Super Power – Chapter 3387

Chapter 3387 Floating Kill Elder

Han Sen was behind Ancient Devil. He kept walking silently. When the next stone clock rang, the danger was considerably less. The speed of time in different areas could be segmented. As long as one did not have a death wish, one would be fine.

Han Sen wanted to ask Ancient Devil if he fought against Bury Path God and big sky demon over the relics. If he asked that, Ancient Devil would know he had been there. Therefore, Han Sen did not ask him anything about that.

Ancient Devil kept walking. He eventually said, “It is pointless to keep on following me. I do not know where the sky clock is. I am only trying my luck like you.”

“You are luckier than me, so following you gives me a better chance.” Han Sen did not do anything. He carried on following Ancient Devil.

Ancient Devil kept walking and said, “The sky clock is hidden amongst the stone clocks, but no one knows which one is the sky clock.”

“You do not look like someone who would come to a place on a complete whim. You would not just come here and risk your neck on a chance.” Han Sen understood Ancient Devil too much.

Ancient Devil sighed and said, “Whatever. I can teach you how to find the sky clock. In exchange, you cannot follow me anymore.”


Han Sen squinted his eyes and asked, “Why are you so afraid of me following you? Do you already know where the sky clock is?”

Ancient Devil felt bad. He shook his head. “If I knew where the sky clock was, it would not take me this long to seek it out. I just do not want you following me. Every time you follow me, something bad happens. Even if I am lucky enough to find it, you will only end up taking it away from me. Why should I waste my time here? If you are going to keep on following me, I will just stop looking.”

Han Sen rubbed his nose. Ancient Devil was right. Every time he followed Ancient Devil, the man was put at a disadvantage. If Ancient Devil stopped looking, it would not benefit Han Sen.

Han Sen said, “Fine. Tell me how to find the sky clock. We will both try our luck in separate ways. First, you must answer my question.”

“Do you want to know why I became the leader of a sky but still came to Time Sky? Is that it?” Ancient Devil enquired.

“Yes,” Han Sen said with a nod.

Ancient Devil was silent a moment before saying, “I can tell you that I did not come to Time Sky for the leadership position. I am here for the sky clock.”

“What is the difference?” Han Sen asked with a frown.

“Of course, there is a difference,” Ancient Devil said. “When you obtain the sky clock, you do not have to be the leader. If I get the sky clock, I can still give up being the leader of another sky to become Time Sky’s leader. That would be the best result.”

“What do you want to do with the sky clock?” Han Sen asked.

“The sky clock can speed up and reverse time,” Ancient Devil said. “I need it to accomplish one thing. You were only allowed to ask one question of me. I have already answered you.”

“Fine. Tell me how to find the sky clock.” Han Sen understood Ancient Devil, so he stopped asking.

Ancient Devil told Han Sen which direction to go to find the sky clock. He then left.

“Goodbye,” Han Sen said as a friendly goodbye to Ancient Devil.

“I think it would be best if we never met again.” Ancient Devil did not turn back as he left. He was not like Han Sen, who was acting all clingy.

Han Sen felt bad. He licked his lips. If he were able to follow Ancient Devil, he would have a much higher chance of finding the sky clock. He knew he could not bully the man too much. If Ancient Devil really got angry, he would not be able to find the sky clock. Plus, Ancient Devil might even kill him.

Now that Ancient Devil was gone, Han Sen looked around and went in a different direction.

Ancient Devil had taught him an easy method. It sounded dumb, but it worked.

The sky clock was amidst the countless stone clocks that made up the realm. No matter how hard one looked, nothing stood out to indicate that one clock was the sky clock.

To see the sky clock, one needed to try each stone clock one by one. The sky clock and ordinary clocks all looked the same, but the needles of the sky clock were different from the usual needles of stone clocks.

He just needed to try the needles. He would then be able to tell if something was a sky clock or not.

There were countless numbers of stone clocks in Time Sky. To try each needle on each clock over and over, and to try each one, there was no telling how long such an endeavor would take. Therefore, it was all down to luck.

It was like winning a lottery. If one were lucky, one would get the jackpot on the first go. If one was unlucky, one would have to keep trying to the end.

Han Sen had no choice. He had to rely on the method Ancient Devil had told him about.

Now, the needle was spinning. The method was not going to work. He had to wait until the needles stopped before trying it.

“Ancient Devil did not try it here, so I bet he has already given the stone clocks here a go. Let me go elsewhere.” Han Sen had come too late. He did not know if the stone clocks he was at had already been tested, so he had to keep trying them one by one.

After walking for a short while, he saw a few Break World creatures gathering on the opposite side of a stone clock. The one at the center of the assembly was the leader. He was a God Chaos Party elder. Han Sen had seen him while he engaged in the last big battle against the organization.

“Han Sen, where are you going to run this time?” The elder saw Han Sen too. He immediately had a few Break World beasts accompany him to surround Han Sen.

Han Sen could not run fast, and there were not that many areas to run to. The directions he could choose to escape were quite limited.

“Are you guys not leaving?” Han Sen checked out the elder and Break World beasts. He did not care all that much about them.

He had a low battle power. When he met stronger foes, he fought harder. It would not have been easy for the elder and his Break World beasts to try and kill him.

“Our leader wants you to die. That means you will not be allowed to live. My name is Floating Kill. After you die, never forget that I was the one who killed you.” After Floating Kill spoke, he raised his hands. He pulled out a building tower and threw it at Han Sen.

That tower was comprised of 18 floors. It glowed with golden light. It was like a god tower. The moment it left his hands, it headed straight for Han Sen’s head.

Although Han Sen sped himself up to avoid the suppression of the tower, he looked at the tower coming right before his face.

Floating Kill was shocked. His floating kill had locked onto a target, so he should not have been able to escape. Yet Han Sen was able to dodge the floating kill’s suppression. He was surprised by this.

Almost at the same time, five Break World beasts roared. All kinds of powers covered the sky and the ground, including wind, fire, thunder, and lightning. It was all going for Han Sen.

The Break World powers were very scary. They almost covered the entire stone clock’s area. Han Sen’s power was still running around. He did not seem to be affected.

Floating Kill was secretly shocked. The five Break World beasts around him had a Break World rate of 60% or above. Even if they could not defeat Han Sen, they should have been able to damage him.

Upon seeing Han Sen’s face, Floating Kill knew he had only moved with simple coordination. He had still managed to play the five Break World beasts like a fiddle.

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