Super Power – Chapter 3393

Chapter 3393 Fighting Ancient Devil

Han Sen knew that trying to convince Ancient Devil with his mouth was pretty much a futile endeavor. He looked at Ancient Devil and noticed he was holding something he had never seen before.In the Destiny Tablet, the remnant of Chaos’s soul that was left behind gifted Ancient Devil an item. She did the same for Bury Path God and Big Sky Demon. Now, Ancient Devil was holding one of the gifts.

It was an imperial jade seal. It was white at the bottom and red on the top. Its four corners were like white jade.

The beast on top was red. It crouched on the seal. It was like a monkey with a sharp mouth. It had wings on its back. It looked very beautiful.

Ancient Devil put the imperial jade seal in his hands. The location of his fingers was on the spine of the blood beast. The stamp was facing down, so Han Sen could not see the print that was left behind.

Time was still in motion. For Ancient Devil to have been able to follow him for so long without detection meant he had likely done something special to achieve that.

He was getting close to the sky clock while holding the imperial jade seal. He must have set this up. He must have had a way to conquer the sky clock.

Han Sen did not know of a way in which he could guarantee ownership of the sky clock. His heart jumped. He suddenly let the crystal needle go and retreated two steps back. He left the crystal needle’s spinning area.


The crystal needle still tried its best to move. When Han Sen let go, the needle spun like mad. In no time at all, its spin had conducted many full cycles.

Han Sen’s body could withstand the power. In the silent time stream reversal, it was like Han Sen’s body did not move. He was like a mountain. He stared at Ancient Devil.

Ancient Devil was still around 2,100 feet away from the sky clock. He was in the reverse time stream too. The reverse time stream hit him. As Ancient Devil’s hands clutched the imperial jade seal, some strange noises were produced.

The blood beast atop the seal was glowing with a red light. The blood beast spread its wings as if it was alive. It made some weird noises. Its eyes were red.

Han Sen noticed Ancient Devil was in a time-reversal area, but his body was not devolving. It had to be because of the blood beast atop the imperial jade seal. It was weirdly changing and looked as if it was getting younger.

“What is that imperial jade seal? Can it help Ancient Devil accept the reversal of time?” Han Sen frowned and looked at the imperial jade seal. He was shocked.

Ancient Devil was holding the imperial jade seal. His body was in the red light. When time went by, he kept stepping toward the sky clock. He kept walking whilst saying, “This item is called the Chaos God Imperial Jade Seal. It is a relic belonging to the God Chaos Party. It represents the authority of the God Chaos Party. It can suppress a sky full of everything. It can endure the time-reversal power in my stead.”

“It looks like you have found a way to earn the sky clock.” Han Sen looked at Ancient Devil, who was stepping across the big crystal clock. He walked in front of him.

“I really do not want to become your enemy, but the sky clock is very important to me. I must claim it.” Ancient Devil stopped in front of Han Sen and sighed.

“I must get the sky clock. Let’s see which one of us holds what it takes. That being said, we have never properly fought together. At least today, for this one time, we will be engaging in combat with one another.” Han Sen walked to Ancient Devil. He looked very serious.

Some people, regardless of if they were weak or strong, were not to be underestimated. Ancient Devil was one such person.

“It looks like this really has to be it.” Ancient Devil held the Chaos God Imperial Jade Seal, but he did not reveal any power. It looked as if he was a normal human.

“It looks like your power has recovered by quite a bit.” Han Sen stopped 15 feet away from Ancient Devil. The two of them were atop the crystal clock. He let the time keep releasing its reversal powers on them.

“It will be better than before,” Ancient Devil coldly said.

“Very good. I wanted to see your powers, so let’s go.” Han Sen raised his left hand and used his left hand like a knife.

Han Sen was unable to feel weak powers, but his will was still there. When he raised his hand, he made other people feel as if the sky and the ground existed between his fingers. If Han Sen moved his left hand, it was as if the sky and the ground would snap in two.

Ancient Devil did not move. He raised his fist. His fist looked ordinary, but it also looked like a mountain. It felt very stable and indestructible.

Han Sen did not fall back. Instead, he pushed forward. He used his hand like a knife. He slashed toward Ancient Devil. He did not look at Ancient Devil’s fist. He used his life to bet on his life. He was keen to see which of the pair would win this gambit.

If this was between ordinary people, the fought would have already started. Han Sen would have had to fight for his life if he sought to survive.

If he did not fight, he would have to fall back. Then, he would lose the power and be in passive mode.

Ancient Devil did not fall back. He did not fight Han Sen either. The fist that looked like a mountain changed. He suddenly became a mountain with lots of water flowing around. He went from being extremely strong Yang to extremely soft Yin. Even so, it still looked very natural. It was like the punch was supposed to be that way.

Like when pulling out a knife to cut water, the water flowed more. Han Sen slashed down. Ancient Devil’s body was like a water flow that flashed. His fist was like water as it silently punched Han Sen’s chest.

Han Sen’s body slashed down and forward. It seemed as if he could not dodge that punch, but his body twisted. It blocked Ancient Devil’s fist and made his body spin. His hand slashed Ancient Devil’s head.

Han Sen had seen many elites, but he had never encountered someone remotely comparable to the likes of Ancient Devil.

Han Sen used to meet strong elites all the time, such as Six Paths Emperor or Lone Bamboo. Everyone had their own manner of style and technique. If people did not look at them and only observed their skills, they were sure to recognize who they were.

Ancient Devil was different. He was like a different person altogether. He was now like a combination of many different things.

When he was strong, he was very overbearing. When he was soft, he was unpredictable. He never regretted his punch. He was so soft that he could spin a hundred times without reprieve.

No matter what skill it was, when used by Ancient Devil, it was like he was adopting entire personas. He would become a completely different person. Every example of his skill was the best it could be.

Han Sen felt really weird doing battle with Ancient Devil. It gave Han Sen the feeling that there was something wrong. It was like he was doing battle with someone completely different every time Ancient Devi switched technique.

Ancient Devil was very good when it came to doing the right thing at the right time, but he was different from ordinary people. He did everything perfectly without a single flaw.

He was like a sports player that could do everything. It did not matter which subject or sport he was competing in, he would earn the gold medal and perform difficult moves onlookers could never expect to see.

Han Sen was the kind of person that maxed out every technique, but every one of his skills had its own style. No matter what skill he had, it was branded in his hand. It was his style. He was not like Ancient Devil, who could keep changing.

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