Super Power – Chapter 3383

Chapter 3383 Test Subjec

“Why can I not go to the 33 skies?” Han Sen asked with a frown.

“She said you cannot enter the 33 skies again,” Wang Yuhang said. “If you do need to go, you must at least bring Bao’er there.”

“What else did she say to you?” Han Sen asked.

“Nothing.” Wang Yuhang shook his head.

“If someone knows about Bao’er, it is likely big sky demon.” Although Han Sen guessed that, he did not think it seemed quite right. If it was big sky demon, she would not want to expose Bao’er to risks.

He did some research alongside Wang Yuhang, but he was unable to find out who that woman could have been. So, Han Sen had to shelve his thoughts related to it for now. Plus, Han Sen was not planning on returning to the 33 skies anyway.

After sending Wang Yuhang away, he called Littleflower to come over. He was going to have Littleflower take him back to the sanctuaries.


Han Sen was worried about his body being repelled by the sanctuaries, but nothing like that happened. While he was in the sanctuaries, he felt as if he was in the geno universe. There were no differences. His body was able to adjust to the sanctuaries quite easily.

“Back in the sanctuaries, I would not be repelled by the sanctuaries. After getting used to the pressure of the geno universe, going back to the sanctuaries will have me feeling a bit light-headed. Right now, I don’t feel anything.” Han Sen knew his body was not normal.

He went looking for Chaos and Bao’er with Littleflower. He wanted to see how Bao’er was doing, and he wanted Chaos to see what had happened to his body.

“Littleflower! Dad!” Bao’er was happy to see them. She went to hold both of their hands.

“Ah, there is my little Bao’er! Tell me, how is your practice coming along?” Han Sen stroked Bao’er’s head.

Bao’er’s happy face was wiped away in a second. She looked depressed as she said, “Nothing. The gourd vine is not listening to me.”

The black crystal armor-shaped Chaos arrived. She coldly said, “When the genes combine, it needs progress. There is no need to rush these things. We still have some time before Qin Xiu becomes Reboot class.”

Han Sen had a few thoughts on his mind, so he asked, “Why don’t we do it before Qin Xiu levels up to Reboot class? Don’t we have a higher chance of losing after he reaches Reboot class?”

Chaos explained, “In fact, we need to wait until Qin Xiu becomes Reboot class so the geno prototype armor completely combines. That way, we can destroy it. Before that, even if we kill him, we cannot stop his soul from reincarnating. His next life will be even scarier.”

Seeing Han Sen and Littleflower failing to understand, Chaos further explained, “Qin Xiu’s past life was when he was the Wu Wei Dao Alpha. The Wu Wei Dao Alpha tried to escape the control of the Ultimate Egg. He paid a high price to succeed. It ended up limiting Qin Xiu’s potential. This time, if Qin Xiu reincarnates again, his genes will be too strong to imagine. By then, even without any geno prototype armor, he will be able to accomplish the final step. Then, no one will be able to control him.”

“If the Geno Hall Leader wants to kill Qin Xiu, does that mean we can actually choose to sit back and sip alcoholic beverages while not doing anything?” Han Sen asked. “After all, that annoying geezer will have to reincarnate. Why don’t we just not do anything while he does that? I mean, all the spirits that reincarnate have to go through the geno hall.”

“Let’s not mention that Qin Xiu is already very strong. Aside from Bao’er, I don’t think anyone can kill him. Even if they could, I doubt they could annihilate the spirit. He has a Reboot-class God Spirit Blood-Pulse. When he reincarnates, he will not have to pass through the geno hall.” Chaos denied Han Sen’s train of thought.

“Who is Qin Xiu?” Han Sen could not help but ask this question again.

Han Sen thought Chaos would not answer him. After he went quiet a little, Chaos sighed and said, “It is fine for me to tell you. Human Alpha is me and Bao’er’s father’s test subject.”

“Test subject?” Han Sen looked at Chaos with an expression of shock.

Chaos smiled. “Back then, me and Bao’er’s father were like water and fire. He was the God Hall Leader who ruled the universe, and I wanted to replace him to become the leader of the universe. We kept trying to find ways we could beat each other, but we would only tie every time. Neither of us won. The universe was destroyed because of us. If it was to continue, even if one of us prevailed, only a broken universe full of holes would have been left. That was not what we wanted. So, me and Bao’er’s father thought of a different way in which we might fight. We made a bet to see who could lead the universe.”

“What kind of bet would that be?” Littleflower asked with curiosity.

“The power of the universe is boundless,” Chaos coldly said. “Every power can be pushed to its max potential. Things can even be invincible, but there is only one power that can have someone labeled as a creator.”

“Making life?” Han Sen suddenly understood.

Chaos nodded. “Yes. It was to create life. Me and Bao’er’s father made a bet as to which of us could produce a better life. Then, that person would be the leader of the universe.”

“Was that how Human Alpha was born?” Even Littleflower was able to understand what was going on.

“It was not at the beginning. Early on, me and Bao’er’s father created a different life. We kept trying to perfect it. We kept trying to fix the flaws in the genes, hoping to suppress each other.” After saying that, Chaos’ eyes looked strange. She smiled a little and said, “The people who know you the most are not your best friends or family. They are your enemies. As me and Bao’er’s father researched, the more we learned about each other. The more we learned, the more we came to admire each other. It led to a relationship that was not one of rivalry.”

Han Sen thought, “You guys were great. How could you fight and then have S*x? No one can do that.”

Han Sen did not dare say that out loud, but he had a question pop up in his mind. He said, “You guys created life. One of them was Human Alpha. Who was the other?”

“Human Alpha was made by Bao’er’s father. The life I created was the Witch.” Chaos smiled and went on to say, “Although our relationship had some changes, we both really wanted to win. So, we kept our bet going. Neither of us wanted to lose this gambit. Then, we put genes into the life forces.”

Han Sen never expected this was how the Witch came to be born. It was no wonder why so many of the Witches were so scary. The genes they possessed were top-class.

Chaos stopped smiling. She sighed and said, “Now, we are not so proud. If it was not for us, none of this would be happening. It is a shame our pride got in the way back then. Neither of us was willing to admit we lost. Neither of us wanted to take a step back. We kept on fighting.”

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