Super Power – Chapter 3384

Chapter 3384 Back to the 33 Skies

Han Sen could not help but ask, “What happened after that?”

“It does not matter. In the end, Human Alpha had my genes and the genes of Bao’er’s father. With the modifications we did to him, he was already almost the most perfect life force in existence that had Reboot powers and the geno prototype armor powers.”

Chaos looked at Bao’er and said, “When we realized the problem, it was already too late. Human Alpha’s evolutions were out of control. Even me and Bao’er’s father were unable to control Human Alpha. In the end, Bao’er’s father had to reboot the universe. Other people think it was a fight between me and Bao’er’s father, but that was why the universe was rebooted. As a matter of fact, it was not us. It was because of Human Alpha.”

“That means Bao’er and Qin Xiu are, in some way, quite similar. They possess your genes and the genes of the previous God Hall Leader.” Han Sen was finally able to understand why Qin Xiu was so strong and had the power to reboot the universe.

“Not exactly,” Chaos said. “He has our genes, but his genes were already very strong. It was through our genes that he became nearly perfect. Aside from Bao’er, no other creature has the potential to be as great as Qin Xiu.”

Han Sen stood still and thought, “After all of that… After all those disasters, it was all because of you people. Now, Bao’er is the one that has to wipe your asses.”

Han Sen did not like this, but there was nothing he could do. Still, Han Sen did not know what happened to influence Chaos into not telling him why Human Alpha was so keen on killing everyone.


“Ugh, do you know what? This is really starting to bore me. We’re obviously building up to a grand finale. While I would love a big payoff to all that has happened in my life, I don’t think I am going to get it. Why? My body! Unfortunately, I am not sure if I am going to be of much use. So, let’s skip that conversation and start talking about me for a minute. Quite dishearteningly, my body has a problem. Since you are you, I was hoping you might be able to have a look and see what exactly is going wrong with me.” Han Sen told Chaos about everything that had happened to him.

Chaos put her hands on Han Sen’s chest. She put some power into Han Sen’s body for the purposes of examination.

When her body went to Han Sen’s body, it immediately vanished. It was like Han Sen’s body was a bottomless hole. Her power was unable to create a splash.

Chaos looked more shocked than ever. She kept looking at Han Sen’s body. She said, “The sanctuaries, the geno hall, and the geno tablet already existed when the universe was first created. The power of the universe is weaker now, but the level of the sanctuaries was never any lower than the geno hall and the geno tablet. By using the sanctuaries, I discovered that the evolution modules of the sanctuaries were special. When things were rebooted, Bao’er was sent there. I hoped Bao’er would be able to use powers learned in the sanctuaries to grow up. Regarding the final level up of the sanctuaries, I do not know.”

“If you want to use the powers of the sanctuaries to evolve, it is not easy. The fact you humans were able to have the protection of the sanctuaries was a miraculous accident. According to the theory, only the spirits in the sanctuaries should have been the lives in the sanctuaries. Normally, only they were able to enjoy what it was like to level up in the sanctuaries.” Chaos looked at Han Sen’s body and said, “If my powers are still here, even just 1%, I should be able to check out your body. But I am still too weak and cannot do such a thing.”

Han Sen was disappointed. If Chaos could not tell what had happened to his body, he had no clue who might have been able to help him.

Han Sen still had some hope and asked Chaos, “With my situation being what it is, is there no way for me to complete the final step?”

Chaos looked certain as she said, “Impossible. If you make that final step, your body’s genes will be above the universe’s limit. Whatever you do will affect the rules of the universe. It will create mass destruction. It will not be as peaceful as before. When you combined with Wan’er, the power used was almost unlimited. Can you feel it in the way you felt it before?”

Han Sen shook his head. His situation was different from what it was before. Nothing was the same.

Chaos looked at Han Sen and asked, “Can you still control the Ultimate Egg?”

Han Sen shook his head. “After evolving, I have not been able to feel the Ultimate Egg’s presence.”

“The humans in the sanctuaries have Qin Xiu’s genes. The Ultimate Egg is to control Qin Xiu. According to the theory, you cannot absorb the Ultimate Egg. Now, you cannot feel the Ultimate Egg. This is weird.” Chaos spoke with a frown. She could not think of a solution.

Chaos did not want to waste too much time. She continued teaching Bao’er about the gourd. Han Sen was going to research the conditions of his body, hoping to find a way to harness its current state.

Chaos wanted a geno tablet fight where Bao’er could defeat Qin Xiu. She thought that if Bao’er combined with the gourd vine, she could win.

When the geno tablet’s battles were in the final few, Bao’er would only have to focus on Qin Xiu. She did not have to worry about Qin Xiu’s Break World creatures.

Of course, that meant Bao’er had to be the first sky leader before the 33 skies were owned all by others. Then, she could participate in the geno tablet fight.

Han Sen had not been in Burning Red Sky for a while. The role of Burning Red Sky leader had been taken away by this point, leaving only Wang Yuhang with a leadership position in the 33 skies.

“I cannot allow Bao’er to face Qin Xiu alone. I must get a seat for myself again.” Han Sen thought about doing this, but he knew he couldn’t.

Han Sen spent a lot of time researching his body, but nothing he tried seemed to work. Whoever he fought would obviously be stronger, but he could not control that strength.

More and more leadership positions in the 33 skies were taken. Now, only three of the skies had not birthed a leader. When all the leaders were born, the geno tablet fight would begin.

Bao’er’s progress had not been going too well either. Bao’er had been unable to combine with the gourd vine. Her power was strong, but not strong enough to break through the universe.

Another sky lit up. Ancient Devil’s name appeared. There were only two more skies now.

“No. I must get one sky!” Han Sen could no longer wait. He had to get a sky for himself. If he did not, he would not be able to participate in the geno tablet fight.

Han Sen explained what he was going to do to the people in Sky Garden. Ning Yue, who was wearing green and feathery clothes, walked up to Han Sen and said, “I will come with you.”

His body’s presence had become weird. When Han Sen looked at him, he asked with shock, “Have your Break World genes reached a hundred?”

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