Night Ranger – Night Ranger Chapter 731 Redemption 1

Chapter 731: Redemption (1)

Chapter 731: Redemption (1)

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In the center of Feinan.

In the boundless sea of green, an Abyssal Gate was standing in the area east of the Supreme Jungle.

The bloody river from the Abyss was slowly flowing into this land.

Countless Druids were gathered in the eastern defensive line, and they followed behind the Migratory Bird Council’s Great Druids, solemnly preparing for this war.

The masses of Demons were riding ships from the bottomless Abyss, passing through a bloody river to reach Feinan.

The sky was grey, not much different from night time. Ever since that Astral Beast died, its corpse was still in Feinan’s sky, blocking a good amount of the sunshine.

The dark and gloomy weather was just like the mood of the inhabitants of the Supreme Jungle.

The Abyssal Gate had appeared half a month early. This time, it was the offensive of a Demon Lord that was well-known in Feinan.

The spatial laws had finally recovered from the collapse of the Universe Magic Pool, so the truly powerful could now approach Feinan.

One after the other, the Gods descended.

They were mostly focusing on the North and the West, starting to spread the area that their preaching would cover. Among them, the Three Northern Cities, whose leader had gone missing, were still headed by the God of Dawn and Protection. They were able to grow and thrive under his leadership.

The other Gods couldn’t do much more. They began descending with their true bodies, and with their great power, it was hard for people to raise objections against them.

Besides the few forces who had a Source of Fire’s Order, the Gods’ flames were already blazing over every corner of Feinan.

But they hadn’t laid hands on the Supreme Jungle and the Migratory Bird Council yet.

After some failed negotiations, that group of stubborn followers of the Ancient Nature God didn’t accept the “kindness” of any of the Gods, and they decided to guard their own territory tightly.

Thus, this fight broke out.

The Demon army invaded and the Gods watched from the sidelines.

The Sorcerers from the Lavis Kingdom looked at the countless Demons coming from the bloody river but couldn’t stop them all. They felt sorrowful, as times had changed.

The Era of Gods had finally arrived.

Even if they didn’t want to admit it, it was true that the strongest forces of Feinan could barely defend themselves.

There currently weren’t any gods fighting these forces yet, but they had already publicly announced that they weren’t protecting these areas.

This caused those from the outer planes to target the natives when attacking Feinan.

This was something unavoidable.

Even the strongest Demons also knew that they should choose the softest target to be able to plunder and destroy more.

This group chose to attack the Supreme Jungle.

There weren’t many forces still holding on in Feinan. White River Valley, which was the most famous, had their Overlord leave around half a month ago with no word of him since. It was very difficult for the substitute Lord Constantine to keep defending the territory, despite relying on the Sanctuary to resist the Gods’ pressure. It was clearly impossible for them to provide assistance to the Supreme Jungle. It was the same for the Three Sisters of Rocky Mountain who were being schemed against by the Twin Goddess. However, before the other side’s plot prevailed, Lorie’s Wisdom Ability, which had become stronger than it was when Marvin last saw her, had helped her manage to figure out the content of the plot in advance, giving them time to prevent it. But even so, Rocky Mountain’s current situation was also a mess.

The attitude of the Elves, Ancient Gnomes, and Vampires was unclear.

After the High Elves set up in Jewel Bay under Butterfly’s leadership, there had been no movement. This clearly wasn’t a show of weakness, but rather, a wait-and-see attitude. Thousand Leaves Forest’s Great Elven King Ivan actually wanted to help, but in the end, he was urged via a letter from the High Elves to hold back. As for the content of the letter, it wasn’t made known. As for the Ancient Gnomes and the Vampires, the former just returned to Feinan and only thought of protecting their own territory, even if the Abyssal Gate wasn’t that far from them, they only showed their floating city that could resist all attacks, looking down from its walls. As for the Vampires, after Primogenitor Yin returned, their whereabouts seemed very strange, they rarely moved in groups and seemed to be looking for something.

It was to the point that now, when the Migratory Bird Council began to request help from its allies, they were surprised to find that the only one that would extend help was actually the Lavis Dukedom in the North. Daniela sent a Sorcerer Squadron to provide assistance, but despite the group of Sorcerers having impressive strength, it was just definitely not enough against that army of Demons.

At the frontlines of the battlefield where the fighting was about to start, the Migratory Bird Council’s side had prepared many defenses.

On one of the defensive bridgeheads, Old Ent was solemnly looking into the distance.

“Sorry… I failed in the mission to destroy the Abyssal Gate.”

Great Druid Sky Fury lowered his head, feeling somewhat ashamed.

He stood next to Shadow Thief Owl. The old Legend also participated in this mission, as he was affiliated with Lavis Dukedom in a way.

But they were still lacking manpower. With the abilities of Sky Fury and Owl, they weren’t able to destroy the Abyssal Gate that had been painstakingly raised by that Demon Lord.

“It doesn’t matter, this is our fate,” Old Ent said in a low voice. “Maybe if all the members of the Old Alliance of the Seven Orders were here, the outcome could have been different.”

Everyone behind him remained silent.

Ever since the Gods descended, Inheim, who had spent a long time in the past chasing the Shadow Prince, was now on the blacklist of the Gods and was the one being chased incessantly by them. And the Old Alliance of the Seven Orders was with Inheim, avoiding the pursuit together.

The Legends on the list included Copper Dragon Professor and Blade Master Kangen.

The continent sank into an unprecedented chaos.

The powerhouses of mankind had to constantly fight a retreating battle with the Gods, and the Demons and Evil Spirits took advantage of this to begin infiltrating Feinan.

As for Hell… Who knew what those Devils were doing? The news that kept coming from Hell was shocking. Apparently, Diross’ army had almost swept through the entirety of the Nine Hells. If that man really unified the Nine Hells, it might cast a shadow over Feinan’s future.

What made the Migratory Bird Council’s situation even worse was that they didn’t have all their Great Druids!

Previously, Endless Ocean and a few others went to the Green Sea Paradise to look for the Ancient Nature God’s associate. They weren’t sure what the cause might be, but perhaps they had been delayed because of planar differences. Despite Half-God Minsk already arriving at the Supreme Jungle, their power was still lacking.

“Today might be the day we die.”

Old Ent looked at the Celestial Deer that had come uninvited. “You aren’t part of this territory, you shouldn’t be buried with us,” he entreated.

Lorant shook his head.

He glanced at that army of Demon and gently said, “That isn’t important.”

“In fact, I was just thinking about something else… where has that guy gone?”

All that were present fell silent when they heard these words.

Everyone in Feinan had been curious about it.

Marvin had disappeared half a month ago… Where was he now?!

At the same time, on a boat filled with Demons, a small curled-up Demon couldn’t help yawning.

‘It’s sad having no Planar Teleportation spells.’

‘Being forced to take a boat back home is even sadder… But it is still strange that such a small Demon was dragged into a fighting squad like this.’

‘This boat should be leading to the Upper Planes… but… surely it’s too early for an Abyssal Gate to open in Feinan!?’

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