Super Power – Chapter 3388

Chapter 3388 Suppress

As Floating Kill watched what was happening, he noticed that Han Sen’s movement abilities were very magical. He also realized that the distances he crossed were never all that far. Every time he dodged the attack of a Break World beast, it was as if he already knew what to expect.

After a while, Floating Kill noticed the time. He used the sky treasure tower. The tower grew very large. It was like it was covering the sky and the ground. It covered the entire time area they were in.

Han Sen’s location was limited. If he wanted to avoid the suppression of the tower, he would have to quickly get to another stone clock’s area.

The stone clock was spinning faster than a plane’s propeller. If Han Sen went in there, he would lose thousands of years.

If he was able to hold strong against it, it would have likely been fine. If he couldn’t withstand the magic, he would instantly grow old and die.

Han Sen was not sure if his body could withstand the force, so he stopped dodging and allowed the sky treasure tower to come down.

Because the tower was covering the entire area, the five Break World beasts were inside with him too. All of them were extremely shocked. They wildly flew around, desperately wanting to get away from the tower.


Han Sen felt as if everything around was filling up with golden light. He and the five Break World beasts in the tower were all seeing gold.

The tower was gold. It looked like it was made of gold, but that tower was different to the average tower. Ordinary towers had floors. This tower looked as if it had 18 floors. On the inside, however, there were no floors. One was able to see all the way up, from the bottom to the top.

The walls of the towers were inscribed with golden spells. It also appeared as if there were many statues leading the way to the roof.

The five beasts and a man were inside the tower. Many of the golden spells were shining brightly. The tower had become very bright. It was like there were countless suns in the sky shining brightly. It was so bright that it made it difficult to open one’s eyes.

Han Sen’s eyes did not feel anything. He was able to see everything within that golden light.

Han Sen thought the golden light was only bright and could not actually do anything to him. He thought that because his body was not impacted in the least.

When he looked at the five Break World beasts, he was shocked.

The five Break World beasts had just entered the tower. They were all in shock, scrambling in a desperate bid to escape the place. The golden spells suddenly shone with a golden god light that frozen their bodies in the shape of monstrous gold statues. Their bodies had been frozen in their prior motion of trying to flee. They looked as if they were in a rush.

Han Sen’s heart jumped. “These five Break World beasts had a Break World rate of at least 60%. They might not be the strongest, but they have to be among the strongest in the universe. That golden god light just shone on them and turned them into statues. The golden god light is very strong, and it shone on me. Floating Kill does not plan on letting me live. I should be like them, but I am not. That must mean my body really is different.”

While Han Sen was lost in thought, he saw the five gold statues start to melt. They became a gold blood-like puddle of liquid on the ground.

“That is a very evil power.” Han Sen frowned. The golden god light had turned all the creatures into gold statues. It then made the gold statues turn into a puddle of blood water. It was a very evil construct. It would not let anyone live.

Outside the tower, Floating Kill looked very happy. He took away the now-minimized sky treasure tower by placing it in his hands. He looked at the shining tower of golden light and said to himself, “This sky floating kill can truly melt everything. Even the undying can block the power of the sky floating kill. Han Sen will only live one or two days inside here before becoming blood water. If that happens, I will have accomplished a great deed for my master. Mister Leader can flip the geno hall and rebuild the god palace. I will be regarded as a high-level member then.”

Floating Kill was feeling very cocky, but he did not dare underestimate things. He kept using power to make the sky floating kill’s golden spell brighter. He wanted to speed up Han Sen becoming blood water.

Regarding the five Break World beasts, Floating Kill did not care about them. If he was able to kill Han Sen through their sacrifice, it was all worth it.

Plus, it was only five Break World beasts. He would easily be able to get such things back. With Qin Xiu’s method, making Break World beasts was easy. Floating Kill did not want to risk Han Sen getting free by trying to save the five Break World beasts.

Han Sen was someone Qin Xiu cared about a great deal. Floating Kill did not dare get in the way. Normally, creatures that had a 95% break world rate would melt inside his tower of doom.

Floating Kill planned on taking half a month to produce more Break World beasts while also killing Han Sen. He was not going to give Han Sen a second chance.

Suddenly, Floating Kill turned around to look at the stone clock near him.

The stone clock was flying very fast. It was almost moving like a fan. Time had been fast-forwarded many times.

Floating Kill thought, “If the sky floating kill was in the stone clock’s area, one moment would be 10 months. If he was inside there, he must have already died.” He decided to take the sky floating kill out.

Under the control of Floating Kill, the sky floating kill flew to the designated area. It landed on a clock’s needle, which was spinning as fast as a fan.

The sky floating kill was affected by the speed of time. One moment equaled a few hours.

Now, the five gold statues had started to melt. Han Sen was watching it happen. His body, however, was not feeling bad at all.

A moment later, a gold statue completely melted into gold blood water. However, there was a teardrop left behind. It was a Break World gene. It did not melt. It sat in the blood water.

Han Sen reached out his hand to collect the Break World gene. The other four Break World beasts were going to completely melt soon as well.

“Although I am not afraid of the tower’s power, how am I supposed to get out of here?” Han Sen’s body became stronger the moment he encountered something fierce. Now, there were not any enemies. He did not know how to use his body’s power to break the sky floating kill.

Han Sen was not in a rush to break the sky floating kill. After a while, another Break World beast became gold blood water. He picked up all the Break World genes.

“Let’s try it now.” Han Sen put the Break World gene away and looked around. He did not see any doors or windows. He walked in front of a wall.

Han Sen reached his hand out to touch the golden wall. The golden spells were still releasing a scary god light, but Han Sen could not feel any energy floating. The golden god light was releasing ordinary, harmless light.

Han Sen raised his fist to have a look. He then threw a punch at the golden wall.

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