Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3770

Chapter 844 – Enos’s Offer

[Primordial Abyssal Eye] (Divine Artifact Rank Material)
The Primordial Abyssal Eye is a naturally occurring nucleus that is composed of the power of the Abyss. It was originally broken into three parts by the Eternal Spear, but it has since been repaired by Enos.
Unique item.
Selling Price: 300,000,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal

Shi Feng was rendered speechless when he saw the dark silver eye’s information.

Poor! He was too poor!

Although he brought an amount of Seven Luminaries Crystals that exceeded even the various apex powers’ normal operating funds, it would seem he had still underestimated the items sold by the Abyss Workshop.

To make matters worse, one of the items he desperately needed just so happened to be beyond his budget.

No wonder I could never find the core fragments to repair the Abyssal Eye. It turns out all three of them were here. Realization dawned upon Shi Feng as he looked at the complete Primordial Abyssal Eye.

The Abyssal Eye was a possession of the Abyssal Lord. If Shi Feng could repair it, it would definitely help him greatly in his Tier 7 promotion.

To repair the Abyssal Eye, he had to find the missing fragments of the Primordial Abyssal Eye, which served as the Abyssal Eye’s core. Unfortunately, despite tasking many guild members to search for the Primordial Abyssal Eye’s fragments, he had come up empty.

After seeing the repaired Primordial Abyssal Eye on sale in the Abyss Workshop, Shi Feng promptly understood that the Primordial Abyssal God’s awarding him the Abyss Workshop Certification had actually been a hint. Moreover, if he missed this opportunity to buy the Primordial Abyssal Eye, he would likely lose the opportunity to repair the Abyssal Eye forever. After all, the Primordial Abyssal Eye was a unique item.

While Shi Feng hesitated, Enos approached him and lazily waved her hand at the pile of items before him. Immediately, the items disappeared, and a list of items appeared in Shi Feng’s hands.

“Now that you’ve seen the items, have you decided what to buy?” Enos asked with a friendly smile as she pointed at the list. “My products are of high quality and low price. If you miss this opportunity, there won’t be a next time.”

Shi Feng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at Enos’s words.

The items Enos sold were indeed of high quality. However, none were things that the average player could afford. In fact, even pseudo-apex powers would find it difficult to afford them.

“Lady Enos, can you give me a discount if I buy in bulk?” Shi Feng asked, gritting his teeth.

He definitely couldn’t afford the Primordial Abyssal Eye. However, the lower-priced Advanced Epic Combat Puppets, Four Gods Potions, and World Sources were all things he wanted very much. Yet, there was no point in buying just one or two units of these items, as they could only exhibit their value in sets.

Firstly, the Advanced Epic Combat Puppets. A group of sixteen could form a Small Gold Battle Array, but even only three could still form a Small Silver Battle Array and become a fearsome force in the outside world.

Secondly, the Four Gods Potions. Three bottles could increase a player’s Concentration standard from the Tier 6 Intermediate standard to the Tier 6 Limit standard, which would enable the player to utilize 100% of a Divine Artifact’s potential. In the current Zero Wing, where a few members had already developed their Concentration to the Tier 6 Intermediate standard, the Four Gods Potion would be of significant help.

Lastly, the World Sources. With six World Sources, Shi Feng could return the Feather of Oath to its former glory, turning it into an item that could be used against Primordial God-ranked existences.

Unfortunately, even if Shi Feng wanted to purchase these items in sets, three Four Gods Potions were all he could afford with his 200 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal.

“My prices are final,” Enos stated firmly.

“Do you buy items here, Lady Enos?” Shi Feng asked, still unwilling to give up. “I have some precious items in my possession. I hope to exchange them for Seven Luminaries Crystals.”

Besides selling items, it was common for NPC Shops in God’s Domain to buy items from players. The only problem was that most NPCs were only willing to purchase high-value items.

Currently, he had plenty of precious items in his possession, such as Divine Water of Life and Eternal God Crystals. He even had a Divine Artifact he couldn’t use. If Enos was willing to accept the Sunlight Blade, he could exchange it for a significant sum of Seven Luminaries Crystals even at 10% of its going rate.

“Forget it. I don’t accept items here, either,” Enos said, smiling. Then, looking at Shi Feng’s anxious expression, she continued, “If you really want the items on the list, I can give you an opportunity.”

“An opportunity? What opportunity?” Shi Feng sighed in relief when he heard Enos making him an offer. He knew this was likely a lifeline the Primordial Abyssal God had prepared for him. After all, under normal circumstances, nobody would think to bring 300 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal on their first visit to the Abyss Workshop. Even the Guild Leaders of apex powers would most likely be forced to watch their precious opportunity fly away.

“You should have heard of the Twenty-Two Taboos, right?” Enos said, grinning as if she could see through all of Shi Feng’s thoughts. “This is a threshold you must cross in the future. It just happens that I need a particular material. This material can only be obtained from the Undying Mother, one of the Twenty-Two Taboos. So long as you agree to kill the Undying Mother and bring me its Undying Tentacle, I can sell you all of the items here at cost. When you attempt to cross that threshold in the future, I will even help you halve the difficulty. What do you think?”

System: Congratulations! You have triggered the Mythical World Main Storyline Quest “The Past World.” Do you accept it?
Quest Content: Kill the Undying Mother in three months. Rewards unknown.

Kill the Undying Mother? Shi Feng couldn’t help but wonder if the system was joking with him.

The Greater God’s Domain’s Twenty-Two Taboo Bosses were not equals. In fact, there was a huge disparity in strength among them. If one were to consider the 22nd-ranked Taboo to be only strong enough to give Ancient Gods a headache, the Undying Mother would be a disaster that could devour Ancient Gods.

In his previous life, a 100-man team from the Holy Race had snuck past the frontlines to raid the Undying Mother. The team consisted of some old monsters from the Holy Race and several dozen experts from the Holy Race’s Transcendent List. In the end, not only did they team-wipe, but every member of the team also suffered a permanent death.

Although the Holy Race had tried its best to keep the matter a secret, the human race eventually learned about it since the battle took place in human territory. While the details of the battle remained unknown, it was discovered that at least 30 members of the raid team had been equipped with Divine Artifacts. In addition, even the weakest member of the raid team was a Level 230 expert at the fifth-floor standard who could use Gold Holy Arts. Nevertheless, the raid team had failed to last even a minute against the Undying Mother.

“Of course, you are free to refuse. It’s all up to you,” Enos said, shrugging. “You have one minute left.”

Sure enough, good things don’t come easy… When Shi Feng saw Enos’s behavior, he had a sneaking suspicion that the amount of Seven Luminaries Crystals he brought did not actually matter. Even if he had come with significantly greater amounts of Seven Luminaries Crystals, Enos would probably not let him leave with anything good unless he accepted her Mythic-ranked World Main Storyline Quest. After thinking up to this point, he gritted his teeth and said, “Fine! You have a deal!”

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