Night Ranger – Night Ranger Chapter 714 Plundering Duo

Chapter 714: Plundering Duo

Chapter 714: Plundering Duo

Translator: Shiraishi Editor: TheAlliance

On a floating abandoned plane in the depths of the Universe.

Tiramisu was panting as he put Marvin down, continuously flapping his wings. “Friggin scary… That guy is very troublesome, he almost caught up.”

Marvin was stunned.

In fact, he had yet to react to the fact that the frightening War God had been taught a lesson by a young and inexperienced Dragon.

How inconceivable was that?

He couldn’t help but ask, “Aren’t you more troublesome than him?”

The Dragon said with a very human-like expression, “Lil’ Bro Marvin, you are too foolish.”

“If I was more troublesome than him, I would have already beat him down! Why would I run?”

“So foolish!”

Marvin felt speechless. ‘If you hadn’t slapped the War God three times, why would I ask this question?!’

“Then that…”

But before he could say more, Tiramisu cut in. “I used the fiercest ability from within my Bloodline inheritance to give him a taste. Didn’t I say that it was to get even with him for you?”

“He is too strong, I’m not a match for him right now, so I could only flee.”

Marvin was moved. Although the little Dragon had a condescending tone, he was still looking out for him.

But the situation now was very troublesome.

Marvin hadn’t thought that his whereabouts would be noticed by the Gods so easily.

The Fate Tablet was simply a time bomb ready to explode at any time!

At that moment, Tiramisu suddenly shouted, “I used a lot of stamina to let you vent, I’m hungry now!”

Marvin probed, “What do you like to eat?”


Marvin was amazed.

Tiramisu ignored Marvin’s stunned expression as he went on, “Don’t even think of serving me common things. All of the coconuts on the coconut tree my dad planted for me were full of Time Power. Although I took some out when I left, I need to ration them so that they last. I’ll have some later. In any case, you have to find me tasty things. They definitely cannot be common goods.”

“The best would be stuff that rich in power. After all, with my stomach, I can surely even digest Artifacts.”

Marvin’s eyes shone when he heard those words; he suddenly had a bold plan!

He mumbled, “Can you carry me and escape from the pursuit of those Gods?”

Tiramisu proudly asked, “Are you looking down on me? Aren’t I an Eternal Time Dragon?”

“In the entire Universe, besides my dad and God Lance, there shouldn’t be anyone else that would able to catch up to us!”

Marvin burst out laughing!

He looked at the Dragon and earnestly asked, “What do you think of the things in the God Realms?”

Tiramisu’s eyes glimmered with awe. “Do you mean… we should go loot the God Realms?”

Marvin nodded.

The Gods’ eyes were scouring the Universe, strenuously searching for traces of Marvin.

But surely they wouldn’t expect that Marvin would do something completely crazy instead of trying to evade them!

Before they met Tiramisu, he naturally wouldn’t have decided on such a bold plan, but with the Eternal Time Dragon as his partner, looting the God Realms should be a very reliable endeavor!

However… after hearing Marvin’s words, the little Dragon had been hesitating for a long time.

“What is it?” Marvin asked.

Tiramisu answered, “I don’t know how to get to the God Realms.”

Marvin smiled mysteriously as he whispered, “I know a place.”

In Arborea Plane, under the Shadow Temple’s ruins, the Eternal Time Dragon was now lying on Marvin’s shoulder after reducing his size. “This path really leads to the Dream God’s Secondary Plane? Is your plan really reliable?”

“Then again, your strength isn’t too bad, Lil’ bro. Well, you have the advanced False Divine Vessel, even if you aren’t using it to its full potential.”

Feeling a twinge of shock, Marvin immediately asked, “You know of the advanced False Divine Vessel?”

Tiramisu coldly snorted, “This handsome Dragon knows countless things about the Universe!”

“The advanced False Divine Vessel’s strongest point lies in its ability to consume and merge with other things. The advanced False Divine Vessel in your body is already complete, so it can swallow Divine Source without restriction! The Divine Source consumed should support your physical body, and based on your training path, it would directly increase your strength.”

“At least, before reaching the level of a Plane Guardian, you won’t meet any obstructions. Naturally, the precondition is that there is enough Divine Source for you to swallow.”

Marvin felt excited.

He had some understanding of the False Divine Vessel, but it wasn’t that thorough.

Swallowing Divine Source without restriction?

Able to directly reach Plane Guardian level?

This would be far better than what he had hoped for before!

“Eh? You really didn’t know?” The Dragon seemed a bit surprised. “I thought you were trying to trick me into plundering the God Realms in order to help you increase your strength.”

Marvin was left inarticulate for a moment before he explained, “I still don’t know the full use of the False Divine Vessel.”

The Dragon patted his shoulder. “It’s not important, as my Lil’ Bro, you definitely need to become stronger.”

“When we go through the God Realms, I’ll leave you enough Divine Source.”

The two of them reached the end of the passage as they were talking.

A light spread out before them.

They saw a peaceful and warm world.

That was the Dream God’s Dream Land!

Marvin had already found this passage after Ambella tried to assassinate him. He was ready to take revenge on the Dream God. This time, with the Eternal Time Dragon’s help, Marvin would be like a fox making use of the tiger’s strength!

“Such a nice, peaceful world,” Tiramisu sighed.

Marvin nodded. “It is.”

“Let us destroy it.”

After saying this, a man and a Dragon formed a plundering duo as they rushed toward Dream Land!

God Realm, Dream Shrine.

The Dream God had just returned, still in shock from the events that had happened.

He originally thought that he wouldn’t even have a chance to act with the War God personally making a move.

That was one of the Three Great Gods, after all. If he held the Fate Tablet, he might have the chance to become a Supreme God!

But the scene that ensued had left him stunned.

The Dragon had come from who knows where and actually slapped the War God three times before leaving!

This was world-shaking!

‘That guy is too frightening. Not only his growth speed is shocking, but he also has so many freaks at his side.’

‘We have to deal with him quickly.’

The Dream God was anxious.

In fact, ever since Ambella’s failed assassination, this anxiety had been haunting him.

But he was even more anxious than usual today.

As he pondered, he suddenly thought of the reason for his current elevated anxiety!

‘Why can’t I feel the Faith of the followers from that Secondary Plane?’

He subconsciously had a bad feeling and used a Divine ability to look at the situation in his God Realm.

With one glance, he almost spat out blood!

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