Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3769

Chapter 843 – Abyss Workshop

Should I risk it?

Even after taking the Abyss Workshop Certification out of his bag, Shi Feng remained hesitant.

Although he had obtained the Abyss Workshop Certification long ago, he could never bring himself to waste his first visit to the Abyss Workshop.

The Abyss Workshop.

It was a name rarely seen in the history books of the human race’s Greater God’s Domain. The players who had visited the Abyss Workshop were also few and far between. Yet, the Abyss Workshop was publicly acknowledged as one of the Greater God’s Domain’s Three Great Workshops. It was a place that gathered the most advanced technologies to have ever appeared in the Greater God’s Domain. It was also one of the most expensive places in the Greater God’s Domain.

From what he had heard in his previous life, the Abyss Workshop sold items beyond one’s imagination, such as Advanced Epic Combat Puppets that could rival Tier 6 Gods. It was also rumored that on their first visit, each player would be offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to purchase Divine Artifacts and World Sources!

Be it Divine Artifacts or World Sources, either could help Shi Feng tremendously. However, although the Abyss Workshop allowed players to acquire incredible items with great convenience, this convenience came with extortionate markups. This, in turn, caused even the smallest transactions to exceed 10 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal. With the going rate for Divine Artifacts at 100 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal, Shi Feng didn’t even dare to imagine how much he would need to buy a Divine Artifact from the Abyss Workshop.

Although World Sources were less valuable than Divine Artifacts, they were much rarer. This was because World Sources typically only appeared after the destruction of a Realm. Most players would spend their lives without ever experiencing such an event, let alone its byproduct.

After Shi Feng obtained the Feather of Oath, he had constantly thought about how to repair it. Unfortunately, World Sources were incredibly rare. Even an apex power like the Seven Luminaries Alliance would have difficulty obtaining one. Not to mention, repairing the Feather of Oath required six World Sources.

Hence, Shi Feng dared not enter the Abyss Workshop without a sufficiently large stockpile of Seven Luminaries Crystals. He would regret it for the rest of his life if he entered without enough Seven Luminaries Crystals to buy a Divine Artifact or a World Source.

Now, though, he had 200 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal in his possession. This was an amount that even apex powers would have difficulty taking out on short notice. It was also enough to buy two Divine Artifacts. Although the Abyss Workshop imposed extortionate markups on its products, he felt 200 million units should be enough to buy at least one Divine Artifact.

To hell with it! After thinking it over, Shi Feng chose to teleport to the Abyss Workshop. With what I have right now, I should be able to afford the average Divine Artifact! I just hope I don’t get offered top-tier Divine Artifacts!

After entering the Abyss Portal and experiencing an hour-long teleportation, Shi Feng appeared before a shipyard floating in the Void Sea. The entire shipyard was less than a hundred yards in length and width. Compared to Flying Ships that typically measured hundreds of yards, it looked no different from a birdcage.

Is this the Abyss Workshop? Shi Feng couldn’t help but doubt his eyes as he looked at the small shipyard before him.

The Abyss Workshop was one of the Three Great Workshops. Some players in his previous life even felt it deserved to be ranked number one among the Three Great Workshops. Thus, he found it hard to believe the small shipyard before him could have anything to do with the Abyss Workshop.

“That fellow’s token still exists in this era?” Before Shi Feng could inspect the shipyard, a pleasant female voice came from it. Then, a female elf with long silver hair dressed in shabby work clothes stepped out of the shipyard from a small iron door, yawning as she said, “Since you came here with that fellow’s token, you can come inside.”

Although the silver-haired elf spoke without any hostility, Shi Feng felt an existential threat.

[Enos] (? ? ?)
Level ? ? ?
HP ? ? ? ? ? ?

Besides her name, every other section of the silver-haired elf’s personal information was filled with question marks. This was a situation Shi Feng had only encountered once in all his lives, and that was when he came face to face with a Primordial God!

Of course, the Primordial God in question wasn’t a living one, only the soul of a Primordial God who had died many years ago. Even so, the soul was still many times stronger than the average phantom conjured by a Primordial God.

The silver-haired elf, on the other hand, was a living creature. She definitely wasn’t a phantom or a soul.


This led Shi Feng to think of a possibility—the silver-haired elf was a living Primordial God! An existence that could crush Ancient Gods like ants!

“You came at the right time. I happen to have a batch of newly made items that I can sell to you,” Enos said, yawning as she pointed at a pile of items inside the shipyard. “You have five minutes to decide. Leave once your time is up. This isn’t a place a little fellow like you should visit right now.”

Heeding Enos’s warning, Shi Feng quickly approached the item pile and scanned it.

There were 33 items available for sale, and every one of them made Shi Feng drool. If possible, he would very much want to buy everything.

Of the 33 items on sale, 16 were Advanced Epic Combat Puppets, each strong enough to rival Ancient Gods. If these 16 Advanced Epic Combat Puppets operated together, they could form a Small Gold Battle Array that could further strengthen them. Even one of these Advanced Epic Combat Puppets could incite the various apex powers into action if brought to the outside world. However, besides their incredible power, these Advanced Epic Combat Puppets also came with an incredible price tag, each selling for 120 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal.

Aside from the Advanced Epic Combat Puppets, Enos also sold a Legendary Flying Ship, nine Craftsman-ranked Potions, and six World Sources.

[God of the North Sea] (Legendary Flying Ship)
It has the power to clash with Ancient Gods.
Selling Price: 600,000,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal

[Four Gods Potion] (Craftsman Potion)
When consumed, the Four Gods Potion grants a permanent improvement to Concentration. Each player can consume up to three bottles in their lifetime.
Selling Price: 60,000,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal

[World Source] (Divine Artifact)
An item born from the destruction of a Realm.
Selling Price: 50,000,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal

While Shi Feng was in awe of Enos’s wealth, his gaze fell on the last item in the pile—a dark-silver eyeball the size of a fist. He couldn’t help but gasp when he saw it.

A Primordial God’s Eye?

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