Super Power – Chapter 3386

Chapter 3386 Time Wheel Spins

Ancient Devil smiled. “It is because this place is a time element sky. That is why they did not dare come.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Han Sen did not really understand the way Ancient Devil was thinking.

Ancient Devil said, “It is easy to understand. It is like the way many machines are affected by electromagnetic pulses. Time here can change its speed. For time-element beings, that can cause a great disturbance. If they fought here, they would have to figure out how to fix the disturbance problem. Other power elements are not as affected here. They can fight here. The more powerful you are with time elements, the worse you will be in Time Sky. Of course, if their time power can go beyond Time Sky, none of this can affect them. If you were able to control time, time-element elites will not be affected here. They would be invincible. Now, no one has a time power that can exceed Time Sky.”

Han Sen understood what Ancient Devil told him. He wished to say something, but he heard the sound of an old grandfather clock.

He did not know where that sound came from. It sounded very cold as it echoed throughout all of Time Sky. It was not very sharp, but it went very far. Every creature in Time Sky could hear the chiming.

Ancient Devil looked around and said, “Time is up. Are you planning to stay here to try your luck? Would you prefer pushing your luck elsewhere?”

“I am going wherever you are going,” Han Sen said with a smile.


Ancient Devil did not say anything in response. He flew toward a smaller stone clock. Han Sen followed him.

Han Sen’s knowledge of Time Sky was limited. He could not tell if the stone clocks were going clockwise or counterclockwise. Ancient Devil had been there for a while, so he was still fine. Han Sen still felt that there had to be something odd about it.

Ancient Devil stood atop the stone clock and said, “I do not have many good ideas. I am just going to try my luck. This stone clock is small, so the effects are not as strong. Later, if time goes too fast here, we will have to hurry up and go to another time area.”

The bell was still chiming. It kept chiming and chiming. It was far away and really mysteriously.

After thinking about something, Han Sen asked, “Is this clock going to ring every hour?”

Ancient Devil said, “You guessed it almost correctly. Time Sky’s clock chiming is a way to tell time. It rings once every two hours from one to 12. After the bell rings, it will go into a time loop. The time loop will last one hour, and there will be 11 soundings.”

Han Sen wanted to say something, but he heard the sound of something screaming. There was a dragon in flight not too far away. It had the head of a drill. It looked like it was searching for which stone clock to stop at, but it kept picking and choosing without commitment. It was obviously hesitating quite a bit. It didn’t stop anywhere.

The diamond-like big dragon was still hesitant. The 11 bell chimes were already done. In the next second, Han Sen saw the stone clock start spinning.

The stone clock needle kept spinning. It went faster, then it went slower. When it was slow, it jumped every block. When it was fast, it was like a fan. It was like the whole world was spinning.

Ancient Devil and Han Sen looked at the stone clock below them. If that stone clock went too fast, they would have to get out of there regardless of if it reversed or spun straight.

Of course, before they left, they would have to find a way to escape the time zone.

Fortunately, beneath their feet, the clock’s spinning speed was normal. It was a little bit faster though. It was around two or three times faster than a normal clock.

If they stood there for one hour, to other people it meant it would be two or three hours.

Han Sen felt relieved. When he looked at Ancient Devil, Han Sen noticed Ancient Devil seemed a bit more relaxed now too.

When Han Sen looked at the diamond-liked big dragon, his face changed. The dragon did not look so good. It had been choosing for so long and had not decided on a spot to land. Now, the clock’s needle was spinning faster than an airplane’s propeller. One could not even see the needles properly.

The diamond-like dragon roared. It tried escaping to another stone clock’s area. As soon as it started flying, its body looked weird. It was becoming smaller.

Han Sen had to watch a scary scene unfold. A giant dragon’s body flew 300 feet away with its body shrinking. What was once a big dragon had been turned into the size of a dinosaur. From a dinosaur, it turned into the size of an elephant. It then was the size of a crocodile. Before long, it was the size of a lizard.

The dragon was unable to escape the area of the stone clock. It turned into a crystal-looking egg. Since it had a rushed personality, it quickly rushed out of the scary reverse time zone to reach a different time zone.

In the other time zone, time went by much slower. The gene egg was floating in the air. It looked like a flawless diamond.

After watching all of this, Han Sen felt a chill. He saw a scary Break World beast be beaten into an egg. It was very shocking to witness.

Although Han Sen had a similar power, it was not a time element. It did not look as shocking.

“That big dragon was an ultimate gene race,” Ancient Devil said. “If you are interested in it, wait until the time wheel is over. Then, you can go over there and take it.”

“If you are not interested, I will do it myself.” Han Sen did not mind that. He went toward that area.

At this time, Break World beasts were no longer rare. No matter how high of a Break World rate a Break World beast had, it was still entirely dependent on talent. The Break World rate of rare gene races was still exceedingly high.

The time wheel spun for an hour. In the next hour, people were able to do things while. Time Sky was no longer a place of danger.

Looking around at all the different clock areas, it was clear that some areas did not spin fast. Ancient Devil flew over to one of them. He was looking for a time clock.

Ancient Devil waved to Han Sen and said, “You and I came here for the sky clock. We should not be working together, so we should part ways for now.”

Han Sen did not plan on leaving Ancient Devil’s side. After taking the gene egg, he followed him. He smiled and asked, “Ancient Devil, did you not already earn the leadership position of another sky? Why are you here in Time Sky?”

“I have a plan, and it is my own.” Ancient Devil did not plan on answering Han Sen.

Seeing that Ancient Devil was not going to answer, Han Sen didn’t try to force him. Still, he did not leave. He just went silent and followed Ancient Devil.

Han Sen did not know if it was just because his body was slow or what, but he could not feel as the time clock did anything to him.

Han Sen was not entirely sure about it. He did not know if it was just because he could not feel the power or whether or not the time zones really could not affect his body.

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