Night Ranger – Night Ranger Chapter 733 Redemption 3

Chapter 733: Redemption (3)

Chapter 733: Redemption (3)

Translator: Shiraishi Editor: TheAlliance

The night descended from the Blood River’s shore and surrounded the entire Demon Army in an instant!

Eternal Night Kingdom!

All the Demons were shocked!

What was going on?

It was common sense that even if they were in total darkness, they should still be able to easily see their surroundings through their Darkvision.

But at this moment, when the night fell, they were actually no longer able to see anything at all!

Even those few Demons that were at the Legend Realm were trapped in the Eternal Night Kingdom!

A Demon Lord’s roar could faintly be heard from the depths of the Abyss.

But even though the roar came through the Abyssal Gate, he still was unable to come out, as he was busy presiding over the ritual of the Blood River.

But he had instantly figured who had come!

He was very shocked and very angry!

As far as he knew, this powerhouse from Feinan should have still been busy fighting with the Gods. He shouldn’t have had time to come help the Supreme Jungle.

He had been missing for half a month.

At the same time, he was also unaware that the guy who was viewed as a disaster by the Gods had reached the level of a Plane Guardian!

“This is… Marvin?”

Shadow Thief Owl looked into the darkness in the distance with a shocked expression. “I heard the Eternal Night Kingdom was handed to him.”

“Marvin returned?” Lorant was also quite surprised. “Does he plan to deal with an army of a hundred thousand Demons on his own?”

“Or is he helping us stall for time?”

None of the ordinary Druids were sure what to do either, but fortunately, a few Great Druids quickly reacted and ordered a retreat!

No one knew what Marvin had planned!

But they knew that Marvin’s appearance was definitely good news.

Moreover, he had instantly used Eternal Night Kingdom. With their understanding of Marvin, if he wasn’t completely sure of himself, he wouldn’t have made such a move! Anyways, no one else would be able to enter to help him while it was active.

“Now!” Old Ent decisively shouted.

“Yes?” Sky Fury seemed a bit unsure of what he meant.

The next moment, a bright radiance fell from the sky!

Star Burst!

Old Ent spread his hands and chanted forcefully.

The Legendary Star Burst spell made a multitude of stars fall down.

But these exploding stars weren’t targeting the curtain of darkness.


A meteor smashed directly into the ethereal eyes, shattering them!

The targets of these falling stars were those pairs of eyes in the sky watching the war with amusement.

Everyone suddenly realized!

Old Ent’s targets were those vile bystanders!

With Marvin’s current enmity with the God Realms, they definitely couldn’t let any Gods realize that Marvin was here.

Not wanting to be outdone, everyone else followed suit!

The group of Druids from the Supreme Forest were very dissatisfied with the Gods, as were Celestial Deer Lorant and Shadow Thief Owl.

On the surface, they didn’t actually attack Supreme Jungle yet, but they were ready to make a move on their land at any time!

This was the land of the Ancient Nature God’s followers!

These shameless New Gods didn’t dare to attack it directly while it was at full strength, so they were borrowing the hands of the Demons while brazenly looking what ensued.

They were simply scum!

The Gods’ scouts hadn’t thought that the Supreme Jungle’s Legends would rush across to attack them as soon as the darkness surrounded the battlefield.

Old Ent’s Star Burst fell ruthlessly onto the eyes and ears of the God Realms!

In an instant, the other side of the Blood River became chaotic. Under the cover the Great Druids, Shadow Thief Owl was like a Demon, appearing and disappearing unpredictably, harvesting the lives of the Divine Servants who were caught off guard!

He was truly an expert assassin, and although the Shadow Thief class was a rogue class that typically had low fighting strength, that group had already been bombarded by Old Ent’s spell and was in chaos and confusion. This was the perfect opportunity for him to take advantage of their crisis!

The Migratory Bird Council’s sudden move stunned the God Realms.

They were confused by the decision. How could that group of Druids dare to go against them?

Could this be their last act of craziness before dying?

But most Gods were still focused on the suddenly descended darkness, actively sending followers to investigate. Only a few Gods noticed something wrong and tried to use Divine spells for long-distance viewing, but the Supreme Jungle was a Sanctuary that was filled with Nature Power, so what they could see was blurry.

After the Gods’ eyes were eliminated in an instant, the Druids stopped moving.

Angry roars echoed from the Abyssal Gate, but the Eternal Night Kingdom itself was deadly quiet.

After about three minutes, a lazy voice came out. “No matter how much you yell, it’s not like you can come out, or am I wrong?”

Sure enough, it was Marvin’s voice!

Everyone was shocked.

The darkness then dissipated.

The sudden joy on their face was replaced by shock!

The Blood River was no longer flowing upwards, and instead started receding.

The hundred thousand Demons on the Blood River’s shore had turned into corpses!

Marvin stood among the sea of blood and pointed a dagger at the Abyssal Gate and calmly declared, “There is always a Plane Guardian in Feinan.”

Just as he finished his sentence, he leapt, Sodom’s Blades reaping through space as he slashed that Abyssal Gate in two!

The Abyssal Blood River completely dried up, and the roar from the Demon Lord was cut off.

Huge swathes of corpses littered the outskirts of the Supreme Jungle, bringing with them an intense smell of blood.

Never mind those average Druids, even the Great Druids were filled with fear.

It was completely astounding that after vanishing for half a month, Marvin would make such an awe-inspiring appearance in Feinan and slaughter a hundred thousand Demons!

An army that almost certainly would have destroyed the Supreme Jungle had been easily taken care of by Marvin.

How could this not shock them?

Naturally, he couldn’t avoid greeting them.

Marvin wanted to know about the current situation of White River Valley so Shadow Thief Owl quickly brought him up to speed.

Half a month ago, after Marvin and Tiramisu wreaked havoc in the Gods Realms, they no longer knew what had happened to those two.

The Time Dragon was said to have been sealed by Grant inside an Artifact, but no one knew exactly where.

Afterwards, the Gods descended one after the other and started breaking up the land, spreading their influence and establishing their own forces.

As for White River Valley, the Gods dispatched some people to probe it, but the Ancient Sanctuary established by Marvin was still standing strong.

Even if a God could break it, he would be greatly injured at the very least.

In this era of fighting over Faith, even if the God Realms were organized, they also didn’t trust each other.

Their repeated probing should have been an attempt to force Marvin out.

Unfortunately, Constantine and the others struck back fiercely, and Marvin had yet to appear, so the Gods didn’t make a move on White River Valley yet. After all, if they did destroy White River Valley while Marvin wasn’t there, he would most likely stay hidden wherever he was until he could harness the power of the Fate Table in order to get his revenge, and that wasn’t something the Gods wanted to see.

Hearing that White River Valley was still safe, Marvin sighed in relief.

These past two weeks, the thing he was most afraid of was that the Gods would take their anger out on White River Valley, but it seemed that they were more concerned about building their forces while waiting for Marvin to appear!

And in the past few days, there were even some small-scale conflicts among the Gods over territories!

From this, it could be seen that the God Realms weren’t as idyllic as they seemed to be.

Marvin didn’t stay long in the Supreme Jungle. He knew that now that he had come back to Feinan, he might be noticed by those Gods’ Divinations any time now.

Right now, time was of the essence!

He had to quickly find the last two pages of the Book of Nalu!

But he discovered with regret that there was still no news from the Green Sea Paradise that led to the Fallen Star Field. It seemed that a power was separating the connection between them.

When Marvin said that he would leave while waiting for the connection to recover, Old Ent told Marvin that he would notify him when it happened.

After all, Marvin saved them from a huge crisis this time, saved the entire Supreme Forest. Whether it was his strength or friendship, the Migratory Bird Council had completely approved of this quickly maturing youth.

After Marvin left the Supreme Jungle, he didn’t return to White River Valley.

He went to Rocky Mountain.

He had learnt from the Migratory Bird Council that the Twin Goddess was instigating the West Coast’s forces to attack Hope City.

The Three Fate Sisters were apparently having a hard time.

Moreover, Marvin was worried about his Fate Imprint becoming faded.

This had to have some sort of meaning.

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