Night Ranger – Night Ranger Chapter 722 Plane Guardians Strength 2

Chapter 722: Plane Guardian’s Strength! (2)

Chapter 722: Plane Guardian’s Strength! (2)

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When they reached the Collapsed Earth, Marvin hadn’t thought that among the three Gods following the two Great Gods, there were some who had special enmity with him.

They were clearly coming to avenge themselves this time.

And considering that they came with their main bodies, they must have been confident.

This was the Elemental Plane of Earth. Although the Laws here limited Divine Spells, this fact didn’t impose too many restrictions on their strength.

The grievances of those Divine Servants and Apostles who died at Marvin’s hands could finally be quenched.

And there was still the Fate Tablet.

Thus, when the two Great Gods chose the Gods who would accompany them, these few used all their methods to be part of the team, and they finally got their chance to meet Marvin at the entrance of the Collapsed Earth.

Dream God!

Ever since Marvin refused the olive branch tossed out by Ambella, he had always been at odds with Marvin! Especially after the First Divine Servant that he was so proud of died. This enmity was great, and among those three Gods, the Dream God was the most frightening!

He was a High God, and even among them, he was considered among the top, second only to the Great Gods.

As for the remaining two Mid Gods, they were also familiar with Marvin.

Black Dragon God, Queen of Spiders.

The former already had an unquenchable blood feud with Marvin!

It first started when the Black Dragon God’s Apostle was killed by Marvin as they led the Underdark’s army to attack Rocky Mountain. That was followed by the only remaining Black Dragons remaining in Feinan being massacred by Marvin. After all, the Black Dragon God himself was an extremely lucky Black Dragon from the 3rd Era. He didn’t believe in Dragon God Hartson or Evil Dragon Tidomas. He instead chose to stand on his own as a God after ascending. These past years, he had been working hard to gather the power of the Black Dragons in Feinan, but before this power could even take shape, it was ended by the Dragon Slaying Spear!

In the battle at the Deep River, he even dispatched a precious Martyr, one of the few things he had that almost no other God did, in order to finish off Marvin. But he hadn’t expected that Marvin would counterattack with a Crypt Monster and destroy his Secondary Plane!

The Black Dragon God suffered such huge losses that he almost fell to become a Low God!

He was the one with the biggest grudges among the three.

As for the last, the Queen of Spiders, Marvin actually rarely came into contact with her in his previous life. However, he knew that this Goddess was very treacherous. She was the one who plotted with the Twin Goddess to attack the Three Fate Sisters. Marvin’s performance in the Eternal Frozen Spring definitely harmed the Queen of Spiders’ interests.

These three Gods came together, and even if the two Great Gods were kept busy by the Eternal Time Dragon, they had faith that they could stop Marvin!

He was just a mortal, what False Ascension!? The esteemed Truth Goddess and Moon Goddess were unreliable. In their eyes, as long as he didn’t truly ascend, Marvin couldn’t be their opponent!

Marvin wasn’t sure what gave them the confidence that they would be able to beat him. Perhaps one side was estimating the other, or they were blinded by hatred.

They’d forgotten how powerful Feinan’s Plane Guardians were!

They also didn’t realize that Marvin daring to appear alone in front of them had a lot of implications.

They were even secretly delighted!

With the two Great Gods away, they could reap all the profits!

After killing Marvin, they could think of a way to collect the 4th Fate Tablet, combine their efforts to find the Book of Nalu, and enjoy the power of the Fate Tablet on their own before the Gods of the Astral Sea figured out. Perhaps one they could even betray their partners to claim the Fate Tablet alone!

After all, they attacked the Universe Magic Pool partially for the 4th Fate Tablet, and this thing that they had worked so hard for was in Marvin’s body.

Thus, they looked at Marvin while full of greed.

It was like three hungry beasts were looking at a fresh piece of meat.

At that time, they lost their dignity as Gods. Their appearance was clear to Marvin, filled with infinite greed and viciousness.

‘The God Realms… have they degenerated this much?’ Marvin thought to himself, but his movements didn’t relax at all.


At that instant, he pierced through the Black Dragon God’s body!

The Black Dragon God didn’t have time to react before the Sodom Blades cold edges already stabbed him!

The other two Gods paled.

Marvin’s speed was really too great!

This wasn’t in what could be referred to as the Post-Godly Dexterity range anymore. They had already seen the Shadow Prince bursting with lightning speed, but Marvin’s move pressured them much more!

Their Divine Laws couldn’t suppress him at all!

Faced with Marvin’s might, they suddenly were like plain mortals.

Under the edges of Sodom’s Blades, they were no different from Divine Servants!

The Black Dragon God’s body quickly started reshaping, and at the same time, the Queen of Spiders and Dream God also began channeling their Divine Power to muster a response!

But the next second, they found out that their spells simply couldn’t properly target Marvin!

“How could this be? His location is actually blurred!”

“Why can’t my Divine Power lock onto him!”

The two became scared. This was something that they’d never experienced before!

They put up their Divine Power Shields in a rush, and the Dream God even took out some golden armor!

This golden armor was clearly an Artifact. Presumably it would be able to do something to reduce the damage of Sodom’s Blades.

There was nothing they could do about it, although the three Gods could resurrect, each resurrection used up a lot of Divine Source, and they would also be vulnerable for the duration.

The threat of the Sodom Blades to the Gods was truly too high, regardless of whether it was from its fame, or from its practical effects, it was all the same.

Moreover, when Marvin plundered the God Realms, he didn’t visit the homes of these three Gods. It could be said that he was showing consideration.

Among them, the Black Dragon God was the most miserable. After losing his Secondary Plane, he didn’t have a stable source of Faith, so he couldn’t let his Divine Source properly recover.

Marvin’s move severed his hope for survival!

Tiramisu’s words helped Marvin realize how powerful he was!

He was even stronger than the ascended Ruler of the Night from the game in his previous life!

No one had successfully ascended through a False Divine Vessel in Feinan’s history!

Incredible amounts of Divine Source had been transformed into Essence, strengthening Marvin’s body beyond the limits!

He wanted to let the God Realms see the power of a Plane Guardian from Feinan!

“Don’t you want to kill me?”

“I’m very sorry, I can’t let you do as you wish.”

“This is my time.”

Marvin’s slash was lightning fast as it cut the reforming body of the Black Dragon God into pieces!

An anguished howl echoed.

What frightened the other two Gods wasn’t the Black Dragon God’s mournful howl, but rather what happened to the surroundings…


Complete and impenetrable darkness!

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