Night Ranger – Night Ranger Chapter 725 Elemental Life Mark

Chapter 725: Elemental Life Mark

Chapter 725: Elemental Life Mark

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Indeed, when Marvin saw that rocky figure looking indifferently at the intruders, his first thought was that it was the Earth Sovereign!

Because it looked exactly like what he had seen in the game.

That foot that was able to suppress Tiramisu was using the Earth Essence of the Earth Sovereign.

Surely only the Earth Sovereign could have such pure Earth Essence that could even suppress a Time Dragon!

But what made Marvin somewhat puzzled was that the Earth Sovereign had always been known as being stern, yet kindhearted.

Why would he appear here in the Collapsed Earth, and why would he attack an Eternal Time Dragon without warning?

After all, the Elemental Planes definitely didn’t have any special relationship with the God Realms, so this couldn’t have been done on their behalf!


“Bastard! Quickly release this handsome Dragon!”

Tiramisu was boiling with anger.

His entire body was pressed down by that huge stone foot!

The earth of the Elemental Plane of Earth seemed to have a terrifying restrictive effect that allowed it to suppress even an Eternal Time Dragon! They were in the heart of the Elemental Plane, where the Earth Sovereign could exert the most power!

Coldness flashed in Marvin’s heart.

The Elemental Planes were definitely the strongest force. Fortunately, the four Elemental Sovereigns usually had no desires. They just made sought to maintain balance.

‘What’s going on?’

‘Could it be that even the Elemental Sovereigns can’t restrain their greed? Even these Sovereigns known for having almost no desires are tempted by it?’

Marvin recalled his experience in the Elemental Plane of Water, with the gradually degenerating Water Sovereign. He could also feel something subtly wrong with the aura of the rocky giant before him. Marvin’s heart sank.

The Earth Sovereign ignored Tiramisu’s curses, only looking coldly at Marvin.

“Thing… Hand… Over…”

The words came out very slowly in stilted Common.

Marvin’s heart calmed down.

This was different from the Earth Sovereign that he remembered!

Although the Elemental Sovereigns were cut off from the rest of the world, they were extremely intelligent and could learn things very quickly. None of the Elemental Sovereigns were unable to speak Common.

But this guy before him seemed to have trouble speaking.

And the pronunciation was very weird. If Marvin hadn’t had excellent hearing, he might not have understood what the Elemental had tried to say!

“Thing? You mean the Fate Tablet?” Marvin probed.

The hulking figure nodded and then demanded in a slow and wicked tone, “Hand over… Otherwise… Kill you…”

This sentence made Marvin completely scratch his initial assumption!

This guy couldn’t possibly be the Earth Sovereign!

Although it looked exactly the same, how could an Elemental Sovereign not be able to speak Common?

The previous words were shaky, sounding sort of like a countryside farmer with a very heavy accent. The tone was also rather odd.

Furthermore, if the real Earth Sovereign wanted the Fate Tablet, he wouldn’t speak with Marvin. He would directly make a move!

Plane Guardians were truly powerful!

But Elemental Sovereigns were the peak existences in this Universe. Some even surmised that their strength exceeded that of many Ancient Gods, and that they were second only to the most powerful God, Lance!

Thinking of this, Marvin felt a lot calmer.

He suddenly inspected a few places on the Rock Monster.

Marvin had seen information concerning the Earth Sovereign back in the game, and he truly looked like the Rock Monster in front of him.

But he didn’t feel the pressure that should have accompanied the presence of an Elemental Sovereign.

The pressure of an Elemental Sovereign far exceeded Dragon Might and Divine Pressure. Any lifeform with Essence would be under their rule!

Even if Marvin had the advanced False Divine Vessel, he wouldn’t be completely immune!

So the attacker in front of them couldn’t be the Earth Sovereign!

But it definitely was closely related to the Earth Sovereign in some way. Otherwise, the Eternal Time Dragon wouldn’t be in such a miserable situation!

After all, he had been able to slap the War God three times!

Marvin took a deep breath. It looked like he would have to handle this problem on his own.

He slowly took out Sodom’s Blades.

The Rock Monster angrily boomed, “Kill…”

At this instant, the stone in the surroundings fell down toward Marvin like a meteor shower!

If it was someone else, they might only be able to block.

But after reaching the Plane Guardian level and forming the Night Ring, his Post-Godly Dexterity had become something more!

His silhouette could be seen traveling back and forth, sometimes jumping, sometimes disappearing. This large-scale attack was completely ineffective against Marvin!

Marvin’s movements apparently infuriated the Rock Monster. It bellowed in a deep voice and started chanting in a language that Marvin couldn’t understand, despite having learned all the languages of Feinan.

At this time, Marvin realized something strange.

He looked at the chest area of the Rock Monster and saw that it was letting out a faint black light.

That black light seemed a bit familiar to Marvin.

Along with that black light, black circles surrounded the Elemental.

‘This is… its Elemental Life Mark?’

‘I can see its Elemental Life Mark?’

Marvin was shocked.

Elemental Life Marks were specific to Elemental lifeforms.

Usually, the most effective way to kill an Elemental was to cut the Elemental Life Mark.

But the Elemental Life Marks were usually hidden.

In the game, the Elemental’s mark would only appear when it had 5% HP remaining.

It was at that time that the rogues would join the battle one after another.

Because striking hard and fast at a single point was the job of Assassins and Rangers!

But now, Marvin didn’t have to do anything to his opponent to have its Elemental Life Mark be faintly discernible.

‘What’s going on?’

Marvin was confused.

But he knew that this was an opportunity. And Marvin had always been good at grasping opportunities!

He suddenly disappeared!

Night Boundary!


His body suddenly rushed forward, almost hitting the Rock Monster!

In that split second, he felt a powerful force that tried to repel him!

But Marvin still slashed down!

The spatial slash of Sodom’s Blades landed on the Elemental Life Mark!

Something seemed to break.

Marvin looked over. Out of the original 9 Elemental Life Marks, only 8 now remained!

The attack was effective!

The chanting Rock Monster was frightened by Marvin’s dash and was injured by his attack!

It bellowed, shaking the entirety of the Collapsed Earth.

Sand flew everywhere, sticking to its body, seemingly forming a layer of protection.

“Turns out you are that weak…”

“Or did you use up all your power to suppress Tiramisu because you thought that I was an easy target?”

Indeed, the monster seemed to instinctively realize that it couldn’t afford to let the Eternal Time Dragon get free.

Marvin laughed, killing intent flashing in his eyes.

The next second, Sodom’s Blades burst out once more!

The crimson blades broke through the sand!

They cut through another Elemental Life Mark.

Even at that time, Marvin suddenly saw the source of that black light.

“Book of Nalu?!”

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