched by those who stood by his side at this most dangerous time.

He wanted to say something when the seal formed by the Truth Scale Imprint suddenly collapsed despite still seeming rather sturdy moments before.


Two huge snake heads burst out from the thick fog!

The World Ending Twin Snakes!

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