Night Ranger – Night Ranger Chapter 716 Dragon Thief

Chapter 716: Dragon Thief

Chapter 716: Dragon Thief

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The Astral Sea was a mystical plane.

It was the highest plane of the entire Universe, at the top of the World Tree.

In fact, this place was originally a small space.

The Ancient Gods and Ancient Angels resided atop the World Tree, overlooking all the planes and making sure this world was safe.

Later, most of the Ancient Gods died in the endless wars.

Soon, even the remaining few sitting atop the World Tree could only recall fondly the Gods or even Humans who fought by their side.

Including Lance.

It was said that the First High Elven Ruler had once been invited by Lance up the World Tree and obtained some secret Laws taught by him.

Since then, it was spread on Feinan that the High Elves knew the key to climb the World Tree.

And whether that was true or not, the High Elves were truly the group closest to the Ancient Gods.

In the 3rd Era, Lance made the Fate Tablet and lit up the beacons of war on Feinan.

He personally gathered the New Gods and opened a completely new world at the top of the World Tree.

He called this beehive-like world, the God Realms.

The structure of the God Realms was very complicated and varied. Someone entering that place would find out that their own body would sometimes twist, and sometimes weaken…

This was due to the rules being made by the respective Gods, and the hierarchy was very strict.

Without a Divine Vessel to counteract the Laws, one would die instantly when entering this place.

This place was the Gods’ holy land.

The Divine Vessel’s power decided the position of a God in the God Realm.

Marvin and Tiramisu felt as if they had entered a mysterious world when they got out of the passage.

There was no direction and all their movements would rely on their willpower.

Fortunately, he had the advanced False Divine Vessel, otherwise he would have been crushed when entering the God Realms.

“What should we do?” The dragon asked.

With such a powerful killing machine like Tiramisu, how could Marvin not make use of it?

He mischievously laughed, “I have a few Gods I’m not really getting along with in the God Realms. How about we plunder their things?”

“I heard these Gods have been storing treasures for many years, they should be quite rich.”

Tiramisu’s eyes shone when he heard that and he crazily nodded, “Plunder!”

“We have to plunder!”

“Where do we begin?”

Marvin used his advanced False Divine Vessel to locate the closest God Realm.

He soon opened his eyes, and pointed the way, “There is an old acquaintance that way. He could be said to be related to you…”

“He is the first target!”

“Black Dragon God!”

Atop the World Tree, the War God Anubis and the God of Dawn and Protection Anuba Grant were sitting, along with two female Gods, calmly having a meeting.

“We Ancient Gods won’t get involved in the matter of the Fate Tablet. Wasn’t I clear?”

Moon Goddess Faniya was frowning at the two Great Gods.

She was sitting opposite of a small girl. Behind the girl was a serious looking Paladin.

The Truth Goddess didn’t even feel like looking to these two.

Facing the two Ancient Goddess, Anuba Grant’s attitude was extremely good, “I understand what you mean, but things are different now.”

“Feinan’s Plane Will is very irascible, the Ancient Nature God is still sleeping, and this meant that besides you two, no one can pacify it.”

The Truth Goddess shrugged, “Isn’t it because of the matter of the Fate Tablet? Lance violated the agreement, isn’t it normal for the Plane Will to be dissatisfied.”

“God Lance’s intention are beyond our understanding.” Anuba calmly said, “There is definitely something wrong behind both sides’ actions, but I always felt that something was missing.”

“Evil Spirit Sea.” The War God stiffly said, “Us three once joined hands to explore the Primal Chaotic Franges and found some traces left behind by Lance. He predicted the arrival of the Great Calamity. And us attacking the Universe Magic Pool was only to gain the initiative, if we don’t take the lead in ruling Feinan, those Demons and Devils, as well as those hiding in the darkness, that frightening existence in the Evil Spirit Sea, they would swallow that Universe sooner or later.”

The Truth Goddess sneered, “I don’t know if you really found traces of Lance, I really want to ask him why did he set me up.”

“It’s hard to believe in someone who did such a bad thing. When the Wisdom God fell, I had some doubts. But who would have known that I would fall into Lance’s trap after probing a bit…”

“Molly, let’s not talk about that.” Moon Goddess Faniya doused the Truth Goddess’ anger and gently said, “God Lance did curse you, but he didn’t kill you.”

“Hmpf.” The Truth Goddess frowned and remained silent.

“In any case, if we weren’t in an impasse this time, we also wouldn’t come looking for the two of you.”

Anuba Grant said, “The Fate Tablet is now in the hands of a mortal, this is a very unstable variable. We can still bear with it, but the Plane Will has to be pacified, otherwise we won’t be able to descend to Feinan!

The Moon Goddess quietly sighed, “I’m afraid I cannot help with that thing.”

“I already lost contact with Feinan’s Plane Will many years ago. If you really want to pacify it, you have to find the one representing it.”

Anuba and Anubis glanced at each other, helpless.

Anuba Grant bitterly said, “I originally found one… But that child has been killed by Marvin.”

“That Valkyrie inheritor?” The Truth Goddess’ eyes flickered, “She seemed to have some enmity towards Marvin. The Valkyrie’s inheritor should have a very good relationship with Feinan’s Plane Will.”

“More and more things can’t be explained.”

Anuba Grant sighed, “Since it’s inconvenient for both of you, we will take our leave first.”

But at that time, a huge parrot quickly flew out from the God Realms.

It was fat, but moved very nimbly.

It was yelling while flying, “Master! No good!”

“There is a Dragon Thief in the God Realms!”

“It already stole a great amount of Divine Source and Artifacts from seventeen God Realms”

Dragon Thief!?

The four Gods were stunned, shortly after, an angry expression appeared on the War God’s face.

“They dare to trample over the prestige of the God Realms!”

Anuba Grant also said in a heavy voice, “Use the World Tree’s Imprint and seal the God Realms!”

“I want to see what will that Dragon Thief do!”

After saying that, the two Great Gods prepared to leave.

But they didn’t think that the Truth Goddess would suddenly stand up.

“I’ll go with you.”

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