Super Power – Chapter 3391

Chapter 3391 Doing the Opposite

Han Sen did not recognize that person. He looked like a human from the universe of kingdoms.

That person did not know who Han Sen was either. His eyes were straight and fixed on Han Sen’s clock. The man pulled out his knife and immediately started slashing toward Han Sen.

Han Sen wanted to fight back, but he thought about it some more. He ended up retreating. He pretended to be angry and shouted, “I found the sky clock first! What makes you think you can steal my stuff?”

“Treasure in this world belongs to those who are strong enough to grasp it. If you found something but are too weak to own it, that means you are not the type of person who should have it,” the person shamelessly declared. He did not even blush as he boldly spoke. He slashed madly toward Han Sen. The knife lights were like nine skies of galaxies coming down unable to be stopped.

Han Sen kept retreating, dodging the knife as he went. He kept falling back while madly shouting, “You are stealing my sky clock! You can go to hell!”

That person was not dumb. He knew Han Sen was deliberately trying to attract all the other elites to that zone. He immediately used all of his strength to throw a knife light across the land to kill Han Sen as swiftly as possible.

Han Sen did not appear to be someone special, but his movements were very strange. He kept managing to travel in between and around the dangerous knife lights. The man kept using all the moves he had and exerting all of his strength, but he was unable to harm Han Sen.


Lu Xuan Yu was shocked. He was not one of the seven kingdom’s royals or a student of Wu Wei Dao Palace, but he had managed to break the world through his own strength. He had crisscrossed across the universe of kingdoms for a few hundred years. He had never lost once. He was not like the Break World beasts that had used life souls to break the world.

He thought by using his own power to get the leadership of the geno tablet’s top position. He did not think it would be difficult. When he teleported to Time Sky, he had risked death many times without ever finding the sky clock he needed.

It had not figured out that pushing a needle meant the discovery of the sky clock. He had been looking for a long time, but he had yet to find anything.

Time Sky had too many stone clocks. It was unknown how many years or months it might take to try them all.

Lu Xuan Yu thought his chances were slim. Suddenly, he had seen another person manage to push a stone needle. Naturally, he wanted to kill them and take the person’s supposed sky clock.

The person he discovered, who did not look very strong, was able to evade each and every one of his attacks. It greatly surprised him.

“Roar! Where is the sky clock?” Before Lu Xuan Yu tried to kill him again. Both men heard a roar. A giant bear that looked like a blue and giant beast was on its way.

Far away, a few more scary presences were breaking space to arrive in the zone. They had obviously come there because of Han Sen’s screaming. Lu Xuan Yu thought the big bear he saw was quite scary. He did not think he could win in combat against it. He gnashed his teeth and decided to ignore Han Sen. He was going to the stone needle Han Sen had just pushed. He wanted to take the sky clock before the big bear reached it and stole the goods.

The big bear was a bit slow. It looked at Lu Xuan Yu, who was heading for the stone clock, but it could guess what it was. It was, however, too late for the bear to stop him. The bear made another roaring sound its claws lashed out to bat Lu Xuan Yu. An ice-blue scary light beam struck Lu Xuan Yu.

It was too late. Lu Xuan Yu was going to take the stone needle.

Suddenly, a silver typhoon came in from space. It went in front of Lu Xuan Yu. He had no choice but to give up on the stone clock and try striking the silver typhoon to break it.

There was a booming noise, which resulted in silver light exploding alongside a knife light. In the shattered, silver light, a big silver bird flew forward. It looked angry as it went straight to fight Lu Xuan Yu.

That kind of interruption made many more Break World beasts want to join in. It resulted in the whole place devolving into a mess. Many scary creatures were fighting. They all wanted that stone clock for themselves.

Han Sen had already retreated a good distance away a long time ago. He watched Lu Xuan Yu battle the Break World beasts and said to himself, “Fight! Fight! The more that die here, the fewer enemies I have to deal with. None of them will be getting the sky clock anytime soon.”

After that, he walked away. He was certain that the needles of the two stone clocks he had pushed were not the sky clock they were after.

Han Sen thought, “If everyone knows the sky clock needle can be moved and the needles of other stone clocks can be moved, that means Ancient Devil did not lie to me. The problem has something to do with me. There is a 90% chance it is a problem that has something to do with my body. That is how I was able to push the stone needles of two clocks.” He then went to a place where no one was around. He tried pushing the needle of another stone clock. Just like before, he was able to push the stone needles with ease. It did not cost him much strength.

“Of course, it is my body’s problem. If it wasn’t, the stone clock would not have been able to be tampered with. It is going to be very troublesome if I can move every clock. It means I won’t be able to find the sky clock.” Han Sen was quite troubled by this development.

He tried doing this a few more times, but he had the same results each time. If he wanted to, he could push the stone clock needles exactly where he wanted them to be.

Han Sen said to himself, “It is useless to keep pushing these needles. I do not know how I am supposed to find the sky clock.” Still, he persevered and tried every stone clock he came across. He still hoped he would find something.

Clearly, his luck had not gotten any better. He kept walking. He pushed many stone needles, but he was unable to find anything.

After an hour, the bell rang. The time-wheel storm kicked up into a frenzy again.

This time, Han Sen was no longer worried about being restricted by the storm of the time wheel. He stood in front of a stone clock, waiting for the needles to spin.


After 12 chimes, Han Sen’s stone clock spun around like a fan. It was going counterclockwise. If an ordinary creature was standing there, they would have turned into an egg.

Han Sen’s heart jumped. He jumped next to a stone clock and reached his hand out to press the stone needle.

The stone needle he touched stopped operating. Han Sen used one hand to suppress the needle. As a consequence, the needle stopped moving.

Han Sen felt that the needle had a reverse power. If he let go, the needle was likely going to madly spin.

“I will hold the needle. If anyone comes close, I will let it go. I do not need to fight. The counterclockwise power can kill all my foes. To be able to control the needles of all these stone clocks is very helpful.” Han Sen was thinking his powers were not completely useless after all.

After thinking about that, Han Sen’s heart jumped. “If I cannot try it when time stops, why do I not do the opposite? Maybe I should try to stop the needles. If it was a sky clock, it might fight against me instead of just coming to a standstill.”

Han Sen did as he thought. He held the attack of the time power and continued exploring. When he found a stone clock, he stopped its needle from spinning.

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