Night Ranger – Night Ranger Chapter 715 Target Astral Sea

Chapter 715: Target! Astral Sea!

Chapter 715: Target! Astral Sea!

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Like Arborea, Dream Land was a Secondary Plane.

It was reasonable to say that with Marvin’s current strength, he normally already couldn’t enter this Secondary Plane.

But he had that unique being at his side.

An Eternal Time Dragon.

There wasn’t much known about Eternal Time Dragons, but there was no need to doubt their formidable abilities.

Even as a young Dragon, Tiramisu could slap the War God in front of all the Gods of the Universe.

Entering the Secondary Plane by craftily exploiting a gap in the Spatial Laws was nothing to Tiramisu.

The plundering duo discussed their plan in advance.

Tiramisu used his powerful Time Ability to control all the interconnections of the entire Secondary Plane.

That way, he could delay the exposure of the situation so that unless the Dream God directly investigated his Plane, even he wouldn’t notice his territory being profaned.

As for those living in that land, they literally couldn’t act for themselves. Their souls had been wiped clean by the Dream God, leaving them completely brainwashed.

Marvin felt that these people were quite pitiable. But all these inhabitants mindlessly rushed over when they saw Marvin and Tiramisu appear, so he couldn’t just ignore them.

To some extent, if you wanted to become a hero of a world, you’d likely have to become a monster of another.

Knowing this, Marvin didn’t hold back.

The two of them split up and began wreaking havoc throughout Dream Land!

Marvin’s current strength was close to that of a Plane Guardian. And Sodom’s Blades gave him enough power to cleanly sweep through Feinan’s Legends.

And in the Secondary Planes, the most powerful Clerics were only level 18.

These people were just cut down when they rushed toward Marvin.

They were chopped up like vegetables.

It was different for Tiramisu, who was looking for things with Divine Fragments.

Their targets were different. Marvin was rushing toward the core of the Plane, toward the Divine Source Pool, which stored the Faith Power generated in the plane, while Tiramisu went to snatch the Holy tools and artifacts of those dozen or so Temples.

The appearance of the reckless duo was definitely a nightmare for the people of Dream Land.

The entire plane was shocked by the strength of these two powerful thieves.

They tried to communicate with their God, but couldn’t get an answer. Little did they know that due to Tiramisu’s Time Magic, these prayers would be delayed for a very long time before the Dream God could receive them!

This plundering spree lasted no less than six hours.

By the time the Dream God realized that something was wrong and came down along with a large number of Angels and Divine Servants, Marvin had already swallowed a lot of the Divine Source!

The amount of Divine Source swallowed was comparable to what he got from the Black Dragon God last time.

As for the quality, the Dream God’s was clearly better!

Despite this, Marvin still looked at the remaining two-thirds somewhat regretfully.

It would be a lot better if he could swallow everything. At this moment, the advanced False Divine Vessel in his body was already growing crazily.

With the nourishment of the Divine Source, the Domains under his control also had various levels of strengthening.

Just as Tiramisu said, with the support of his False Divine Vessel, his physical abilities upgraded by leaps and bounds. His Ruler of the Night class also had the faint feeling of leveling again.

But unfortunately, after losing his system, Marvin couldn’t obtain precise data about when this might happen or what the effects were.

However, he was quite certain of one thing. His six Attributes had already broken through the Godly Realms!

He was now only a step away from being at the level of a Plane Guardian!

But Tiramisu had stopped him from getting more, because the Dream God had angrily descended.

They could see a huge passage opening over Dream Land!

That passage was connecting the Dream God Realm with this Secondary Plane. Only through this could his powerful Divine Vessel pass through this plane. But such a method used a lot of Divine Power, so Gods wouldn’t use it for ordinary matters.

This time, the Dream God had been completely enraged by Marvin and Tiramisu!

The scene of the Black Dragon God’s Secondary Plane being destroyed was vivid in his mind. If these two lawless guys weren’t stopped, they might really cause something even bigger!

Soon, the passage completely opened and an angry by proud voice came out from the sky. “You dare to act unrestrained in my world!”

“Accept my judgement! In my name as the Dream Weaver, I command you to forever sink into a dream!”

In the Secondary Plane, countless believers who had scattered to the sides like chicken and dogs were extremely moved by the presence of their God.

Their prayers had finally been answered. God finally came, and now he would kill the invaders.

But at that time, Tiramisu suddenly stopped next to Marvin.

He laughingly said, “Thank you for opening the entrance.”

“As for your Dream Cycle… it uses a lot of Divine Power, and you would need at least four hundred years to make up for it… I will become extremely powerful in the days to come.”

“It’s very dangerous for a weak God in these times.”

Tiramisu’s voice wasn’t loud, but it made the fire burning in the Dream God’s heart shake!

‘What he says is true! That Dragon even shamed the War God. If I make a move, I’m afraid I might not be able to handle them.’

‘And there is that freak, Marvin…’

The Dream God was somewhat hesitant.

But in that split second, Tiramisu grabbed Marvin and took flight!

This time, he flew extremely quickly, hurling through the passage that the Dream God had so strenuously opened!

The Dream God was startled!

These two guys actually dared to intrude in the Astral Sea?

Was their goal the whole time to lure him here so that he would open the passage to the Astral Sea?

The Dream God’s first reaction was to look for the Gods’ Assembly and let them know that there was an outsider in the Astral Sea. This was a serious matter, after all.

But when he looked at the mess they had caused in Dream Land, a different feeling rose up in his mind.

Since Marvin and that Dragon had left for the Astral Sea, what did it have to do with him?

He knew this information, but he didn’t have to share it.

What did it matter to him if something happened to the other Gods?

As he went down this train of thought, he ended up choosing to remain silent and returning to the Dream Temple.

He wanted to see what these two lawless guys would try to do!

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