Night Ranger – Night Ranger Chapter 723 Plane Guardians Strength 3

Chapter 723: Plane Guardian’s Strength! (3)

Chapter 723: Plane Guardian’s Strength! (3)

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Darkness, this meant that Marvin’s strength would increase even further!

Eternal Night!

This Night Walker ability became especially scary after the upgrade.

The most frightening part was that the two Gods suddenly realized that they couldn’t locate Marvin at all…

Without knowing it, they had already left the Collapsed Earth of the Elemental Plane of Earth.

They were in a pitch-black room.

“Welcome to the Eternal Night Kingdom.”

Marvin’s voice was just like a nightmare descending, and his presence seemed to be coming from all directions!

Now that he had used the Night Monarch’s Artifact here, Marvin didn’t plan to let these three Gods escape!

He was going for the kill.

Since these three Gods wanted to capture him and take his Fate Tablet, they would inevitably have to pay the price for it!

Eternal Night Kingdom was a very powerful Artifact, and few could contend with it. And this Artifact not only could be used to escape, but it could also be used to restrict someone’s movements!

In an instant, darkness descended and swallowed everything.

The Black Dragon God’s howl could still be heard shrieking out!

The Dream God and the Queen of Spider were thoroughly spooked as they saw that a blood-red imprint had appeared in the Black Dragon God’s Divine Source!

Whenever he was attacked, this imprint would grow one more layer!

This was the most frightening power of the Sodom’s Blades against Gods!

[Slaughterer Imprint]!

Whenever Sodom’s Blades hit a Divine being, it would add a Slaughterer Imprint onto his Divine Source!

Each Slaughterer Imprint would effectively halve the number of resurrections of that God by increasing Divine Source expenditure for all recovery abilities by two-fold!


This was a terrifying effect!

The Black Dragon God could originally resurrect some twenty times!

But with the weakening effects of the Slaughterer Imprint, he wouldn’t have so many chances.

As they realized all this, the Dream God and the Queen of Spiders felt terrified!

“We have to go!”

“We have to flee this place! This is the Eternal Night Kingdom of the Night Monarch! I truly never thought that he’d have inherited the will of the Night Monarch and gained the ability to control this Artifact. We can’t beat him here,” the Dream God said in a hurry.

He tried using a Divine Spell to break the seal around the Eternal Night Kingdom.

But it was all in vain!

Marvin simply didn’t pay any attention to their actions!

He only repeatedly brandished Sodom’s Blades and slashed down!

In a short thirty seconds, the Eternal Night Kingdom was filled with the cries of the Black Dragon God!

The Black Dragon God, who only had his last life left, unveiled his true Divine Body!

He was a Black Dragon that wasn’t any smaller than White River Valley!

Marvin looked like an ant in front of it!

But that huge monster was filled with fear while looking at Marvin.

An evil sound like grinding teeth came out of Sodom’s Blades!

That was the sounds of the blades’ spirit letting out an excited cheer!

This was a true weapon of murder. To the Gods, its birth was just a nightmare, all its properties were specialized for fighting Gods and their followers!

It was like Weeping Sky, which was specialized for Dragons.

Marvin wasn’t flustered at all in the presence of that immense Black Dragon.

While inside the Eternal Night Kingdom, not only did his strength double, but he also had the ability to move instantaneously!

Along with his incredible burst power, these three Gods were bound to meet their ends here.

The large Dragon bellowed and spat out a Dragon Breath in desperation.

Marvin was just like a ghost as he flickered above the Black Dragon.

He was so fast that even if the Dream God and the Queen of Spiders wanted to save the Black Dragon God, they wouldn’t be able to do anything! But at this point, they were each thinking only of themselves!

In a flash, Sodom’s Blades disappeared from his hands!

They were replaced by a spear with a dense killing intent!

Weeping Sky!

The Dragon Slaying Spear!

Under the influence of Marvin’s power, the Dragon Slaying Spear ruthlessly pierced the Black Dragon God’s neck, slamming him down and nailing his body to the ground!

The last bit of Divine Source was also shattered, disappearing!

Marvin raised his head and coldly looked at the Dream God and the Queen of Spiders as they struggled to escape this place.

“The Fate Tablet is here! If you want it, come get it,” Marvin softly announced as he placed his hands over his chest.

He stepped over the Black Dragon God’s corpse gracefully, but in the eyes of the two Gods, he seemed just like a crazy Demon.

“Split up and flee!”

The Dream God clenched his teeth and immediately disappeared.

A hint of disdain flashed in Marvin’s eyes.

‘You want to flee from inside the Eternal Night Kingdom?’

‘You think too highly of yourself.’

He shook the spear in his hands, re-equipped Sodom’s Blades, and began aiming at his next target!

Inside the God Realms.

Because of the appearance of Marvin and the Dragon Thief, the God Realms were thrown into extreme instability.

Fortunately, two of Great Gods had announced that Marvin and that Dragon Thief had been driven out by them.

The God Realms temporarily regained their peace.

But that peace didn’t last long. A terrifying throb echoed in the Gods’ hearts!

It was like something related to them fell!

At that time, the Gods remembered the scene before the Shadow Realm fell!

“No good! A God fell!”

Even Moon Goddess Faniya and Truth Goddess Molly were visibly agitated.

The fall of a God Realm was a very serious matter. if not handled properly, it might lead to a chain reaction and destroy the entire structure of the God Realms.

At that time, the weakened God Realms might be attacked by Hell or the Abyss!


Gods arrived at the location.

“It was the Black Dragon God!”

“What’s going on? Why is his God Realm collapsing? Could he have already fallen?”

“Didn’t he leave with the God of Dawn and Protection and the War God to head to the Elemental Plane of Earth?”

The Gods were puzzled.

“I’ll deal with it,” Faniya quickly reassured.

In any case, now wasn’t the time to consider how the Black Dragon God had fallen. She first had to control the process of the God Realm’s collapse and stabilize its fall into the Astral Plane without getting in contact with other God Realms.

But at this time, the Gods felt another throbbing!


“Heavens! The Queen of Spiders!” a God couldn’t help screeching!

Another one fell!

The Truth Goddess frowned as she appeared in front of that God Realm. Her Truth Scale stabilized the collapsing vortex, preventing it from creating more trouble.

But the fear shrouding the hearts of the Gods slowly increased.

How did these two Gods die?

But before they could figure it out, that throbbing appeared for the 3rd time!

This time, the Gods fell completely silent!

They found out that the 3rd God Realm that was collapsing was the Dream Realm!

“Shit! There aren’t enough Ancient Gods!”

“The Dream God’s fall might spread to the other surrounding God Realms!”

The Gods were panicking!

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