Night Ranger – Night Ranger Chapter 732 Redemption 2

Chapter 732: Redemption (2)

Chapter 732: Redemption (2)

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The Abyss’ bloody river was flowing calmly, and under the mysterious ritual of the Demon Lord, the river actually flowed upstream, heading for the upper planes.

Marvin, who had disguised himself as a Demon, didn’t know that he had actually infiltrated the Demon Army and was participating in Feinan’s invasion up until he saw the Abyssal Gate in front of him and caught sight of that familiar forest.

‘This is… Feinan?!’

Marvin’s eyes shone.

He had drifted in the bottomless Abyss for half a month, looking for a way to return to Feinan.

But because of the Gods’ pursuit, he had to restrain his aura. Without the Eternal Time Dragon accompanying him, Marvin couldn’t travel between planes on his own. The only Teleportation point that he could get to was White River Valley, and in his first attempt, he was noticed by the Great Gods and was almost ganged up on by Grant and Anubis.

For Marvin, apart from facing the Three Great Gods and the Ancient Gods, he wasn’t afraid of anyone. He only had headaches from having to deal with Grant and Anubis.

Without Tiramisu, he simply still wasn’t able to deal with these Gods.

With no news of the Eternal Time Dragon, he could only rely on his own power to return to Feinan.

During that time, he also used his Fate Imprint to try to get in touch with Jessica to request help from them, but to his surprise, the Fate Imprint in his body wasn’t working anymore.

His aura as the Child of the Plane had also disappeared.

Marvin could faintly guess some things.

Since things had reached this stage, he could only use his Fate Sorcerer Disguise ability to turn into a small Demon.

After half a month of mingling and drifting, he eventually ended up going along the Abyssal Blood River and was taken in by that group sturdy Demons.

Marvin, who was familiar with the Abyss, knew that such a situation had to be due to a Demon Lord preparing to set out for some Upper Plane.

After all, there was a huge price to pay to go up the Blood River. The Bottomless Abyss and the Nine Hells were at a similar level, so there was no need to go through the Blood River to reach them. Therefore, the only target worth such efforts were the Upper Planes.

Regardless of whether it was the Prime Material Plane or those Secondary Planes, Marvin was willing to head that way.

At the very least, it was one step closer to home.

But he never would have thought that such a risky trip would actually go so smoothly!

His journey back to Feinan from the Abyss took a mere three days!

Moreover, he noticed a lot of Sorcerers from Lavis and Great Druids from the Migratory Bird Council gathered together.

He saw Old Ent on that bridgehead, as well as the conspicuous Celestial Deer.

“I finally returned!”

The heavens had pity on him. In the half a month that he spent wandering in the Abyss, Marvin had already cursed at Tiramisu countless times.

The Demon Overseer on the side suddenly noticed a small Demon jumping out in spite of his orders. He became annoyed and got his whip ready to teach the little runt a lesson.

But the boat landed at this time. At the Demon Lord’s command, the masses of Demons rushed down, forming a very chaotic scene. That Demon Overseer was almost washed away and lost track of that small Demon that he wanted to punish.

Marvin was advancing along through the mess.

He had already experienced the chaos of Demons. Marching to battle was simply something enjoyable for them. They had no discipline, and the only thing worth praising about them was their courage and easily to raise morale. But compared to the Devils, the order was simply the worst.

There were more than a hundred thousand Demons being transported through the Blood River!

This amount was a terrifying thought for the sparse population of Feinan.

But Marvin could see that among these hundred thousand Demons, three-quarters were small Demons that looked like him, and had been probably been press-ganged too.

These small Demons had strength comparable to that of ordinary farmers, and they didn’t have any fighting awareness. They could only cause chaos.

But a quarter of these Demons were much stronger.

‘Their goal is the Supreme Jungle?’

Marvin reacted very quickly. It could be seen from the state of the Migratory Bird Council’s defenses that this battle might have already started a while ago.

But with the arrival of this wave of Demons, the horn signaling the Abyss’ attack would soon echo!

Just as expected, when Marvin, as a little Demon, wandered through the tide of Demons, no one bothered about him.

The Demon Overseers were doing their best to order the small Demons to stay in formation, but it was mostly useless.

It would take a long time for these Demons picked up in the Abyss to integrate into the army.

But the war imminent.

The forces of the Druids of the Migratory Bird Council only amounted to roughly three thousand.

Around a hundred thousand fighting against only about three thousand… such a huge difference in numbers.

Despite the Supreme Jungle having a large number of Great Druids, the Demon side also had many fierce Legend Realm Greater Demons.

It seemed that the fall of the Supreme Jungle would just be a matter of time.

Marvin looked at the pairs of ghostly eyes floating in the sky, watching this battle.

Each pair of eyes represented a God!

‘The Gods already descended?’

‘What about White River Valley? Since I’m still alive, they shouldn’t dare make a move on White River Valley.’ Worry coursed through Marvin’s heart.

But the most important matter now was still to help the Supreme Jungle through this crisis.

Not least because the 5th page of the Book of Nalu, [Redemption], was located in the Fallen Star Field, and that place could only be reached by the Great Druids.

This was because the Fallen Star Field only had one entrance, the Green Sea Paradise. It was said to be the rear garden of the Ancient Nature God.

A hundred thousand Demons… Marvin from the past might have been afraid.

But the current Marvin already had the strength of a Plane Guardian!

They were called Plane Guardians because they had the strength to protect their plane!

‘The only problem is those eyes.’

‘I have to quickly resolve this fight without letting these scouts find me and then report it to their Gods!’

Marvin knew that these gazes weren’t focused on him. They were only waiting to harvest the fruits of the fight. Once the Demon Army had taken over the Supreme Jungle, the Gods might order their subordinates to chase down the Demons and justifiably occupy this fertile land.

But Marvin’s appearance came with peculiar timing, considering the presence of the Demons and Gods.

Once he made a move, he would definitely be noticed, and at that time, even the Cloak wouldn’t be of any use.

Marvin truly didn’t want to be entangled with Grant or Anubis without Tiramisu.

‘Looks like I still have to use that Artifact…’

‘Fortunately, I’ve been wandering through the Abyss for so long that it had already cooled down.’

Marvin’s silhouette quickly traveled back and forth through the Demon Army, silently making preparations.

After another half an hour, there were no more Demons coming up from the Blood River, but the Abyssal Gate still had yet to close.

A large horde of Demons gathered outside the Supreme Jungle.

The sounds of horns echoed across the land!

Marvin, who was familiar with the rules of the Abyss, knew that this was the signal to attack!

On the stronghold’s bridgehead, the Great Druids showed deathly expressions.

“Fight! Children of Nature…”

Old Ent shouted a passionate war cry which was followed by an aura that blessed them with strength. The blood of all the young Druids’ was boiling!

But at that time, everyone shockingly found out that an impenetrable darkness was spreading out from the Demon Army!

Darkness descended.

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